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[Comparison] DailySaw vs FutureSaw - What is the Difference?

A customer had recently asked us what is the difference is between our DailySaw and FutureSaw hoverboards. We decided that it would be a good idea to copy down a lot of the questions and answers here.

Q: What's the difference between the dailysaw and futuresaw?
A:Massive differences! The FutureSaw is the newest, latest technology and includes dual high definition bluetooth speakers. Also, the FutureSaw has external tires, so not as much can get stuck inside, like hair, grass, etc.

Q: So we have 2 boy ages 9 & 11 we are buying each 1 for their birthdays. It gets kind of pricy and they will be using on pavement near and around our home. Can you give me any advice that could help me decide?
A: Ah how much do they weigh? The DailySaw has a minimum weight of 44 pounds, but the FutureSaw has a new foot sensor technology that is much safer. I could show you pictures if you want the technical explanation.

Q: 44 lbs?? I thought I read 265 lbs
A: Haha, please read what I wrote again. I said MINIMUM weight. You're thinking MAXIMUM.

Q: Oh! 9yr old is 60 and 11 yr old is 130
A: Ah okay, the DailySaw might be a little bit shaky for the 9yr old because he is near the minimum weight, but the 11yr old is a great weight for any of our models.

Q: I'd be interested in seeing the info on the new tech for the futuresaw.
A: Okay, I will send you some photos that you can see. Hold tight... I will send you DailySaw technology first...

Hoverboard Foot Sensor Photo 1

Hoverboard Gyroscope developed in 2014

Hoverboard Foot Sensor Photo 2

Hoverboard Foot Sensor from 2014

The rubber pieces are underneath the footpad and go into an infrared light sensor (similar to a garage door beam) when stepped on. Then the hoverboard balancing effect is activated.

Now I will show you the FutureSaw new foot sensor technology.

2016 Hoverboard Foot Sensor Photo 1

Hoverboard 2016 Foot Sensors

2016 Hoverboard Foot Sensor Photo 1

2016 Hoverboard Foot Sensor Side View

The new foot sensor is more like a light switch (sorry it appears to be upside down for some reason). When the foot is on top of this, it clicks on and off instantly.
How Are The FutureSaw Foot Sensors Better?

  1. Its smaller
  2. Its more instant
  3. It has lower minimum weight of 24 pounds
  4. The board won't shake/shudder for riders who are near the minimum
  5. There are 2 new sensors under the foot pad
  6. They are more centrally located under the foot pad.

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