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Hoverboard Scam

So you think a hoverboard scam can't happen to you and you found a legit seller who "doesn't like" his hoverboard or "got it as a gift?"

That cheap "$200 hoverboard" that you think you're about to get before someone else does is one thing and only one thing: a hoverboard scam!

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Little do you know, but you're about to fall victim to one of the oldest forms of Internet scam there is. You simply CANNOT buy a hoverboard, let alone a high-quality hoverboard like the StreetSaw, for only a couple hundred dollars.

Typical Hoverboard Scams

Still don't believe us? Don't be naive. Here are some red flags that you should look for to spot the hoverboard scam:

  • The seller only accepts non-recourse payment options such as Western Union, MoneyGram, BitCoin, and various others.
  • The seller will not reveal their identity to you.
  • The seller is not incorporated with the state. 
  • The seller is selling their hoverboard on social media only and does not have a website, store, or any other presence.
  • The seller is an individual and selling "new" hoverboards. Individuals sell used after they try things, almost never new.
  • Seller is listing "stock photos" and not pictures of the actual hoverboard.
  • Seller will not send you photos of the actual hoverboard.
  • Seller is on eBay or Amazon. Most cheap units that have been fixed end up on auction sites like eBay.
  • Seller has a poor reputation on eBay or Amazon. Even if they have a good reputation on Amazon, understand that tons of sellers become part of Amazon review networks and buy/swap reviews with each other.

There are ways to avoid falling victim to a hoverboard scam, and we are going to teach you in this guide.

Get Nosey

Ask the seller for their company name. After they tell you the company name, ask if they are incorporated and in which state.

If the seller isn't incorporated, run.

If they say they are, go to that state's Secretary of State website and do a "Business Search" or "Entity Search" to find their company name. If they don't show up, they are probably scamming you.

Don't Be Naive

When a seller is giving you a smoking deal or they're easy to negotiate with, watch out. This means that 100% of what you are paying them is profit and they are probably about to scam you.

Be ESPECIALLY wary when a seller only accepts non-recourse payments such as Western Union, MoneyGram, or BitCoin.

Once you send money through any of these services, consider it GONE. You cannot get this money back and are now at the mercy of the seller, who may or may not (probably won't) send you a hoverboard.

Who the %&*$ Are You?

As this question to the seller and be very direct about it. Think about how hard you worked any what it took you to earn that money, then think about how easily you could prevent being a hoverboard scam victim if you just asked the right questions.

Perform your due diligence properly by asking the following:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you based?
  • Where do your hoverboards come from originally? (The answer is ALWAYS China, none are made in the USA... yet)
  • Will you accept payment into an escrow account?
  • Will you prove your identity to me?

After you gather answers to a few of these questions, start searching around to make sure they are legit.

Personally, I would add them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

By the way, those links go to OUR social media pages, just so you know that we are actually legit! (And we'll happily prove up who we are, come visit our offices in Las Vegas if you like!)

Individuals Sell Used

No individual operating legally is going to sell you a new hoverboard. I don't care what they say.

Either that individual is breaking the law and bypassing taxes, or they are lying about their "new" hoverboards and are about to scam you out of your money.

However, individuals will sell used.

They like to try the boards out first. Some people don't like the hoverboards after they purchase them believe it or not, but they are still sold as used.

If you do run into an individual selling new hoverboards, ask where they got them from. The factories don't like to work with individuals who aren't making large orders.

So if not from the factory, then where did they get the hoverboard from?

Get Real Photos

Anybody can get stock photos of just about any product these days. However, for you to be sure you're not about to fall for a hoverboard scam, you're too smart for this.

This is an example of a hoverboard stock photo:

So, always ask for real photos of the real product, even if it's listed on eBay. Ask the seller if they have the hoverboard in their possession and to send you a picture holding up a newspaper from today or at minimum a picture with their eBay username in it.

Here is an example of a real photo that a seller with a company should be able to send you:

And further, this is a photo of what a real factory or company warehouse looks like:

In conclusion, make sure you know who you're dealing with before buying that cheap hoverboard. Ask yourself:

  • Do they have a warranty?
  • Who will fix my hoverboard if it breaks?
  • Do they have customer support such as email, live chat, or telephone support?
  • Where is their contact address located? 

If your head is spinning already then good. You're realizing that spending that its not a smart idea to buy a hoverboard for under $200, and especially not a good idea to buy a hoverboard for under $100.

Take the safe route, enter our giveaway to win a free hoverboard in the link above, and check out our high-quality hoverboard online store. You won't regret the decision.

We warranty our products, have email and telephone customer support, and our offices are centrally located in Las Vegas, NV near the strip. If you have any questions at all you know where and how to contact StreetSaw.

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