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Heard of a hoverboard? Of course you have! Hoverboards have become a part of our everyday lives whether its a hilarious video on social media or someone using it for convenience (like plowing snow or walking their dog). Technology is here to stay and as our lives get more fast paced, the use of hoverboards will only continue to advance. 

When most of us were growing up we were learning how to ride a bike and we spent our days outside. As technology advances, we have experienced a shift where children are now learning how to ride power wheels and are glued to their devices. As companies like Uber become more popular it only confirms the importance of convenience. 

Hoverboard fever spreads over the world

This excitement is not just limited to the common man. Even celebrities have been recorded with hoverboards. Justin Bieber is apparently a big fan and he has been seen hoverboarding on many occasions recently. We've also seen celebrities being tackled off their hoverboards for refusing to disembark (cough, Wiz Khalifa, cough). Others have been recorded falling off theirs (watch Mike Tyson falling off a hoverboard).

So if you are not already reconciled to hoverboards, it is time you got used to them. Hoverboards are not a trend; they're a reality. You are going to see more hoverboards on the roads in the future, and when lithium-air batteries are further developed, we will begin seeing more mileage from them as well.

Hoverboards are repacing the old and tired bikes and skateboards 

No matter where you go, there will be someone who is talking about them. Some time back, making something like a hoverboard would have been a dream. One only saw them in movies and TV shows, where they were the stuff of science fiction. But now, they are real.

For many, hoverboards (or self balancing scooters) are a dream come true. Most people would have never imagined they would see something like this (hoverboard), for real in their lifetime. Now, hoverboards are also making an entry into pop culture. It is only a matter of time before we see them on movies, TV shows, and other videos.

Convenience - One of the major reasons why people are using hoverboards

Many of our customers have informed us that the hoverboards they've purchased from us have made their lives much easier (read the hoverboard reviews of our DailySaw). The oppoutunites are endless. Can you think of five ways it would make your life easier on a daily basis?

Don't worry, you won't need the fire extinguisher

Many of these low-quality hoverboards come with no-name "Chinese" batteries and have been in the news for blowing up and catching fire. 

These cheap Chinese batteries and chargers are a disaster waiting to happen. The charger on a knockoff hoverboard is not certified in the USA, weight less than half a pound, and lead to many of the fire problems with the "hoverboards".

However, StreetSaw hoverboards come standard with a Samsung/LG hoverboard battery as well as a heavy, certified UL listed hoverboard charger. These two components combined will last longer, are safer, and are higher quality than any knockoff could ever hope to be.

If you want more proof of the quality difference, gather some heart and open up the knockoff hoverboard. You will see the parts have been put together haphazardly and most are put together using hot glue. You will also find other finish issues like badly machined holes and poor quality wires (if it feels greasy to the touch, it's bad quality).

Now that you're aware of the dangers of buying a knock-off hoverboard, we hope you will purchase a high-quality hoverboard from us. We invite you to browse through our hoverboard store and contact us with any questions you may have.

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