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8-Inch Hoverboards with Bluetooth for Sale by StreetSaw™

Best Hoverboard Products For Sale

Finding 8-inch hoverboards with bluetooth for sale has become more challenging than people ever thought it would. With the all-out hoverboard ban in early 2016, the many stockpiles of new 8-inch hoverboards for sale quickly dried up.

The 8-inch hoverboards for sale by StreetSaw are found below. Some of our 8-inch hoverboards with LED lights and bluetooth are sold out from time to time, but we do our best to keep them in stock.

These hoverboards are much flashier than the 6.5 inch hoverboards for sale on our site. Our best 8-inch hoverboard, the "AlienSaw," feature strobing LED lights with bluetooth syncing audio from your iPhone or Android to the speakers underneath the hoverboard itself. Additionally, the AlienSaw has an optional SawLink™ remote control will stop thieves from riding away on your hoverboard.

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