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You might have seen your neighbors or friends hitching on one of these cool rides. A black hoverboard is one of the slickest versions of self-balancing scooters you can ever find. And whether you treat them as a fad, deep inside, you know that you want one for yourself.

How can you resist in the first place? They may not be as hip as skateboards and bikes, but they will still make you stand out. Just forget the idea of flaunting; a hoverboard is ideally there for you to have fun.

However, before you buy a black hoverboard, make sure that you should have a real foreknowledge about it. Lately, there have been reports of exploding hoverboards. Some cities even ban them their sidewalks. Try going to your local airport. I am sure that they won't allow you to carry one inside their planes.

You might know these things already. However, these are just isolated cases that you should treat with caution. A hoverboard is safe. It is just a matter of knowing the basics of the product.

First, What is a Black Hoverboard?

Specifically, a black hoverboard is a high-end version of the self-balancing scooter. It has quality construction materials that easily knock off other cheap counterparts.
Usually, the body of black hoverboards is made from aluminum alloy frame. This construction material ensures that the hoverboard won't easily break or catch fire. Moreover, it has lithium-ion batteries for it to run safely and smoothly.

The platform and technology used in a black hoverboard lessen the delay in its reaction. Hence, its maneuverability is something that you should expect.

A drift board or a self-balancing scooter (or whatever you call them) is just like a miniature version of a Segway. But unlike the Segway, hoverboards have no handlebars and runs on a different mechanism to operate. Obviously, balancing on a hoverboard is hard as a skateboard. Yet, that aspect is what makes people love them. It is a super tricky gadget, but once you get a hold of it, riding it would be extremely fun.

How to Run a Black Hoverboard?

Do not get the wrong idea that a hoverboard can actually levitate. Although the Tokyo Branch of Lexus has already made this possible, there is still a catch. The hoverboard needs a particular magnetic track for it to levitate, just like in the Back to the Future 2 Movie.

This is the reason why levitating hoverboards are still far from the market limelight it deserves.

For a black hoverboard, it has two pressure sensitive pads that let you control its speed and steering. The board starts moving the moment you step on it, thus making it quite hard to mount on the first try. Since there are no handles and brakes, keeping your balance and stead is something that you have to practice.

Working your core and leg muscles is also necessary so that you can control the steering of the board.

Exploding Hoverboards?

The reason hoverboards became popular is not only because they are the new "it," but also because of cases of explosions. Just before 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States reports that there are already 12 incidents where the batteries of hoverboards caught fire.

The damage is not just small scale; it even razed some homes. By July 2016, the CPSC already accounted the hoverboards for destroying $2 million worth of properties.

Some evidence suggests that the cause of explosion may be because most of these boards are fake and cheap counterparts. Most of the time, you can see them on sites like eBay and Alibaba--under the $300 category. However, CPSC is probing all brands of hoverboards to separate which brands are safe from not. And until the investigation is not complete, being extra-careful is necessary.

Fire experts advise all hoverboard owners never to charge their units overnight. Also, it is important if you acquire an authentic, legitimate brand of hoverboards. If you choose a counterfeit board just because they are cheap, then you are just risking your money and yourself.

Other Safety Guidelines

Riding a black hoverboard is just like riding any forms of vehicles. The risk factor is always present, especially that you are going to ride this on outdoors. A hoverboard can have the maximum speed of 10 mph. This is quite faster than a skateboard, and can subject you to serious injuries if you encounter a hazard.

Wearing safety gears are essential. Take note that helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads are for the purpose of protecting the sensitive parts of your body in case misfortunes happen. They may not look cool, but just remember that taking a trip to the hospital would make you a sour loser.

I know that you want to ride your 2 wheel self balancing scooter wherever you want. But in London, a teen died after being struck by a bus while hovering his board. This is the reason why advice you not to ride your boards near busy streets and junctions.

Take note that hoverboards have weight limits, too. Manufacturers intend this to protect its riders. Moreover, a black hoverboard will not allow you to steer it on inclined hills. Specifically, slopes that are over 30 degrees are prohibited already.

Although there is no height limit for a black hoverboard, just remember that you are stepping on an elevated platform. As an estimate, a hoverboard will lift you 4 inches higher from the ground. Thus, if you are tall, the risk of getting your head bumped is quite high.

Where Can You Take Your Black Hoverboard?

Of course, it would be nice if you can ride your hoverboard anywhere you want. However, some places just despise them. In New York, the United Kingdom, and Australia, it is illegal to ride a hoverboard on walkways or any public roads. Expect a huge fine if you are caught committing this crime.

Moreover, many public schools such as the University of California, Los Angeles prohibit their students from using or bringing a board on their premises. Aside from that, malls and other public places also banned these lovely gadgets.

If you are traveling via plane, always remember that following major Airline companies already issued their respective policies that disallow people to carry hoverboards on their luggage:

  • American Delta
  • United
  • Jet Blue
  • Southwest
  • Hawaiian

But on the contrary, legislators in California are fighting to allow motorized wheeled vehicles, such as a hoverboard, in bike lanes and streets.

For your safety, just ride your black hoverboard on your private premises or any unoccupied spaces and paths in your area.


During the first release of hoverboards, buying them is easy, as they are ubiquitous in malls and other retailing stores. But now, finding a unit proves to be a little harder than before.

If you want to purchase a black hoverboard, just go to the manufacturer's website.

This is to ensure that you can get the utmost quality you want for your unit. Aside from that, purchasing directly from the manufacturer will guarantee you a warranty that will be helpful in cases of unwanted incidents.

However, you can also buy a black hoverboard on trusted online retailers. Just make sure that you can check the authenticity of the seller. Moreover, the number of user's review will give you an idea of the quality product you are about to buy.

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