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A massive hoverboard recall hit the news just after Christmas of 2015, and then again around the summer of 2016. What's with these hoverboard recalls anyways? And why are major brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Fry's, QVC, and K-Mart even involved with the recalls? Aren't those retail department stores supposed to be safe places to buy from?

I guess not!

Think about what happens when you buy from a retail department store like this. A hoverboard isn't a simple little $50 gadget. We're talking about a two wheeled self balancing scooter capable of not only holding, but balancing and shuttling a 300 pound man at speeds of up to over 12 miles per hour.

Don't you think that safety is a bit important consider these facts?

Apparently, the retail chains don't. For example, in late 2015, millions of hoverboards were sold through Amazon. Yet almost as soon as they were opened during Christmas, customers had their hands up in the air because nobody had a hoverboard repair shop.

That is why its important to buy hoverboards from specialty shops that provide these kind of services. The warranty you receive from a specialty shop means that they can actually repair it, while the warranty from a department store means well, they take it back within 30 days and you're basically screwed after that.

Anyways, without further ado, I present you with a hoverboard recall list for United States hoverboard companies.

Hoverboard Recall List - United States - Updated February 2017

July 2016 Hoverboard Recall

Hoverboards Recalled: 501,000

Hazard: The lithium ion batteries included in these hoverboards have been deemed dangerous by the CSPC and have a tendency to smoke, catch fire, or possibly explode.

Consumer Contact: All effected consumers should contact the respective companies and request a refund, replacement, or repair.

Injuries Caused: There have been over 99 injuries reported to the CSPC that involve complaints related to the battery packs smoking, overheating, sparking, catching fire, or even exploding that ended up involving an injury.

Hoverboard Recall 2017

Hoverboard Recall United States

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