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Black Hoverboard for Sale

Black hoverboard is a favorite color by many enthusiasts and also the most commonly produced hover board. You may also want to buy black hoverboard accessories from us as we keep them in stock as well. Each model listed below is available in black.

Black Hoverboard

It’s caught your attention, hasn’t it?

You see all these celebrities riding their hoverboards everywhere they go. Youtubers have made them the new stars of their videos. Everyone and their dog is raving about how awesome they are.

The hoverboard is the new hotshot in town and you want to know more.

You want to know if this futuresque new gadget is all that it’s hyped up to be.

Or is it overrated?

This article will give you an honest and complete perspective.

But first, what is a hoverboard anyway?

It is a self balancing, two-wheeled board. It is battery powered and uses intuitive technology to detect your body’s micro-movements. The smart board then signals the electric motors to move so you can have a smooth skateboard-like experience without doing much at all.

To put it simply, the technology is astounding and the riding experience is even more impressive.

It is no wonder that there’s so much excitement and intrigue where the hoverboard is concerned.

Are Hoverboards Just A Fad Or Are They Here To Stay?

It’s been the burning desire of a whole lot of people and the subject of many conversations.

You have to wonder though, is this avante garde skooter really all that it’s pumped up to be or is it just another fad?

This is a legitimate question that many people who are interested in the hoverboard have posed.

With the recent controversy surrounding the isolated incidents where some hoverboards have mysteriously gone up into flames, this is a concern that warrants a discussion.  

But the thing is, these accidents are less about the hoverboard technology and more about who you decide to purchase your hoverboard from.

Like every proprietary product, the bootlegs and knockoffs are lurking in the shadows, ready and willing to steal the thunder.

It is up to you to do your homework and ensure that your hoverboard is coming from an authentic source.

So, to answer the burning question.

Here at StreetSaw, we think that the hoverboard is all that it’s cracked up to be and more.

It’s not a fad. It’s not an experience that can be replicated. It’s here to stay.

What Makes The Black Hoverboard Such A Masterpiece

Black Hoverboard - FutureSaw

The black hoverboard is one of the slickest versions of the self-balancing scooter that you can get your hands on.

But it’s so much more than just aesthetics.

There’s not just one feature that makes the hoverboard a standout piece of tech.

It’s a combination of solution-based science, style, and sophistication which has landed the self balancing scooter on the radars of so many people.

Here’s what you can expect from the black hoverboard:

  1. It Offers A Unique Value Proposition

Let’s take a moment to imagine the last time that you got excited about buying something.

Think about what that product did to make you say, “I need to have this”.

Did it offer you something unique that others like it lacked?

Did it solve a problem for you?

Did it make your life easier in any way?

I bet the unanimous answer to these questions is a resounding “YES”.

And that’s exactly why the hoverboard gives people that compelling necessity to get one of their own.

It’s unique, it’s solution-oriented, and it makes lives easier with its many practical applications.

Here are some of its everyday uses:

  • It can be used to reduce the strain of exhaustive physical work. For example, performing household chores and tasks around your office while riding on a hoverboard can decrease the burden of these tasks. Some people even use it to walk their dogs and water their plants. If that’s not convenience, I don’t know what is.
  • Don’t have the time to go for a run? The hoverboard is handy for full body exercise. If you were to do a quick Youtube search, you would find scores of videos with hoverboard workout routines. Not to mention, the many health benefits that accompany a solid workout session. Don’t be surprised  if you lose some calories as well as increase your balance and coordination.
  • Want to skip on the exorbitant price of regular commute? Bus fares add up and vehicles are expensive to maintain. The hoverboard is a legitimate means of transportation and it doesn’t have these maintenance fees. Whether you use it to go to work or to go to the grocery store, you will be spared a great deal of time and expense.
  • With the appropriate accessories and attachments, it can be used to carry heavy objects. For example, many people attach a cart to their hoverboards so they can carry coolers and surfboards to the beach.

Clearly, the black hoverboard is more than what meets the eye. It’s largely marketed as a recreational gadget but it serves several functions both in the home and in the workplace. Here’s why you should consider using you hoverboard in the office.

  1. It’s Governed By Superior Technology

It’s no secret that the hoverboard is an absolute gem in the science tech arena.

After all, it was adapted straight from the “Back to the Future” film franchise. You’d expect nothing short of an ingenious masterpiece and there’s no disappointment there.

What exactly is so outstanding about the hoverboard technology?

Here are the components:

Touch sensitive foot pedals - This is perhaps one of the coolest features of the hoverboard. The touch sensitive foot pads are what signals the electric motor to move the hoverboard. There are two switches under the foot pads that are pushed down when the rider leans forward. It in turn causes the board to accelerate. Leaning back has the opposite effect, so if you want to get off the board, it’s a matter of stepping back. Turning and curved movements are also determined by the degree of pressure placed on the individual foot pads.

