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Blue Hoverboard for Sale

Blue hoverboard is a favorite color by many boys and girls and also one of the most commonly produced hover board colors. You may also want to buy blue hoverboard accessories from us as we keep them in stock as well. Each model listed below is available in blue.

Blue Hoverboard in the Office

The possibility of owning a hoverboard is so dang exciting.

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of the most viral products of the modern era?

At StreetSaw Hoverboards, we have positioned ourselves right at the intersection of superb craftsmanship and affordability.

Our blue hoverboard is one of the best representations of that.

It’s slick, it’s fun and It just works.  

But beyond all the exciting possibilities of the hoverboard, there’s so much to be aware of.

The technology, the options, the many benefits, the safety measures - it’s a lot to consider.

And this guide will give you everything that you need to know about the blue hoverboard.  

Let’s get into it.

Hoverboards and Why They’re So Popular

Well first things first, they don’t literally hover.

They do something better.

Hoverboards can be considered to be a multipurpose gadget that can afford you a ridiculously great time while helping you get real work done. You can do everything from commuting to your workplace and completing your house chores on this gem of a device.

So why does this small smart board do so many things?

Two words: high-tech.

The blue hoverboard is a self balancing two-wheeled board. It’s battery-powered, rechargeable, and extremely light weight.

It consists of two wheels and two foot pads that connect in the middle. As it is considered to be self-balancing technology, the rider doesn’t have to do much to effortlessly glide across a smooth surface.

The gyroscopic, pressure sensitive foot pads are what initiates the magic. These pads as well as the motion sensors in the wheels pick up on your body movement and trigger the hoverboard’s electric motor.

There are several varying models of the hoverboard, each with their individual features and capabilities.

Therein lies the opportunity for personalizing your hoverboard to your particular preference.

So Many Options, One Easy Solution

AlienSaw Hoverboard Blue

Colorful, feature-rich, and easy on the eye - that is the quality of design that has drawn so many people into the futuristic realm of the hoverboard.

You don’t want to be restricted in either choice or function. Beyond our blue hoverboard, you can explore a range of other options including:

You might be thinking, “the color is face value, what else is there to this hoverboard?”

Fair question.

Here are some other important and distinct considerations when exploring your options:

The Type Of Blue Hoverboard

You should consider purchasing a self-balancing scooter that suits your needs. They come with various features, all with different price points.

Depending on your budget, you can get blue hoverboards with:

  • Light Emitting Diode lights (LED)
  • Power status indicators
  • Balance indicators
  • Built-in bluetooth speakers
  • A remote to control direction

Blue Hoverboard with Bluetooth

The design, speed, battery capacity, and weight restrictions on the blue hoverboards are generally similar in the different models available. However, the bells and whistles may have subtleties and variations according to the model that you choose.  

So, what would a hoverboard like this cost you?

In essence, you get what you pay for.

The price points fluctuate in relation to the features that you desire. The average hoverboard costs upwards of $400. Premium blue hoverboards with greater speed capacities and other proprietary features will cost more.

Turning Ability And Climbing Angle

To experience the hoverboard in it’s entirety, the turning ability and climbing angle are important factors.

Linear movements are all fun but the real adventure is in the tricks and maneuvers that you can perform on your hoverboard. For this reason, you should look into a smartboard that navigates corners easily and efficiently.

For the daredevils out there who are seeking more heart-thumping exploits, you may want to get a blue hoverboard that can ride uphill easily. Many standard models have difficulty going uphill whether it is due to a lack of power or range restrictions.

That can easily be remedied by getting a hoverboard with a powerful battery pack and high speed. With the right board, you can have the capability of climbing slopes of up to 15 degrees.

Hoverboard Speed

Our blue hoverboards are recognized for their signatory high speeds which translates to more power. Of course, precaution is always recommended when it comes to speeding in places that have obstacles and high traffic.

The small size and compact nature of the hoverboard may give the illusion of moderate to low speed.

The opposite is true.

Be warned that the hoverboard is deftly swift and quite keen to get on its way.

In fact, it will spur into motion as soon as you place your feet on the pressure sensitive footpads.

Battery Quality & Capacity

The battery type and capacity of your hoverboard matters.

If there’s one feature that you don’t want to skip out on, it’s this one. This is primarily because the hoverboard is battery operated so it will be rendered useless if your battery happens to be defective or substandard.

By all accounts, the Samsung lithium ion battery is the superior option and it is what we use in our blue hoverboard as well as our other models.

