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Hoverboard Shell

Hoverboard Shell
Hoverboard Shell Hoverboard Shell

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Replacement Hoverboard Shell

When your hoverboard shell gets all scratched up or cracked, its probably time to get a new one. Choose from one of our many hoverboard shells below and you'll be riding in style once again!

6.5 Inch Hoverboard Shell

Choose a replacement hoverboard shell for 6.5 inch hoverboards is fairly easy and straightforward. Determine the color that you want, and order up.

To disassemble, all you have to do is use a cross screwdriver and unscrew the screws from the bottom of the hoverboard and detach the wires. Make sure not to lose the screws! Once you're done with this, there are 6 screws that connect the hoverboard to the frame. Unscrew those and your hoverboard shell should come apart.

8 Inch Hoverboard Shell

Our 8 inch hoverboard shells come in a variety of colors as well. Choose your color and style, and you're all set.

Disassembly of an 8 inch hoverboard shell is more difficult than a 6.5 inch hoverboard shell, but it can be done with patience and some skill. Remember to disconnect the wires from the 8 inch hoverboard shell when you are doing your hoverboard shell swap.

10 Inch Hoverboard Shell

The 10 inch hoverboard shell replacement is easier than an 8 inch hoverboard shell replacement, but harder than a 6.5 inch hoverboard shell replacement. The reason for this is because there are LED lights on the front and on the back of a 10 inch hoverboard, making reassembly a little bit tougher.

Warranty & Returns

All of our hoverboards come standard with a manufacturer's warranty against defects - view our product warranty.

We also offer money back no-strings-attached returns on all of our hoverboards - view our return policy to learn more.

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