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Hoverboards can be a genuine source of joy. The genuine brands like StreetSaw are affordable, safe to use (the good brands) and don't take a lot of space (so small, you can tuck one under your arms and walk).

However, many people get scammed when they buy a hoverboard.

So many people are attracted to the lowest priced hoverboards and ended up buying counterfeit/cheap hoverboards and quickly found out that what the actually purchased was pure junk.

Our motto here at StreetSaw is:

"Do you want to pay once or do you want to pay twice?"

On the outside, everything is fine with these hoverboards but it is the inside where the problems always occur.

Here are a few 3 quick tips on how to differentiate genuine hoverboards from cheap junk ones.

Brand Reputation

Most knock-off hoverboards don't have a name on them whatsoever.

What can you expect from a hoverboard that doesn't have one? These hoverboards come in nameless boxes, with colorful designs and graphics.

They look like the real deal but unless you purchased it from a branded retailer, you probably got scammed. 

Our suggestion is to read reviews on the hoverboard that you're thinking about buying. Learn about the company. How long have they been in business? What are customers saying about them? Are they registered to do business legally? What happens when you need warranty service?

It is best to steer clear of the no-name hoverboards and buy from a reputable dealer with a history.

Exterior Plastic 

Good hoverboards will never compromise on the quality. For instance, Street Saw hoverboards are made from high performance plastic with an additional UV coating, so they don't scratch or damage easily.

On the other hand, counterfeit hoverboards are made from brittle and fragile plastic, and their batteries are liable to catch fire easily. These duplicate hoverboards are also heavy and the plastic feels rough to the touch.

Battery Brand & Documents

Many of these low quality hoverboards come with no-name "Chinese" batteries and have been in the news for blowing up on many people.

These cheap Chinese batteries are a disaster waiting to happen. Likewise with the hoverboard charger. The charger on a knockoff hoverboard weighs is not certified to be legal in the USA, weight less than half of a pound, and lead to the fire problems with hoverboards.

However, StreetSaw hoverboards come standard with a Samsung/LG hoverboard battery as well as a heavy, certified UL listed hoverboard charger. These two components combined will last longer, are safer, and are also much better quality than any knockoff could ever hope to be.

If you want more proof, gather some heart and open up the hoverboard. You will see the parts have been put together haphazardly and most are put together using hot glue.

You will also find other finish issues like badly machined holes and poor quality wires (if it feels greasy to the touch, for sure it is of a bad quality).

Now that you're aware of the dangers of buying a knock-off hoverboard, we hope you will purchase a high quality hoverboard from us. We invite you to browse through our hoverboard store and contact us with any questions you may have.

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