The battery takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to charge. That single charge should last between 5-6 hours and cover a distance of up to 12.5 miles. This range is ideal for using your hoverboard to commute to work or school if they’re in close proximity to your starting point. You should also consider purchasing a board that comes with battery power warnings so there are no abrupt stops when you’re short of your destination.

Learning Curve & Safety Measures

Typically, hoverboards are a piece of cake to operate.

There’s an initial challenge associated with mounting the board and getting use to maintaining your balance.

After that, it’s all plain sailing from there.

Keep in mind that different models of the hoverboard will have slight variations in the learning curve. Those with more features will no doubt be a bit more complex to operate. The models with  a dual balance system are easier to use particularly for younger ones.

Many boards come with levels of difficulty to suit the different needs of each user. You can get amateur models for starters and professional models for the more seasoned and skilled riders.

Where safety is concerned, learning to control your hoverboard like a pro eliminates half the hazards.

But, that doesn’t mean that the standard protective gear and precautionary measures are not needed. Here are some safety tips to consider.

The Verdict?

There’s an overwhelming array of styles and models available.

They all have their individual benefits and standout features.

Whichever suits your taste, one thing is certain - you can’t go wrong on any choice that you make.

The hoverboard is an indisputable marvel. To miss out on riding one of these would be a misfortune.

So, you’ve seen the many cool features of the hoverboard but what good does it do you to own one?

Here’s Why Owning A Hoverboard Is A Great Idea

The hoverboard offers so much for so little.

The millions of people who make their self balancing scooters an integral part of their lives will bear testament to that.

With so many features packed into it’s minute frame, it stands to reason that this an excellent investment.

But what you want to know is, how will it make your life better?

Here’s how:

It Supports Your Health

The hoverboard is known to be an incredible health booster as it can facilitate a full body workout.

Let’s look at some of the ways that it can benefit your health:

  • It sharpens eyesight and mental acumen. Riding the hoverboard is not just a physical activity. It requires heavy focus and mental agility. This is excellent news for your faculties as you’ll be forced to concentrate to a greater degree.
  • It encourages you to be physical. All we’re saying is, when you have one of these smart boards in your possession, sitting in front of a TV all day tends to lose its appeal. You’re more likely to get up and go outdoors if you have something fun to pass the time.
  • It strengthens your core. Six pack, anyone? It’s only natural that a board which is fundamentally about balance will go a long way in sculpting your core. This the part of the body which is worked the most when you’re trying to maintain balance and coordination.
  • It promotes proper posture and physical prowess. Riding the hoverboard is all about using your balance and reflex ability. The more you practice maintaining that equilibrium with your body, the more upright you become and your physical agility increases. This surge in physicality can be useful in many other life areas that require a fit and healthy physique.
  • It burns calories. A thirty minute session on the hoverboard is all you need to get the same benefits of a normal workout stint. Regular aerobic workouts on your board will help you keep your weight in check as well as increase your lung capacity. You can burn the same number of calories on a hoverboard ride that you do when you go for a run.
  • It’s healthier for the environment. Automobiles release toxic gases into the atmosphere which all have detrimental effects for the environment and public health. Hoverboards are electronic and have no such effects on the environment.

It’s Fun

Some would say that this is not an important point of distinction.

Or, that it’s not worth spending a couple of hundred dollars on a hoverboard just because it’s fun.

Well, it’s not just fun, it’s the joyfulness of the riding experience in combination with all the other great benefits.

But as far as having a good time is concerned, it’s an underrated concept and way more difficult to come by than it should be.

The hoverboard has given us a new narrative.

Whether you ride on your own or with family and friends, it’s pure bliss. This holds true for both experienced riders and those who haven’t quite gotten a grip on how to control their boards. It will bring you just as much enjoyment in trying to learn the different moves as when you master them.

It’s Great For Smart & Personalized Travel

Hoverboards have singlehandedly revolutionized the way that people travel.

It’s a smarter solution to personalized commute than many of the other modes of transport. It has been and continues to be used in several places as a legitimate way to get to work, visit friends, or even to go to the mall.

It also happens to be cheaper to purchase and maintain than either bicycles or cars. With the prices of gas and transportation being so high, it is not a bad idea to get a hoverboard to save you some money and reduce your cost of living.

It’s not a replacement for your vehicle but a great supplement. Very lightweight and compact, it can easily be carried or stored to use at a moment’s notice.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to find a parking spot or getting stuck in traffic? Leave your vehicle stationary, hop on your hoverboard, and get on your way.

One thing’s for sure, frugal living has never been this enjoyable!

It’s Therapeutic

Stressed out by work?

Feel like you’re losing your mojo?

Nothing like gliding away on the hoverboard to help you get your groove back on. If you’re feeling particularly down and you need a stress reliever, this works as good as a massage.

