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Wholesale Hoverboard Parts

WholeSale Hoverboards & Parts

StreetSaw hoverboards, hoverboard parts, and hoverboard accessories are sold all over the world. Now, you can purchase our great products at wholesale with excellent prices, all while taking advantage of everything StreetSaw Hoverboards has to offer. 

Whether you own a store, retail company or simply supply products to the trade, we can’t be beat for the quality and service that we offer. Order wholesale hoverboards, wholesale hoverboard parts, carrying bags, batteries (Samsung, UL, etc), hoverboard chargers, and much more directly through our website.

Payment Methods Accepted for Bulk Order

Unlike ordering from other wholesale hoverboard websites, or directly from China, we accept all normal methods of payment that we do for our retail customers. This includes credit card, PayPal, Amazon, and more.

If your order is over $1,500, we simply pass a 3% credit card fee to you for those services. To avoid these fees, we will also accept wire transfer, bank deposit, and BitCoin at no extra charge.

Minimum Order Requirements

Wholesale Hoverboards

A 3 pc order minimum is required for tier 1 wholesale pricing on hoverboards.

Wholesale Parts & Repair

A 1 pc order minimum is required for tier 1 parts pricing. This is very low in comparison to what others require, and we are happy to help your business grow from these early beginnings, as well as when you're placing larger orders.

Further discounts are provided to orders above $1000, with another discount break at $2000.

After Sales Support

In addition to our wholesale parts pricing, we can also provide after sales support to you for your wholesale hoverboard sales. If you are running a business where you require your customers to contact us for support, please let us know so we may discuss your options.

Current Wholesale Hoverboard Customers

If you're a returning wholesale hoverboards customer, welcome back! Just login to our site to gain private access to our wholesale pricing on hoverboards and accessories.

New Wholesale Hoverboard Customers

Request access to our online wholesale pricing by following these simple steps:

  1. Register an account on our website.
  2. Fill out the contact form below with the name you opened the account with, the purpose you intent purchasing wholesale for, your company name and website (if applicable), and the amount of purchases you expect to make in the next 3 months. 

You may also be interested in our hoverboard affiliate program, where you don't have to keep any inventory, but you earn unlimited revenue just for adding our links to your website, blog, and social media. 

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