Self balancing system - The hoverboard contains a self balancing system that allows the rider to maintain their balance and coordination while riding at speed. This is determined by the tilt sensors which can detect how far forward you’re leaning. These sensors are contained within the wheels of the hoverboard.

Battery pack - The Lithium ion battery pack is the hoverboard’s power source. They are high powered and energy efficient batteries but naturally, they have to be recharged when the power runs out. Keep in mind that the capacity and range of your battery will depend on the model and brand of hoverboard that you select. Our black hoverboards at Streetsaw have premium Samsung batteries that last between an impressive 5-6 hours while the average hoverboard on the market lasts between 3-5 hours.

Gyroscope and speed control boards - These are the boards that receive the information from the tilt sensors in the wheels. The sensors detect the revolutions per minute (RPM) that is generated from each wheel. This will tell how fast the hoverboard is moving or if it’s moving at all. When the gyroscope and speed control boards receive this data, they transmit it to the main logic board where the rest of the magic happens.

Main Logic Board - As the name suggests, the main logic board is the brain of the hoverboard. It processes and manages important aspects of the hoverboard’s operation. These include the speed at which you’re moving, the tilt data, and power management of the board.

I hope you didn’t get lost in the geekiness of it all but the science and technology behind this innovation is too genius to side step.

  1. It’s Crafted With Quality Materials

Admit it.

Durability matters to you.

If you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars on a hoverboard, you want it to last and keep performing at its optimum. Some cost as much as two thousand dollars.

That’s a hefty investment and you expect a quality product.

The great news?

Not only is the black hoverboard crafted with robust materials but it requires no maintenance to keep giving you a consistently smooth riding experience.

From the top notch lithium ion batteries to the quality polymer plastic, you can expect to get every bang for your buck.

What To Look For When Buying Your Hoverboard

So, you’re interested in purchasing your very own hoverboard.

Or at the very least, you want to know what your options are.

There are many models and brands who all claim to have the superior product.

How do you determine what’s worth your time and money?

Truth is, it’s not entirely about the hoverboard company. It’s a factor that we’ll discuss later on but it’s not the primary factor.

The most important considerations are what your desires are and what type of hoverboard meets your needs.

Here are the questions that you should ask yourself before you settle on a final purchase decision.

Where are you planning on riding your hoverboard?

Are you more of an adventurer who’s looking to ride outdoors?

Or are you planning on using your hoverboard in an indoor space like your office or at home?

A model with large wheels is better suited for outdoor riding as it can better navigate uneven surfaces. For the indoor atmosphere, the standard model with 6-7 inch wheels are just fine.

How important are aesthetics?

For many people, this is critical.

You’re spending your money on this cool gadget and it’s only fair that you get a style or color that is suited to your personality.

If this is a determining factor for you, opt for a company or manufacturer that has a diverse offering when it comes to aesthetics.

Here at StreetSaw, in addition to the black hoverboard, we have a variety of colors including:

We also have a plethora of models, each with different capabilities. You pick your poison!

What performance metrics matter to you?

The specs and performance metrics will vary from model to model.

So, selecting your ideal hoverboard is a matter of comparing the models and how they perform in relation to each other.

For some, speed is their foremost and only criterion.

For others, it may be range.

For you, it may be a combination of both.

Whatever it is, the options are available to meet your needs. Apart from our black hoverboard, StreetSaw carries a range of models with different wheel sizes, capabilities, and specifications.

What features do you want your hoverboard to have?

Some hoverboards come with other features such a bluetooth, remote controls, and LED lights. They can also be decked with accessories to give added functionality. The hoverboard kart is one such example.

If extra features don’t matter to you, you can select a standard model.

But if they do, the options are available.

How dexterous are you?

If you’re very agile and active, this may not be a concern at all as most hoverboards are a breeze once you get use to it.

But, if you happen to be a walking disaster like I am, you may be worried about how easy it is to ride the black hoverboard.

The first and only challenge is getting the hang of balancing on a two-wheeled platform without holding onto anything.

The wonderful news is, the hoverboard has self-balancing technology which is designed to do the work for you.

If you’re not confident with your ability to maintain your body’s balance and coordination, we recommend you start with small steps.

There’s nothing wrong in starting slow and working your way up to pro status.  When you get the hang of riding the hoverboard, it’s a truly exhilarating experience.

And the great thing is, riding is a skill that can be perfected with practice.

So, even if you’re starting at the low end of the dexterity scale, feel free to accept the challenge and work towards the skill level that you want.  

Don’t be surprised if you start throwing together a few tricks and creative maneuvers in not time.