By the way, this is not fluff - this is a science backed benefit. Physical activity releases endorphins and we all know endorphins are the happy hormones.

Don’t take our word for it.

Get your hands on one and you’ll be convinced.

But first, how do you ensure that you’re getting the real deal?

Since the hoverboard has gone viral, there have been many imitations and substandard products that simply don’t measure up to the legitimate creation.

Here’s How To Spot A Fake

Wouldn’t it be nice to hop online, select a hoverboard that you like, and feel comfortable that you’re getting an authentic product?

Well, it’s not so simple.

There are imposters out there and you need to be aware of them.

Here are some ways that you can put brands to the test to determine an authentic hoverboard over a fake:

  1. How’s their English?


Yes, tragic use of english is a major tell tale sign.

The knock off brands are notorious for their horrible spelling, although in many instances, it’s intentional. For example, a random factory in China can decide to manufacture an imitation of a Streetsaw hoverboard and have the name “Stritsaw” smacked right across it.

Fake StreetSaw Hoverboards

It’s not one our boards having an identity crisis, it’s a fraudulent company trying to spare themselves legal problems by slightly altering the name of the board. If you weren’t aware, you’d be none the wiser.

  1. Does the brand demonstrate any authority?

Authority translates to credibility.

And that is what you should look for - signs that the brand is established as a credible manufacturer or retailer of hoverboards.

StreetSaw Hoverboard Review

Here are some of the things that lend themselves to brand authority and credibility:

  • A solid indication that the business has been in operation for a decent period of time. This means that they’ll have an established track record.
  • A strong visual brand. Some knockoffs can come with no name or variations in their logo. If there’s any inconsistency in what you see, there’s a good chance that it’s fake.
  1. Is the price to good to be true?

If someone tries to sell you a hoverboard for under $150, run like your life depends on it - because it just might.

The hoverboard is a high tech, electronic, battery operated, self balancing scooter. In addition to the standard build, many models have complementary features. It will cost you $300-$400 for a standard model, as it should, and premium models will go for much more.

If a company can sell a hoverboard that is supposed to have all these features, you can bet your bottom dollar that they compromised on quality to bring down their manufacturing costs and raise their profit margins.

Skipping out on quality control measures can also have several safety risks. This s the problem with the hoverboards that have been at the centre of all the controversial incidents.

So, unless a reputable brand like StreetSaw is having a super sale, we recommend you stay clear of the uncharacteristically low prices.

  1. Is there any social proof?

Social proof is any endorsement from customers or other reputable sources. Product reviews, testimonials, and youtube videos showcasing the unboxing of the hoverboard are all great ways to know what you’re getting from a brand.

Of course, social proof can be both negative and positive so ensure that you do your research to get a full and honest perspective from multiple points of view.

StreetSaw Customer Reviews

  1. How does the hoverboard look?

Sounds simple but many times the proof is right in front of you.

If you’re purchasing online, it may not be as basic as taking a good look at your hoverboard. But if you’re in a physical store, use a microscopic eye to examine the materials used and the overall finish of the board.

Reputable manufacturers use high performance polymer plastic and quality UV coatings to ensure that the hoverboard doesn’t bruise easily. A hoverboard that is merely a reproduction of the real deal will not have that premium look or feel.

  1. Does the hoverboard comply with standards and certifications?

You can expect a reputable brand to provide trading standards on their charging plugs and the appropriate hoverboard certifications. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSD) has issued a new regulation that mandates hoverboards to be compliant with the UL 2272 certification.

Unsurprisingly, duplicate hoverboards will come with no such certifications or standards to legitimize them.

Recommended Reading: How to Tell the Best Hoverboard Brands on the Market vs Knockoffs

Debunking the Hoverboard Myths

Can I be honest with you?

A great deal of information out there on the hoverboard is either skewed or just plain wrong.

And you know what?

You do not have the time, the patience, or the desire to go fact check everything that you read on the internet.

That’s where we come in.

Here are the hoverboard myths that you should be weary of:

Myth #1 - They are just a fad

Turns out, many people are skeptical of the prolific and seemingly instantaneous way in which hoverboards just got catapulted into fame.

And I get it.

It’s natural to be dubious of anything that appears to be an overnight success story.

But the truth is, the hoverboard is not just a fad. It’s not something that’s hot for a minute and will blow over the next. The self balancing technology has cemented itself as a useful part of many people’s lives.

True innovation leads to longevity and the hoverboard is the epitome of innovation.

That was true when it just came out, it is true now that many people are catching on, and will be true tomorrow as the technology continues to be refined.

