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Red Hoverboard for Sale

Red hoverboard is a favorite color by many enthusiasts and also one of the most commonly produced hover board colors and is a popular color among both boys and girls. You may also want to buy red hoverboard accessories from us as we keep them in stock as well. Each model listed below is available in red.

Red Hoverboard

You’ve probably been hearing more chatter about the red hoverboard than you care to absorb, right?

I get it.

There’s a lot of talk out there and sometimes it can be difficult to sift through all the noise.

What’s so special about this tiny, two-wheeled device anyway?

Truth is, the appeal is different for each individual.

Some people are simply enchanted by anything that offers mobility - cars, motorcycles, trains, trucks.

And now, the hoverboard is just another object of their infatuation with anything on wheels.

For others, it’s the irrefutable cool factor. The hoverboard packs so much enjoyment in every square inch of it’s small frame and they’re hooked on the possibilities for adventure.

But for most, it’s the combination of possibility and practicality that draw them in. The usefulness of the red hoverboard is palpable and they want it to be a daily part of their lives.

Is this fixation with the hoverboard justified? 

We’ll lay the case and let you be the judge.

Let’s get started.

The Hoverboard: A Brief History

It’s a bit strange, isn’t it?

The true origin of the hoverboard is unclear and has caused quite a bit of confusion over the past two years.

Many factories, companies, and individuals have laid claim to the invention of the self balancing scooter.

However, the accepted narrative is that the gadget’s first appearance was at a trade show in China. The hyperactive nature of the Chinese manufacturing industry makes it particularly challenging to get a fix on who the parent company actually is.

The wonderful news about the elusive history of the hoverboard?

No single entity has a monopoly on the technology. This means that several brands, models, and variations of the hoverboard can be introduced into the market.

Who does this diversity benefit? The user.

You now have more options and features to cater to your specific needs, whether it be efficient personalized transport or a mere joyride.

Brands are refining their technology with time and are continuing to release their own versions of what they think the ideal hoverboard should be.

Here at StreetSaw, we offer an assortment of colors and variations of the hoverboard.

These include:

But There’s Just Something About Red …

Our red hoverboards are some of the best selling models for a reason.

Red represents energy, passion, and above all, it inspires people to take action. All these characteristics are the very essence of what the hoverboard riding experience is. It’s a high-energy, action-infused, activity that everyone just wants to be a part of. 

It is believed that red awakens our physical life force. So naturally, when it comes to choosing their ideal hoverboard, most gravitate towards this rich color.

But it’s more than just the color red.

It’s what can be done on the hoverboard that seduces people. Personal commute, routine work, exercise - not many activities are out of the reach of this smart board.

In addition to the familiar functions of the hoverboard, it can be made even more handy with a number of accessories.

The Top 6 Accessories For The Red Hoverboard

Beyond question, a typical hoverboard is a powerful device in its simple and unadorned form.

However, many people are delighted at the prospect of being able to give added functionality and personality to their hoverboards.

It is for this reason that the niche market of hoverboard accessories has expanded as much as it has.

Here are the top six accessories for your hoverboard:

  1. Hoverboard Kart

Hoverboard Kart

This attachment is a simple but genius concept. It transforms the two-wheeled hoverboard into a three-wheeled go kart. With this attachment, the hoverboard can be ridden from a sitting position. It also has handlebars which act as a manual control for the newly formed Hoverboard Kart. It is particularly suitable for children as it eliminates all the difficulties that a regular hoverboard may pose for younger riders.

All these features come at no hindrance to the normal functioning of the hoverboard. There’s no excess bulk, no friction, and no hassle. The hoverboard, in conjunction with the kart attachment, can still travel at its maximum speed and with all its turning capabilities. The third wheel of the kart attachment makes the riding process even smoother than a regular hoverboard, as you no longer have to worry about maintaining balance.

  1. Hoverboard Carrying Bag

Hoverboard Carrying Bag

Perhaps one the most satisfying features of the hoverboard is its compact size and consequent portability. Whatever the size of your hoverboard, you can get a durable carrying case for the moments where you want to be out and about.

While hoverboards typically weigh just over 20 pounds, they can be quite an inconvenience to haul long distances without a carrying bag. You can get a bag that is very lightweight so it doesn’t add any extra bulk.

  1. Hoverboard Remote Control 

A hoverboard remote grants you the ability to control various features on the board from a distance. Instead of having to physically reach down to toggle certain controls, you can do so from wherever you stand.

Bare in mind that not all hoverboards are compatible with remote control. However, if you do have one that is compatible, it will work seamlessly with the remote control. The process for adding a remote key to your hoverboard is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical expertise.

  1. Hoverboard Cover

Red Hoverboard Cover

Looking for a stylish and protective layer for your hoverboard? You can opt for a cover that is crafted from genuine leather. A hoverboard is a costly investment and you don’t want its sleek shell to be scratched, bruised, or damaged in any fashion.

The hoverboard cover is a simple solution with a sophisticated look. With a basic hook and loop system, your cover can be attached in a matter of seconds and it doesn’t come off without a fight.

They also come in a range of colors that you can choose from.

Want a monochromatic look? Opt for a color that is consistent with the base color of your hoverboard.

