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Hoverboard Replacement Parts for Sale by StreetSaw™

Best Hoverboard Products For Sale

Buy hoverboard replacement parts for sale by StreetSaw™ and repair a hoverboard at home with easy. Nobody knows as much about how to repair a hoverboard that we do, and the hoverboard parts for sale on this page are the exact parts that we use in our certified hoverboard repair center.

Looking for a hoverboard part that isn't listed here? Simply contact us and see if we have it. There are many different hoverboard parts, and not all are compatible with each other.

Hoverboard Parts

We have all of the hoverboard parts for sale here. What you see in the product listing is exactly what you are buying. We do not send "the wrong parts" when an order is placed.

Replacement Hoverboard Chargers

We stock the absolute highest quality replacement hoverboard charger in the market. After all of the worries about fires and hoverboards blowing up, we made it our duty to separately sell the chargers that we included with every hoverboard we sold.

Our hoverboard chargers are UL certified and backed up by tons of paperwork. Your can rest assured that you won't have a fire when you use this UL listed hoverboard charger in conjunction with a UL listed hoverboard battery. We sell both.

Generic Hoverboard Parts

For the most part, all hoverboard parts that look identical are interchangeable. Ensure that your parts have all of the same sockets, clip sizes (narrow is most common, wide is less common), and other cables.

TaoTao Hoverboard Parts

If you have a TaoTao PCB circuitboard setup inside of your hoverboard, then you should only replace these parts with genuine TaoTao parts. TaoTao replacement hoverboard parts are not compatible with other brands.

How to Repair a Broken Hoverboard

Not only do we have replacement hoverboard parts for sale, but we have a YouTube channel where you can watch us repair hoverboards using our own techniques as well.

Hoverboard Repair Manual

We have a hoverboard repair manual that we are working on as well. This manual will be a step-by-step guide on how to diagnose and fix a broken hoverboard. We will release it here as soon as it's finished.

Hoverboard PDF

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