Here are some more reasons why we think hoverboards are here to stay.

Myth #2 - They are accidents waiting to happen

Hoverboard accidents have taken a life of their own on social media and on the internet. The instagram hashtag #hoverboardfail was a big hit at some point.

But, does that mean that there’s impeding danger everywhere you turn?

Absolutely not.

Accidents are possibilities for any mode of transport.

The same risks that you have riding a skateboard may apply to the hoverboard.

Similarly, the same precautions that you take when riding a bicycle or any moving gadget where your body is exposed, should apply.

So, the issues with safety arise with a lack of responsibility and lack of precautionary measures. I bet you’ve already broken these five hoverboard safety tips.

Wear a helmet, pad up, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’ll be safe.

Myth #3 - They’re illegal

Hoverboards are perfectly legal to purchase and many manufactures/retail stores carry them.

There are, however, some countries and public places that prohibit or restrict their use in certain areas. For example, you may not be able to carry them onto an airplane and some cities don’t allow them to be ridden in public streets. They’re also banned on many college campuses.

This is not the case for everywhere. You’d have to check with your local rules to ensure that you say within the parameters of the law.

Bare in mind that if there are any restrictions, it’s with the use of the hoverboard in a particular place and not a prohibition on owning one.

Myth #4 - They’re explosive

There have been several incidents of hoverboards exploding to the point that many were recalled. The investigations revealed that this was due to defective batteries. These defects may arise from batteries being overcharged or subject to heavy blows. Battery packs are made of very sensitive and volatile materials. It stands to reason that they would blow up if they’re mishandled.

So, the full truth is, “hoverboards with faulty batteries explode.”  A hoverboard purchased from a reputable manufacturer would have no such problem. Here at Streetsaw, we use top-tier Samsung lithium ion battery packs which is the best option on the market.

Myth #5 - They’re difficult to control

It’s understandable why people might misconstrue the hoverboard to be difficult to control.

After all, they look like they were taken straight out of a science fiction movie.

But in actuality, they’re very easy to use and maneuver. They’re built with self balancing technology that is instinctively designed to handle the complex movements for you.

All there is to it, is using your body to give the board subtle hints as to where to go and what to do.

It’s almost like you’re having a conversation with your hoverboard but using movement as the language.

And just like picking up a new language, it will come with practice and it will soon be second nature to you.

Myth #6 - They make you lazy

You see how effortlessly the hoverboard glides across a surface and you think, “this is for lazy people”.

Why would you “hover” to your friend’s house when you can walk, right?

Fair point, but it’s not an accurate representation of what the hoverboard is.

In fact, when you own one of these smart boards, you are incentivized to get up and get physical.

So, the hoverboard can actually get you out a of a lazy stupor.

And as we have seen, it’s also an excellent means of exercise and a way to get your heart thumping and oxygen flowing.  

Myth #7 - They’re not worth the price

Hoverboards cost a couple of hundred dollars at least.

Is it expensive? Relatively.

It is worth the price? No doubt about it.

You see, anything that passively saves you money or actively puts money in your pockets is an asset.

And by many people’s estimation, the hoverboard is a great way to save money.  So in effect, it is an investment that is worth every penny.

You can travel up to 12.5 miles using a single charge on the hoverboard. You don’t have to pay for gas, parking, bus fares, traffic tickets, or any of the other expenses that come with regular modes of transport.

That’s a deal that many people would jump on.

Myth #8 - They’re just a toy

This hoverboard is too cool and too easy going to be any more than a plaything, right?

That’s a myth that is perhaps more justified than the rest because the inventor of the hoverboard actually created it to be just that - a toy.

He never anticipated that it would have so many practical applications.

But it does, and with the invention of hoverboard accessories, it’s usefulness is increasing by the minute. People are using the hoverboard to get work done in factories and other workplaces.

So, myth busted!

Myth #9 - They’re difficult to find

With thousands of hoverboards being recalled in 2015, I see why that might be a concern. There were also increased regulations put on their manufacture and sale.

But, it’s not difficult at all to purchase a hoverboard. They can be sourced from reputable manufacturers online or in physical retail stores.

You still have to do the necessary research to ensure that you’re getting an authentic product from a legitimate source but, the increased regulations are a blessing. They ensure that there are standards that these boards have to comply to before they are made available to consumers.

The conclusion?

Hoverboards are very much available on demand.

Myth #10 - They’re only for children

It’s extremely popular with children but that’s no surprise.

Everything about the hoverboard resonates with the younger demographic. It’s arguably the preferred christmas or birthday gift. The massive increase in sales around christmas time will support that claim.