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Hoverboards are everywhere - on the streets, inside offices, in schools and colleges, and even inside our homes.

In a short time, hoverboards have become a worldwide phenomenon. It's as if there was a hoverboard invasion. We've seen celebrities and common people alike, using hoverboards to commute.

Some call them self balancing scooters and others know them as hoverboards, but they are the same thing. Whatever you think about them, you must know- hoverboards are here to stay. Get over it already!

Reason #1 - The Hoverboard Craze

Children are crazy about them and many kids actually demanded and got a hoverboard for Christmas and New Year.

Some people own more than one hoverboard and they use them alternatively. And why wouldn't they? All the hoverboards in our store cost less than most of our competitors and we have more models out than them too!

Reason #2 - Sheer Convenience

Hoverboards are also super convenient. Bumpy sidewalks, dirt paths, inclines - StreetSaw hoverboards can tackle all of them. The inflatable tires on our 10 inch StabilitySaw hoverboard ensure higher shock absorption, making the ride that much comfortable.

The StabilitySaw can also carry as much as 265 pounds, making them viable even for people on the heavier side.

Reason #3 - The Short Name of "Hoverboard"

Some people have taken issue with the name 'hoverboard' and they tried to stamp their names on these sleek machines but they didn't succeed. They forgot Shakespeare's immortal words - 'a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'

Now, everyone knows them as 'hoverboards. It was like the time, people tried to rename 'podcasts' as 'netcasts'. While they didn't succeed, they proved that if a name catches public's imagination, nothing can change it. Many are disappointed that hoverboards don't fly (at least, not yet). But that day isn't far either.

Maybe one day in the future we will have really have hoverboards that fly (that is what the name actually meant initially) but we have the next best thing, self balancing scooters that glide on the ground.

Our Conclusion - Hoverboards Will be Ubiquitous

Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot ignore hoverboards. They are here to stay!

They have already invaded your life (you see them everywhere now) and if you stop resisting for a while, you will see how easy it is, to fall in love with them. You may even ditch that plan you had of purchasing a new phone this year and put your money into a hoverboard (buy one here).

We promise you won't regret it.

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