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Do you want to buy blue hoverboards through e-commerce? First of all, thanks for stopping by StreetSaw. Should you buy your StreetSaw online or in a store? We offer both.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the trading of products using the internet or online social networks. These networks include Facebook and Twitter. Blue hoverboards are self-balancing automatic scooters that are popular in many schools and colleges in North America.

Blue hoverboards consist of two wheels that you control using your feet. Blue hoverboards are small in size. That makes them easily portable as you can carry it around. In this guide, we'll discuss the blue hoverboards features, and what you should consider when buying these machines through e-commerce.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Blue Hoverboard

Type of Blue Hoverboard

You should consider purchasing a self-balancing scooter that suits your needs. They come with various features depending on their costs. The shell of these devices is of hard plastic. Four sensors control the blue hoverboard itself. These sensors are two for each of your feet. They start working once you step on your blue hoverboard.

Depending on your budget, many blue hoverboards online consist of features such as Light Emitting Diode LED lights, battery, and balance indicators. Other models have a built-in Bluetooth speaker with a remote to control the direction.

Blue hoverboards designs, speed, battery power and weight restrictions are almost the same in the different models available. However, the whistles and bells may vary on different models.

You should also keep in mind that various types of hand free blue hoverboards differ in prices. That's because they have varying levels of the maximum speed and other available features such as Bluetooth. There are also models according to the user's level of experience.

For example, cheap blue hoverboards costs range around $300. The best blue hoverboards have a price of $400 and above. and reach up to 8-12 miles per hour. Premium blue hoverboards can reach higher speeds and come with features such as larger wheels, wireless remote control, and Bluetooth speakers.

Turning Ability and Climbing Angle

You should consider the blue hoverboards turning ability. That's because not all roads will be straight as you would wish. You should purchase a scooter online that turns around corners with the least number of degrees possible. That's because according to the terrain you are covering, you may be forced to take many corners.

You should also consider buying a blue hoverboard that can ride uphill easily. That's because many self-balancing scooters have challenges when it comes to riding uphill. One way to find a powerful blue hoverboard online is to buy those with powerful motors that travel at high speeds.

They should also be able to move on steep surfaces without you having to get off them. You should consider buying smart electric scooters that are capable of climbing slopes that are up to 15 degrees.

Blue Hoverboard Speed

Blue hoverboard speed is another factor to consider when purchasing them online. Many types of scooter come with speeds of up to 12 mph. That is quite fast considering a higher speed is not ideal for busy streets.

You should buy blue hoverboard online that allows you to control speed through applying pressure on their sensor pads. That ensures your safety and also other road users.


You should buy a blue hoverboard online that has a high battery capacity. That's because you won't like a scooter that loses battery power midway your destination. You should also consider purchasing those that come with battery power warnings.

A typical hoverboard battery takes 1-2 hours to charge. That charge should cover a distance of up to 15 miles. This range is ideal for covering with your scooter if your workplace or school is near.


You should consider purchasing a blue hoverboard that has a dual balance system. That ensures your safety, but you should wear safety helmets while riding them.

You should keep in mind that different model of scooters come with various speed protection and modes of difficulty features to suit different needs of the user. Blue hoverboards are available online in amateur models for starters and professional models for experienced riders.

Ease of use

You should also purchase a blue hoverboard online that's easy to use. 2 wheels blue hoverboards are ideal for all ages to use. Their self-balancing technology enables anybody to step on their scooter board one foot at a time and take you to your destination.

Blue Hoverboard measure 2 feet in length and weigh between 22 to 26 pounds. They carry weights of up to 220 pounds or more. That means that most people can use them.


Purchasing a blue hoverboard online should be easier using the above guide. You should also buy those that are portable. That enables them to last long and also allow you to carry them if the need arises.

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