How much are you willing to spend?

There is a lot of variation in the price points of hoverboards. Some go for a few hundred dollars while some will reach upwards of two thousand dollars.

It’s never a good idea to buy something simply because it’s cheap just as it’s not a good idea to buy something because it has a brand plastered on it.

Whatever your budget is, select a hoverboard that is of high quality and above all, make sure that it is authentic.

Which brings us to the last consideration.

Is the hoverboard manufacturer or retailer reputable?

You want to get your hoverboard from a manufacturer or retailer that is established as an authentic seller.

Naturally, you want to avoid those who sell counterfeits of a popular hoverboard model. These knockoffs are the ones to cause safety issues as they’re made up of cheap materials.

There are many reliable sellers out there. As long as you put some effort and research into finding them, you shouldn’t have a problem. Here’s an article detailing how you can select the best hoverboard brands that are on the market versus the knockoffs.

How To Ride And Control The Black Hoverboard

Contrary to what the name suggests, hoverboards don’t defy gravity. While we’d love them to literally hover around the place, we haven’t quite gotten to that point.

Getting that smooth riding experience is a matter of learning to steer your hoverboard with the effortlessness that the technology is designed for.

While different models may have different features, there is a general technique to controlling the hoverboard.

Before you begin to ride in style, you should prep yourself and your board first. You want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes designed for physical activity.

Also, ensure that your board is fully charged and on beginner’s mode.

Let’s get into the specifics.

5 Steps To HoverBoard Mastery

  1. Perfect the mount

You’d think that this is a basic step that can easily be achieved.

In reality, this is where many have the most trouble.

The key here is to be confident so you can have a solid footing. If you overthink this step, you just may end up overreaching with a technique that requires very subtle foot movements.

The right way to start is to mount the hoverboard one foot at a time.

It helps to practice standing on one foot while you’re on steady ground before getting onto the board.

Use the foot that has the most strength and stability to make the first step. Also, ensure that the board is not tilted when you get on as you want to establish that balance from the onset.

Pro Tip: The further apart your feet, the greater your stability. This is because you weight will be evenly distributed across the board.

  1. Get your balancing act together

After you’ve perfected getting onto the hoverboard, the next step is to practice balancing the board with your body.

The hoverboard will steer in the direction that you tilt it. We’ve seen that pressure sensitive pads are what control the movement. If you put too much pressure or concentrate all your weight in one direction, the board will move very quickly in that direction.

To maintain balance, keep your weight evenly distributed between the left and right footpads. Do so before you think about moving in any particular direction. Practice maintaining that equilibrium until it becomes second nature to you. Remember that the hoverboard is all about balance so don’t skip or rush this step.

Pro tip: Be very light with your footwork. Too much pressure will cause you to lose balance and spin out of control.

  1. Get a grip on your linear movements

So, you’ve gotten your balancing act on point.

How do you perform simple forward and backward movements?

Moving forward is a matter of tilting your toes and ankles forwards. Shifting your weight frontwards is what will increase your speed. If you’re not ready for that speed increase, simply use your ankles for the forward movement while still maintaining a relatively  even weight distribution.

To move backward, the reverse is required. Press the heel of your feet backwards and slightly shift your weight in the same backward direction.

Pro tip: The way you maintain your weight distribution is what will determine how smoothly you ride. Lean too much in one direction and you will lose your balance.

  1. Learn how to stop the board

You now know how to move linearly in a backward or forward direction.

While you may be tempted to jump of the board to stop it, that is not the safe way to dismount your hoverboard.

To stop or slow down, lean in the opposite direction that you’re moving. This allows you to reintroduce a more balanced stance. If you try to stop when you’re moving at high speeds, it will have the same jarring effect of pulling a handbrake of a vehicle.

Pro tip:  Come to a gradual stop rather than an abrupt stop to avoid losing coordination. 

  1. Navigate the twists and turns

After you’ve perfected the basics of getting on and off the board as well as moving back and forth, you may be ready to turn the hoverboard.

This requires a bit more skill and dexterity.

The general rule is that whatever direction that you want to go, you need to push down and lean on the opposite foot.

So, if you want to turn LEFT, push down on your RIGHT foot.

And if you want turn RIGHT, push down on your LEFT foot.

It sounds counter intuitive but it will come naturally when you get use to it.

Pro tip: Ease into your twists and turns. Do not try to maneuver the board at high speeds until you’ve mastered all the movements in slow motion.

Where Can You Ride Your Black Hoverboard?

When hoverboards were just introduced, they were found everywhere.

A simple online search would lead to many online retailers that carried them.

And there weren’t many, if any, restrictions on their use.

