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It’s been a few years since hoverboard safety concerns first hit the news, and this time the same fires need to be put out.

In the past few weeks, over five homes have caught fire where hoverboards are being blamed as the culprit. If you have a hoverboard at home or you plan on gifting one, you’re probably wondering what caused these fires. Here are 11 tips from on how to make sure your hoverboard is safe this holiday. 

Old Hoverboard Not Working?

1. Make Sure it’s Not Recalled.

After all the press about fires in 2016, the CSPC came out with a robust list of recalled hoverboard brands. If your hoverboard is on this list, try returning it to the store you bought it from.

2. Check Your Hoverboard Battery.

Did you know that 78% of hoverboard problems are associated with the battery? On average, consumers can expect their battery to last about one year. Low-quality hoverboards might only last a fraction of that, while the best hoverboard brands tend to last longer. Want to learn more about how to diagnose issues or find out how long a battery lasts? Visit this hoverboard battery guide

3. Still Having Problems?

If you’re experiencing problems that the battery guide didn’t fix, it could be something else. If you’ve already re-calibrated by pressing and holding the power button (much like turning a computer on and off) the problem may stem from the motherboard, logic board, mainboard, or balance sensors. Don’t toss the board, you can replace all parts with a complete hoverboard repair kit. It will usually resolve the problem.

4. Buy The Right Hoverboard Charger.

Did you know that fires can be caused by using the wrong charger for your battery type? With new hoverboard technology now on the market, an important safety factor when shopping is to match charger and hoverboard battery voltage. Traditionally, most all old hoverboards contained a 36v lithium-ion battery. These days, the average hoverboard battery capacity ranges from 24v to 36v.

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5. Test Your Hoverboard.

Just now bringing the toys back out for the holidays? It's likely that your hoverboard isn’t working like it used to. This is a common issue around this time of year. Like many other products, sitting unused in storage has caused the hoverboard battery life to die. The cure? Buy a hoverboard battery replacement and install it (usually takes 5-10 minutes). 

6. Pay Attention to the Red Light Blinking Pattern.

If you have a hoverboard red light flashing it means your hoverboard either has a loose wire or it needs parts. This light tells you what needs to be replaced by the number of times it blinks before restarting the sequence. If you’ve already tried calibration, checking the red light and doing the hoverboard repair yourself will surely save you money over a repair shop.

Buy a New Hoverboard Already? 

1. Test Before Wrapping

“Hoverboard not working” was a highly searched for term on Christmas day. The reason? Likely due to the board not being tested before wrapping. The most common reasons for a new hover-board not working include the battery, Bluetooth, circuit boards, or charger. If your hoverboard has a blinking red light, it tells you what needs to be replaced by the number of times it blinks before restarting. 

2. Make Sure The Battery is Fully Charged.

By nature, lithium-ion, the battery technology used inside hoverboards, is best stored between 20%-30% of its capacity. Expect to open your gift and have 30-60 minutes of playtime on it before it dies. You can extend this time by energizing it with a hoverboard charger before gifting it. We suggest doing this as close to the occasion as possible.

3. Make Sure It’s Not Recalled Or Uncertified.

Test 100% of all eBay hoverboards and “classified” site purchases. Unfortunately, these sites allow anyone to sell and the quality standards aren’t monitored for authenticity or safety. While your first line of defense should be to request a UL certificate from the seller, it has been reported that the paperwork sent doesn’t match the hoverboard for sale. Our advice is to be especially thorough and also ask for a picture of the UL sticker on the exact hoverboard the seller will be sending. Compare the picture to what you receive. Don’t want to take the risk? Purchase from a reputable source or directly from the brand. 

4. If The Deal Was Too Good To Be True, It Probably Was. 

Finding a good deal on a new hoverboard for sale by a popular brand is always a win-win. Finding an unbelievable deal from an unknown brand is what leads to early hoverboard problems. Make sure that you’re following the age-old advice of “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” when it comes to hoverboards. If you run into problems and the seller isn’t replying, you’ll find as a useful resource.

5. Haven’t Found A Hoverboard for Sale Yet? Make Sure It’s UL Certified. 

Why does a UL certification matter? A UL certification is a certificate that grants the manufacturer acceptance by a company known as UnderWriter’s Laboratories. This company’s sole purpose is to ensure the safety of products by rigorously testing them and developing safety standards for manufacturers to abide by. If the manufacturers don’t abide by such standards, UL will not allow the use of their stamp on the manufacturer’s products. The products that caught were not UL certified.

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