Hoverboard Kart - Attachment Seat / Chair for Sale

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Hoverboard Kart for Sale

This is the highest quality hoverkart available on the market! We too extra time to ensure that it will not break apart or cause other problems associated with the first generation hoverboard go karts. Therefore, this product is expected to ship out to customers on December 13th! Order now to lock in your hoverboard kart for sale before we run out! 

Hoverboard Attachment Videos

Children Racing HoverKarts



What Comes Inside the Hoverboard Kart Box

HoverKart Contents

Hoverboard Attachment Kart Contents

  1. Spare Foam Pad
  2. Allen Keys
  3. Hex Wrench
  4. Spacers
  5. M6 Locknut (4 pcs)
  6. M6*15 (4 pcs)
  7. Hoverboard Attachment Kart System & Handles
  8. Seat
  9. Foot Plate Frame
  10. Nylon Strips
  11. Wheel Frame


    How to Setup Hoverboard Attachment Chair

    Having trouble setting up your hoverboard kart? Or perhaps you just want to understand how to put a hoverboard kart together before you buy one. Follow the following photo manual and you'll understand how to setup your hoverboard seat before you know it!

    Step 1

    Place the tubes together as shown in the picture below.

    Step 2

    Insert the bolt to secure the attachment to the tubes.


    Step 3

    Use the allen wrench to tighten the bolt down.


    Step 4

    This is how your hoverboard attachment kart should look right now. We will now focus on turning the hoverboard attachment into a chair so you have a seat to ride on.


    Step 5

    Place the hoverboard attachment seat onto the attachment and insert the screws into the holes.


    Step 6

    Tighten the bolts down so the hoverboard attachment seat is secure.


    Step 7

    By this point, your hoverboard attachment kart should look like this. Its time to attach the hoverboard seat section to the hoverboard itself.


    Step 8

    Wrap the nylon strips through the hoverboard attachment system as seen in the photo below.


    Step 9

    Loop the nylon strips back through to secure them.


    Step 10

    Pull the nylon strips through tightly.


    Step 11

    Your hoverboard go kart is almost complete. Now we need to tighten everything together so its secure to the hoverboard.


    Step 12

    Tighten everything down as shown.


    Step 13

    Using the allen wrench, tighten the attachment.


    Step 14

    By now your hoverboard kart attachment is almost complete. Its time to install the wheel on the front of the hoverboard attachment so you can have a place for your feet while you ride.


    Step 15

    Attach the wheel frame / foot poles to the hoverboard attachment that you've already put together.


    Step 16

    Tighten the nut on the end using your hand. It should grip well enough to hand-tighten it, no need to overtighten, we will secure the hoverboard kart in the next steps.


    Step 17

    Now your hoverboard wheel frame should appear like this, with the nuts hand-tightened down. We only have one last step to complete the hoverboard kart setup.


    Step 18

    Tighten down the clamps on both sides of the wheel frame. Your hoverboard attachment is now complete. If you have friends that could benefit from our instructions, tell them you learned how to setup a hoverboard cart on our website and share this page with them!





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    • Hoverboards with red light blinking

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    • Hoverboard was dropped or crashed
    • Cosmetic abrasions such as scratches, chips, or dents

    Extended Warranties Available

    If you're concerned that your hoverboard may not last, then we also offer extended warranty protection. This coverage is offered directly by our company, and extends the 90-day warranty to the time that you have purchased. Available extended warranties include the following:

    • 1 Year Extended Warranty
    • 2 Year Extended Warranty
    • 3 Year Extended Warranty

    You may only purchase an extended warranty at the same time as you've purchased your hoverboard, or before it has shipped.

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    We REPAIR Hoverboards

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    Someone Always Answers the Phone, 24/7

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    In Business Since 2015, the Beginning of the Hoverboard Craze

    We've been in business since the people were going nuts over hoverboards in 2015, and our love for them only continues to grow.

    No Recalls & Free Downloadable Safety PDF

    We've NEVER been subject to any of those crazy recalls or safety lawsuits. On top of that, we offer all of our visitors an EXCLUSIVE 26-page PDF report about the safety of riding a hoverboard. You can get a copy of our hoverboard safety PDF here.

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