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Hoverboard Repair Services

Order our Hoverboard repair service to get your hover board repaired quickly by our trained technicians. Simply make your order, mail it to us, we inspect and repair it and ship it back typically within a few days. We fix hoverboards fast!

So your hoverboard broke and you're asking Siri to find a "hoverboard shop near me" but couldn't find anything. Even if you did, how could you be sure that you'd find a hoverboard repair shop that actually specializes in hoverboard repair?

Most hoverboard repair services aren't well established, and a majority of them are kids or out-of-work electronic tinkerers who used to work on air conditioning and heating units. If you're lucky, they even worked on mobile phones and tablets.

So you roll up to their home, or even worse meet them in a parking lot, expensive hoverboard in hand. They tell you how they've fixed a few boards here and there and assure you that they can fix yours too. You hand over the hoverboard, a $100 "deposit" and walk away hoping they'll answer your call in a few days.

Is that the kind of experience you want? Probably not.

Unlike the above, we have thousands of parts on hand, have repaired thousands of hoverboards, self balancing scooters, smart balance wheels... whatever you want to call them. We fix them ALL.

Our repair services are easy for both you and us. We don't charge per piece like everyone else does. Instead, we offer flat rate services to repair even the most stubborn hoverboard repair jobs.

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