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Adult Hoverboard for Sale

You’ve heard about an adult hoverboard before, right?

You’re secretly interested and who can blame you? The high tech, futuristic nature of the hoverboard naturally lends itself to intrigue.

But honestly - is this cool and hip gadget really for you?

Not only are you an adult with adult responsibilities but you don’t think you have the capacity to even figure out which is the best hoverboard for adults.

That may sound a lot like your story but I have encouraging news.

The hoverboard is right up your ally and it’s a piece of cake once you get the hang of it. Not only is it incredibly fun but it has the potential to simplify your life in boundless ways.

This guide will give you all the dirty details.

What we’ll cover:

  • Are Hoverboards Really Adult Friendly?
  • Top Reasons To Get Into Hoverboarding As An Adult
  • Knowing Your Hoverboard Etiquette
  • Beginner Hoverboard Mistakes To Avoid
  • Finding The Right Hoverboard For You
  • The Top StreetSaw Hoverboards For Adults

Let’s dive in.

Are Hoverboards Adult Friendly?

You may think that hoverboards and adults can’t possibly be a perfect match.

But in reality, they have been an absolute craze for both adults and kids alike. While for a child, it may be considered a plaything, for adults it can be anything from a stress reliever to a mode of personal transport.

The reason why the hoverboard is every bit as enticing to adults as it is to children is that it doesn’t have a high learning curve.

No special skills needed and no super athletic prowess warranted. You can just get on and glide away with ease.

Of course, some practice is useful and will even enhance the riding experience but the impressive technology that governs the hoverboard takes care of the hard work.

Top 6 Reasons To Get Into Hoverboarding As An Adult

Why should you get a hoverboard? For fun and leisure? To get around without the exorbitant transportation costs?

Everybody’s interest in the smartboard may be grounded in different perceived benefits.

But the bottom line is:

It facilitates so many different activities, both productive and leisurely.

Here are the top reasons adults may want to get into hoverboarding:

  1. To save money

When the hoverboard just popped up on the scene, saving money wasn’t necessarily the first agenda on people’s minds.

Convenience, moving from place to place, and pure merry-making was more the order of the day.

But as more people began to jump on the hoverboard train, it shed an intriguing light on just how economical it is to own one of these bad boys.

Think about this:

Traditional modes of transport, like cars and even motorcycles, have huge maintenance costs attached to them.

In addition to the cost of acquiring these vehicles, which oftentimes require a loan, fueling them, as well as footing bills for repairs and maintenance, can be quite a burden.

And for the average person, it is a load that their wallets and their morale don’t stand a chance against.

What the hoverboard has done, is to provide an alternative that is not only cost-effective but durable. Even if you don’t own a vehicle that carries these costs, public transportation fares can rack up pretty high.

Purchase a hoverboard once and that is the only cost.

The perks where savings are concerned to speak for themselves:

  • No maintenance
  • No recurring fees
  • No monthly insurance bills
  • No parts to be changed
  • No storage spaces to construct
  • No joke!

The undeniable conclusion? No other personal transportation device on the market gives that much convenience at such little cost.

  1. Eliminate the inconvenience of traditional transport

The hefty costs of traditional transport are one pain, the inconvenience is another.

A hoverboard will not only chip away at these ridiculous costs but on the many hassles that come with being out and about.

What makes it so useful?

  • It’s portability - The hoverboard is so light and compact that it can easily be carried around in a backpack to be used while on the go. For this reason, It eliminates the need to walk or trod in a traffic-heavy scenario. The result? Travel time is reduced and productivity goes sky high.
  • It’s small and compact size - Like a tiny device, the hoverboard can fit in practically any small space. Within the confines of your home, your work, hallways, corridors - it’s all no feat for the hoverboard. And even better? You can accomplish all this with maximum comfort.
  • It’s a revolutionary technology - Beyond the minute size, the way that the hoverboard works makes it possible to navigate all sorts of spaces and corners. The pirouette ability allows you to use your body to control the wheels in a way that gives great movability.
  1. Crank Away Some Calories

Any device that entices you to be physical is a godsend.

There are many people who live in stagnant lives.

And they don’t notice the harmful effects until their inactivity sends them to the emergency room.

What the hoverboard does is to provide a fun incentive to get up and go.

A thirty-minute session on the hoverboard has been found to be equivalent to a regular workout session. Keeping these movements consistent will have great benefits for maintaining your weight, burning calories, and improving lung capacity and fitness.

A pro tip? Opt for a hoverboard with Bluetooth so you can tune in to some of your favorite jams. Upbeat music can get you fired up to move more and burn more calories.

But there’s more…

Despite being described as a self-balancing board, you still have to use your body to maintain a level of coordination and balance. These movements go a long way to chip away at your core to sculpt a firmer, stronger, and younger-looking torso.

