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Hoverboard Frame Replacement

Hoverboard Frame Replacement
Hoverboard Frame Replacement Hoverboard Frame Replacement From Top Hoverboard Frame Replacement From Bottom Hoverboard Frame Replacement Close Up 2016 Hoverboard Frame Replacement 2016 Hoverboard Frame Replacement From Bottom 2016 Hoverboard Frame Replacement From Top Hoverboard Snapped in Half

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Is your hoverboard snapped in half? Get our hoverboard frame replacement made out of high intensity aircraft grade aluminum alloy and replace your broken chassis.

Standard Hoverboard Replacement Frame

Hoverboard Frame Replacement

Our new hoverboard frame will fit 95% of all broken hoverboards that use a standard size frame and covers a wide range of sizes including 6.5" boards, 8" boards, 8.5" off-road boards, and 10" boards.

StreetSaw Hoverboards This Fits

    Other Hoverboard Brands This Definitely Fits

    As mentioned above, this self balancing scooter frame fits about 95% of hoverboards on the market as of 2014, 2015, 2016, and also 2017. The general rule of thumb when determining the fitment of your hoverboard to our replacement frame is that if your frame looks like ours, then it will fit.

    Here is a brief list of the most popular hoverboard brands that our basic self balancing scooter frame will definitely fit. By no means is this list comprehensive, and many models may be missing from it, including yours.

    • AlienBoard (6.5")
    • CHIC (6.5")
    • DriftScooters (6.5")
    • EpikGo (8.5")
    • Glyro (6.5"
    • Halo Rover (8.5")
    • Hoverzon S (6.5")
    • InMotion (6.5")
    • IO Hawk (6.5")
    • Jetson V6 (6.5")
    • Jetson V8 (8.5" Off-Road)
    • Koo (6.5")
    • KooWheel (6.5")
    • KooWheel (8")
    • KooWheel (10")
    • Leray (6.5")
    • MyColor (6.5")
    • Powerboard (6.5")
    • Razor Hovertrax 1.0 (6.5")
    • Skque Original (6.5")
    • Skque Edge (8")
    • Skque Freestyle (10")
    • Smart Balance Wheel (6.5")
    • Smart Balance Wheel (8")
    • Smart Balance Wheel (10")
    • Swagtron T1 (6.5")
    • Swagway X1 (6.5")
    • Vecaro (6.5")

    *Note: If your hoverboard brand or model is not listed above, but your frame looks similar to our standard replacement frame, then it will most likely fit. Additionally, if you could email us with your hoverboard model so we can add it to our list, we would appreciate it!

    Other Hoverboard Brands This MIGHT Fit

    This is a quick list of hoverboards that we are aware of that look like they use the standard hoverboard replacement frame we sell, but we haven't had a chance to open up and look at yet. If you have any of these hoverboards, feel free to send us a picture of your frame and we'll give you the thumbs up or thumbs down.

    • Swagtron T3 (6.5")
    • Swagtron T5 (6.5")

    Models Our Replacement Hoverboard Frame Will NOT Fit

    Just for good measure, I've also decided to write in some of the models of hoverboards that our standard frame will definitely NOT fit. If you have one of these models, then you are best off contacting the manufacturer directly or doing a search on Amazon:

    • Razor Hovertrax 2.0

    How to Repair Broken in Half Hoverboard

    I've made a video of myself properly repairing a hoverboard that was broken in half by replacing its frame. Its a fairly long video so feel free to skip through the sections as needed. If you watch it all the way through, you'll see that its a great step by step guide on how to repair a hoverboard that is broken in half.


    Also Included With The Standard Frame

    • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame with endurance for up to 265 pounds.
    • Rubber activation parts pre-mounted into frame.

    Advanced Hoverboard Frame Fitment

    Replacement Frame for Hoverboards

    In 2016 a new hoverboard model came out that became quite popular. We released this model as the FutureSaw. This model uses a completely different chassis/frame with drastic improvements to its reliability.

    It is important to note that this frame will NOT fit any of the standard frame hoverboards above. It will ONLY fit the models that have the curved architecture and look like the following images (differing wheel size is OKAY):

    FutureSawFutureSaw Pro

    StreetSaw Hoverboards This Fits

    Here is a list of the StreetSaw hoverboard models that this replacement hoverboard frame will fit:

    Other Hoverboard Brands That Fit:

    Here is a short list of models by other brands that we are certain use this new hoverboard frame replacement.

    • Skque The Arrival (6.5", 8", and 10")
    • Skque X1 (6.5", 8", and 10")

    Again, the advanced hoverboard frame replacement is much different than the standard replacement frame. This hoverboard frame has been completely redesigned from the bottom up, and was built to be much stronger.

    With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, the advanced frame outperforms a standard hoverboard frame by as much as 80 pounds. If you're heavier than 220 pounds, you might want to consider buying a FutureSaw hoverboard from us to withstand greater weight.

    Included With Advanced Hoverboard Frame

    • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame with endurance for up to 300 pounds.

    *Note: If you need the towers / gyroscope mounts of the hoverboard frame for 2016 hoverboards, simply contact us. Normally customers do not want or need these parts as they do not break, but if you wish to have these included when you a buy a hoverboard frame from us, we are happy to include them.

    Warranty & Returns

    All of our hoverboards come standard with a manufacturer's warranty against defects - view our product warranty.

    We also offer money back no-strings-attached returns on all of our hoverboards - view our return policy to learn more.

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