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SawLink™ Hoverboard Remote Control by StreetSaw™

SawLink™ Hoverboard Remote Control by StreetSaw™
SawLink™ Hoverboard Remote Control by StreetSaw™ SawLink™ Hoverboard Remote Control by StreetSaw™ SawLink™ Hoverboard Remote Control by StreetSaw™ SawLink™ Hoverboard Remote Control by StreetSaw™

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Tired of your friends taking your hoverboard while you've stepped away from it? Or perhaps you've lost your original hoverboard remote control?

Hoverboard Remote Control

Our SawLink™ hoverboard remote key is also programmed to be cross-compatible with most hoverboards that function with a remote control.

Not sure if your hoverboard is compatible with a remote control?

The easiest way to tell if your hoverboard works with a remote control is to open it up. All you'll need in order to open your hoverboard is a philips head screwdriver. For a more in-depth tutorial, go to our page about how to open a hoverboard.

How to Add a Hoverboard Remote Key to Any Hoverboard

Adding a remote key for hoverboard is fairly easy and straightforward. Would we like to do the work for you? Sure! Can you do it yourself? More than likely.

To add a remote key for hoverboards, you'll just need to buy one part in addition to this, a hoverboard gyroscope with antenna for remote key. Once you've purchased this, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open the hoverboard (see link above).
  2. Disconnect the battery by pulling apart the yellow adapter.
  3. Disconnect all wires leading to the gyroscope on ONE side of the hoverboard.
  4. Unscrew the gyroscope (not the black casing / bridge that its mounted on) and remote it.
  5. Replace the gyroscope that you've just removed with the hoverboard gyroscope with the antennal for a remote key that we mentioned above.
  6. Reconnect all of the wires leading to the gyroscope.
  7. Reconnect the battery.
  8. Put the hoverboard shell back together by screwing it all back in.
  9. Now your hoverboard is remote ready! All you need now is a the SawLink remote control for hoverboards.

How Does a Hoverboard Remote Work?

The SawLink™ hoverboard remote / key allows you to do many things with your hoverboard that you would normally have to bend over to do, or couldn't perform at all.

For example, to lock your hoverboard's functions while it is on so nobody else can ride it. Your hoverboard will still play bluetooth music while it is locked, and you also won't have to bend down to turn it back on when you want to ride it.

Just pull our your SawLink™ remote, unlock your hoverboard, and you're ready to ride again!

How to Use Hoverboard Remote Control

Here is an easy to understand image with hoverboard remote control instructions overlaid onto it.

hoverboard remote key instructions

  1. The remote has a bell on it, which can turn beeping sound off at higher speeds.
  2. The remote has lightning symbol on it, which can control the regular mode vs training mode.
  3. The remote has a lock button which will lock / turn off the hoverboard so it cannot be ridden.
  4. The remote has an unlock button which will turn on the hoverboard again so it can be used.

Warranty & Returns

All of our hoverboards come standard with a manufacturer's warranty against defects - view our product warranty.

We also offer money back no-strings-attached returns on all of our hoverboards - view our return policy to learn more.

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