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Is My Hoverboard Charger Broken?

Updated November 28, 2019


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Hoverboard Repair

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Is My Hoverboard Charger Broken?

Is your hoverboard charger broken? A lot of people have been bringing their hoverboards into our store asking us if their hoverboard charger is broken. We decided to make this guide to help people online determine the problem. We also have a guide of what to do when your hoverboard battery won't charge

How To Test if Your Hoverboard Charger is Broken

To find out if your hoverboard charger is broken, perform the following test:

  • Plug the charger into the wall. It should have a green light.
  • Plug the charger into your hoverboard. The green light should now turn red.
  • If there is a red light, skip to step #7. If the light remains green, then skip to # 12. If there is no light then continue following the steps.
  • If there is no light, and your hoverboard charger is equipped with one, then either your hoverboard charger is broken or your electrical socket is not getting power.
  • Test the electrical outlet with another device you are certain is working, such as your cell phone charging cable.
  • If the electrical socket is working properly, then you need to buy a new hoverboard charger.
  • Charge your hoverboard for 2-3 hours. This should give you a full battery.
  • After 2-3 hours of charging, unplug the charger from the hoverboard and press the on/off button once to turn it on.
  • If the hoverboard does not turn on at all, this could indicate a wiring problem. If it turns on, go to the next step.
  • If both lights on top of your hoverboard are green, the battery has some sort of charge. If a green light is blinking then this means that your hoverboard battery has a low charge, typically less than 20%. If a red light appears and the hoverboard is beeping at you, it means that your hoverboard battery is dangerously low, and typically has less than 5% battery remaining. Do not ride a hoverboard with a red light, especially when it is beeping!
  • If both lights are green, try riding your hoverboard around. If the hoverboard does not last very long, then your hoverboard charger could be the problem. It could also be the battery.
  • If your hoverboard charger light stays green then your hoverboard is either fully charged already, or you have a defective battery. If your hoverboard is not lasting very long, has flashing red light and beeping, then read our article about what to do when your hoverboard battery won't charge.

If your hoverboard charger is broken, its no big deal. We have a bunch of them in stock and guarantee that they won't break on your since all of our products have a warranty.


Hoverboard Charger Not Working
Hoverboard Charging Problems

Get a New Replacement Hoverboard Charger


Hoverboard Charger Gets Hot

Another common problem with hoverboard chargers is that they get too hot. If your hoverboard charger gets hot to the touch, then make sure that its doing so only when it is actually providing a charge to the hoverboard.

If the charger isn't plugged into the hoverboard, but still gets hot, then it may be defective and could have safety issues. You will also want to check the safety of your charger by looking for a UL logo on the charger case. If the case has a UL logo, then the technology used to create it has been certified by Underwriter's Laboratories. Be careful though, as fake chargers do exist.

If your hoverboard charger is getting too hot or missing the UL certification, we suggest replacing it with the UL certified charger we've listed above. It's brand new and also covered under our warranty.

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