Overtime, they’ve developed a bit of controversial reputation due to the combustibility of their batteries. Some poorly constructed models have flaws where the battery packs are in danger of overheating or being struck upon the impact of the board.

We know that batteries are particularly volatile so this is not a great mystery. However,

the danger of combustion has led to many countries as well as college campuses banning the use of hoverboards. In the UK, it’s completely illegal.

But does that mean that your hoverboard is unsafe?

Will you get into trouble if you decide to take yours for a spin?

Not at all.

In many places, they are still perfectly legal and safe to ride.

Better yet, it’s becoming even safer with the new regulations put into place by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSD).

There has been a recall of the defective boards and stricter regulations have been enacted to guide the manufacturing and selling of hoverboards. They are now being redesigned to meet the specifications of the new UL 2272 certification.

As such, when you’re deciding on a manufacturer or retailer, ensure that their hoverboards are compliant with that certification. You should be able to find that information on the product description listed on the website. If you’re in a physical store, it should also be noted somewhere on the packaging.  

To remain on the side of precaution, before you take your hoverboard out, check out this list of everyplace in the world that has banned their use.

Safety Do’s And Don’ts For Your Hoverboard

Safety should always be your foremost priority when riding the hoverboard.

No doubt, you want to have the fullness and joy of riding your smart board without having to worry about any impending doom.

Hoverboard accidents aren’t something that you should expect with all certainty.  But, just as there are hazards with any other mode of transport, there are a few associated with hoverboards.

And we maintain that as long as there is a possibility that you can get hurt, precaution beats all.

Here are the safety Do’s and Don’ts that you should be mindful of:

  1. Do wear your protective gear. Helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, and other safety gear should be a part of your hoverboard riding routine. It may save you a trip to the emergency room or the pain of a broken bone.
  1. Don’t ride too fast. This is particularly important when you’re in public places like streets, malls, and other areas with high traffic. At least, take it slow in the beginning and as you become a more skillful rider, you can gradually increase your speed. Bear in mind, that even the more capable riders should be careful with speed particularly in a crowded setting.
  1. Do follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Your hoverboard should come with a guide that will detail what you should do to prep and take care of your board before riding. Follow the specifications that you are given for your model. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for more information.
  1. Don’t purchase your hoverboard from an irreputable source. Safety measures start from even before you get your hoverboard. Do your research and only buy from retailers or manufacturers that are known to be authentic. A fraudulent hoverboard will cause you more pain than it’s worth.
  1. Do use proper charging habits. It’s not a good idea to leave your hoverboard charging overnight or to leave it unattended. Batteries tend to have mechanisms put in place to offset overcharging but it’s still not worth the risk. In addition, it’s best that you use the original battery charger for your device.
  1. Don’t modify your hoverboard. The science experimenters and tech savvy riders out there may be tempted to perform alterations to their hoverboard or add certain features. To avoid any complications, we do not recommend tampering with the internal workings of your hoverboard.
  1. Do be mindful of your board’s weight limit. All hoverboards have a weight capacity which is important for maintaining the right balance. If you’re over that limit, you are more susceptible to losing control of your hoverboard and will be prone to injury.
  1. Don’t jump off your hoverboard. The natural instinct for many is to simply jump off their hoverboards when they want to stop riding. This could easily lead to accidents as you’re certain to lose your balance that way. The right way to get off your hoverboard is to slowly decelerate then put your dominant foot down.
  1. Do ride on smooth terrain. Simply put, smooth surfaces make for a smooth ride. While a board with larger wheels is more suited to the outdoors, hoverboards in general are built for even surfaces. Potholes as well as other bumps and lumps will cause friction.
  1. Do refine your riding skills.  Practice getting on and off as well as maneuvering the hoverboard as much as you can. The more you get use to maintaining your balance, the safer your will be in general.

Pay attention to the Do’s and Don’ts above and you will be afforded a painless and undisturbed time on your hoverboard.

A Recap

Since it’s introduction, the hoverboard has been all the craze among everybody from the average person to the high profile celebrity.

But here’s the reality:

Whenever the internet finds itself in the middle of a trend that has skyrocketed, people become skeptical.

And it can be difficult to tell what’s just a fad and what’s a legitimate invention.

The hoverboard has paid its dues and proven its worth.

It’s not just a high tech gadget used for the sole purpose of entertainment. It is in fact very useful in several different settings including inside the home.

Factory workers use it. Paramedics are fond of it. It’s truly a significant boost to productivity in the workplace.

So, should you invest in a hoverboard?

The choice is yours.

But, if there’s ever an ideal time to get your hands on your very own self balancing scooter, it’s now.

No amount of research or imagination can fully prepare you for the awesomeness that this cool gadget represents.

Get in touch with an authentic manufacturer and get your hands on one of these bad boys.

You won’t regret it.

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