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You may have been searching "hoverboard repair service near me," but why hassle with having to drive to a store when you can just slap a label on your hoverboard and send it into our hoverboard repair shop?

Sure, there's a few garage mechanics out there, who work out of their home, but are you certain that they know what they're doing? Are you certain that they have the necessary hoverboard repair parts? Not only do we work out of our store, but we also have almost all necessary hoverboard repair parts to fix a hoverboard!

If your hoverboard is broken, and you have nowhere to take it, then we are your best solution! Live in a rural area? Send your broken hoverboard into the StreetSaw Las Vegas hoverboard repair shop and get it back in tip-top shape!

We Fix Broken Hoverboards in Canada and USA

Living in a place where there's no hoverboard repair shop isn't a burden when you have us to fix everything for you. We do hoverboard repair in Canada and the USA as well.

Canada Hoverboard Repair

For Canada hoverboard repair, all you'll have to do is remove the battery from your hoverboard before sending to us (so UPS, or the Canadian Post will accept it). We have plenty of batteries for hoverboards in our repair shop just like yours, so after testing it using our own battery, we'll ship it back to you fully repaired.

USA Hoverboard Repair

For our USA clients with a broken hoverboard, removing the battery isn't necessary. However, you must be mindful of the shipping methods available to you for sending us your broken hoverboard. We strongly suggest using UPS Ground to ship your hoverboard. This method is the only tried and true way to ship your hoverboard into us for repair without it getting stopped due to the hazardous lithium-ion battery.

What We Fix With This Hoverboard Repair Service

With our flat rate hoverboard repair service we will fix everything that is mechanically wrong with your hoverboard. Here are some examples of what is covered:

  • Hoverboard Won't Balance
  • Hoverboard Charger Has Green Light But Hoverboard Is Dead
  • Hoverboard Won't Shut Off
  • Hoverboard Won't Turn On
  • Hoverboard Snapped in Half
  • Blue Light Stuck on Hoverboard
  • Hoverboard Jumping, Going Crazy
  • Hoverboard Foot Pad Won't Recognize Feet
  • Hoverboard LED Lights Broken

Aesthetics such as scratches, marks, rubs, stickers, etc are not covered under our flat rate hoverboard repair service, nor are UL certified hoverboard batteries.

Placing Your Order

To place your hoverboard repair order, simply add this product/service to your cart and checkout. Once you have checked out, print off your receipt and place it inside your hoverboard box. Then, mail us your hoverboard. We'll receive the order as soon as you place it, and will be expecting your broken hoverboard. Once we receive the hoverboard, we'll match it up to our orders based on the included receipt, and then we will fix your hoverboard.

Important: Please ship the hoverboard to us in the cardboard box with all of the foam. If you don't have it anymore, then please contact us or package it up at the nearest retail postal service store.

Return Shipping

For return shipping, we will happily use your UPS (or FedEx) account number. If you do not have one, then we will only charge you actual shipping costs for the return shipment of your fully repaired hoverboard.

Any questions regarding our hoverboard repair service, just contact StreetSaw Hoverboard support.

Warranty & Returns

All of our hoverboards come standard with a manufacturer's warranty against defects - view our product warranty.

We also offer money back no-strings-attached returns on all of our hoverboards - view our return policy to learn more.

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