If you take the time to explore the hoverboard and its uses, the health benefits would simply jump out at you.

Beyond it being an effective form of exercise, it is also notably healthier for the environment than any other automobile.

As it’s battery operated and rechargeable, you can expect zero-emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere. The result is that the air that you breathe remains pure and overall public health is protected.

  1. Bond with your children

There’s no better family activity than hoverboard riding.

At times, it can be quite cumbersome to find an activity that every member of the family can enjoy.

After all, children and adults almost always have entirely different interests.

Not this time.

The hoverboard is no doubt universally fun.

Children love it. Adults love it. Even your pets will be intrigued by it.

So if you’re looking for a way for the whole family to bond and have a good time, this is an excellent choice.

There are hoverboards to fit every style and personality. Everyone can have their pick from:

There is also a range of features that you can choose from including:

  • Bluetooth
  • Off-road capability
  • LED lights
  • Balance indicators
  • Speed sensors
  • Power status indicators
  • Remote to control the direction

The options abound. You can’t go wrong either direction that you go.

  1. Get An Escape

Don’t you wish you can just check out of the humdrum of life every once in a while?

To enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation?

Relieve all the stress so you can rejuvenate and start afresh?

Most people who work a 9-5 dream of fancy vacations. We desperately work towards that one - or two weeks at most - where we get to be completely free.

But what if I told you that you can take a mini-vacation, every single day, for several minutes?

Because that’s the opportunity of the hoverboard.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats bathing in Caribbean seas or chasing European sunsets.

But if you’re bogged down by stress in your day-to-day, a daily escape can go a long way to keep your spirits up. The hoverboard for adults is particularly therapeutic and it’s way cheaper than that coveted overseas vacation.

Getaways no longer have to be a once-a-year event when you own a hoverboard, it can be every single day.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I knew how to do x?”

Most of us have that desire to pick up new skills and acquire new knowledge. That desire stems from knowing the sheer satisfaction that it would have and the resulting impact on our lives.

Beyond the benefits, you know that when you do accomplish your goal, the accompanying feeling is downright euphoric.

Learning a new skill - and science backs this up - is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

While hoverboard riding is quite simple to master, it can take some getting used to. It requires smart body movements, near-perfect coordination, and a decent level of fitness to really amplify the experience.

Once you do get to that point, it’s smooth sailing from there and these feel-good emotions that often come with accomplishment will flood your mind and body.

So, are you up to the challenge? Refine your hoverboard riding skills and skyrocket your fitness.

You’ll be riding on cloud nine in no time.

Knowing Your Hoverboard Etiquette

What people should or shouldn’t do on their hoverboards have been a source of ceaseless debate.

Since hoverboards are legally a form of transportation, there are some things that are a complete no-no, particularly when you’re riding in a public place.

Both hoverboard riders and none riders alike can agree that there are specific rules - formal and informal - that should govern this new gadget.

Here’s how you can get a solid grip on your hoverboard etiquette:

  1. Know the laws of the land

As surprising as this fact may come, there’s the actual legislation that governs the use of hoverboards. And as with many laws, if they are violated, you can be fined.

Why should this fun experience be legislated?

It may have something to do with the occasional hoverboard accident. Some people have landed themselves in the emergency room for their lack of safety gear and others have found themselves in the middle of a fire.

Yes, there are some faulty brands with defective batteries that cause fires. And if you happen to find yourself victim to their pervasive marketing ploys, an explosion may be the result.

For this reason, many countries have even banned the use of hoverboards. They’re either illegal in the entire country or prohibited in a specific place. For example, many college campuses have banned them.

To remain on the safe side, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the particular rules set for where you reside or where you’re planning on riding.

Hoverboards are ridiculously fun but fun enough to be fined? We don’t think so.

  1. Be mindful of pedestrians

If your ultimate agenda is to use the hoverboard as a mode of transport, it is particularly important that you’re always aware of your surroundings.

And that includes pedestrians.

There’s no set riding path as it will depend on what the scene is like. Survey your surrounding and stay away from:

  • Streets that are loaded with vehicles
  • Footpaths that are crowded with people
  • Bicycle paths that are very busy
  • Any public areas that are heavily trafficked

You’re thinking that this doesn’t leave you with many options but it depends on where you’re riding.

  1. Gear up

This is the only non-negotiable condition of riding a hoverboard.

Broken bones and bruises aren’t fun, particularly for adults. Whether you’re a pro rider or a newbie, safety wearables are absolute.

You probably wouldn’t go cycling or skateboarding without the necessary gear so we encourage the same mindfulness when riding your hoverboard. You can go full throttle and cushion yourself from head to toe but a helmet and knee pads will do the trick.

These precautions will not only keep you safe but give you the leeway to experiment and really have fun on your hoverboard.

Because that’s the goal, right?

  1. Be social with it