Does a color scheme with high contrast appeal to you more? There are options to get that look as well.

  1. Custom Hoverboard Vinyl Wrap

It’s not unusual for people to request custom hoverboard skins. Vinyl wraps are what make that level of customization possible. With a hoverboard order from StreetSaw, you can have a colorful display that is suited to your personal style.

If you have a specific theme or pattern in mind, you have the creative license to go for whatever pleases you.

Durability? Check.

These wraps are cut from premium vinyl that can withstand both indoor and outdoor use. 

  1. Hoverboard Handle Control

Disenchanted by the fact that you don’t have anything to hang onto when riding the hoverboard? 

Well, here’s a foolproof way to instantly eliminate that problem.

Getting used to the hands-free operation of the hoverboard can take some time and practice. In the interim, you can opt for a hand control to ease the process. It’s an adjustable stick that you can attach to your hoverboard for added support, balance, and control.  

So there you have it - the leading accessories that can be used to take your hoverboard game up a couple notches.

Beyond the ability to accessorize their hoverboards, what has the most influence on the choices that users make is the safety features that come built into the device.

Investing in external precautions like safety gears is one thing, but our users like to know that their well-being was taken into consideration from the conceptualization of the product. 

The red hoverboard is an exemplary representation of that.

Safety Has Never Been This Sleek

The hoverboards that land themselves on the top of the most wanted list are those that have safety mechanisms incorporated into their design.

Here are some of the features that make riding the hoverboard a more secure experience:

  1. Power Status Indicator

It’s easy to get sidetracked when riding the hoverboard. You wander too far off and it’s way too late before you realize that you do not have enough power to complete your journey. That is a real possibility that many hoverboard riders do not want to confront.

Let’s imagine that you’re riding your board uphill or on turf that’s particularly tricky to navigate. Running out of battery power at that point can have disastrous consequences.

The power status indicator is designed to prevent any mishaps from occurring. The feature alerts riders when the battery of the hoverboard drops below a certain level. This way, there are no undesired surprises.

  1. Speed Indicator

This is another alert feature that notifies riders when they’re moving above a certain speed limit. This minimizes the risk of any hazards that may arise  from moving at high speeds.

Users can set the speed limit in accordance with what they’re comfortable with. Whether you choose to have this feature on or not, extreme speeding is seldom a good idea particularly in busy areas. 

  1. LED Lights

LED lights may appear to be a superficial feature that is there only to enhance the aesthetics of the hoverboard.

In actuality, these dual, front-facing lights enable riders to see what’s in front of their boards. This is particularly useful at night time or in areas of low visibility.

So, while the lights do add to the board’s modern mystic, it is there to give that extra bit of assurance to users.

  1. Samsung Battery Pack

The hoverboard’s battery is one of its most critical components - without it, the board would be inoperative.

But, a defective battery is a far worse problem to have to deal with. Substandard batteries are prone to overheating which makes an already volatile substance even more prone to combustion. This is why our hoverboards come with premium lithium ion batteries from Samsung that offer the right balance of power and safety. 

  1. Durable Non-Slip Tires and Casing

The hoverboard comes with sturdy tires that can endure any terrain, as well as frequent use, without the wear and tear. The non-slip element gives the tires enough traction to prevent slithering or any loss of balance.

It’s also highly unlikely that you’d have to replace your tires or go through any additional maintenance after the initial purchase. The casing is made of durable materials which serve to cushion the interior components of the hoverboard to prevent cracking and other damages. 

  1. UL 2272 Certification

This new protection standard for the hoverboard was recently introduced by The Underwriters Laboratories (UL). All hoverboard manufacturers and retailers must abide by this new certification as it addresses some of the common and controversial hazards that have been brought to light.

Note that a UL certification does not cover any physical risk of accidents that can happen while riding the hoverboard. Rather, it covers issues with the electrical system including the batteries and charging ports.

  1. Weight Limits + Excellent Weight Support

Most authentic hoverboards that are available on the market are designed to provide sturdy weight support without compromising on the speed capabilities of the unit. It's noteworthy to mention that they can withstand an impressive weight that averages  100 -120 kgs.

Due to the self-balancing technology of the board, it is important to stay within or well below the weight limit so as to provide the optimum experience. Your board will not stop working if you eclipse its capacity but it won’t glide as smoothly.

  1. Pirouette Capability

Another preeminent aspect where safety is concerned, is the turning capabilities of the hoverboard. The pirouette capability allows the user to turn the hoverboard to the full extent of 360 degrees while staying grounded in a single position.

For a skilled rider, all this can be achieved without losing balance or getting hurt. This is because the wheels of the hoverboards are designed with highly sensitive sensors which respond to the slightest of foot movements. Therefore, by applying your weight to one side of the hoverboard, you are able to turn fully and maneuver curbs without a loss of balance.

You’d be hard pressed to find one hoverboard rider who didn’t think that their safety was an issue of paramount importance. While your specific board may not have every single safety mechanism, it should have at least one or two key features. 

Whether you’re purchasing a board for your personal use or as a gift for someone else, ensure that you select a brand that does not skimp on the necessary safety measures.

In The Spirit Of Gift Giving? The Red Hoverboard Is The Perfect Gift. 

Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions would be incomplete without the warmth and excitement of gift giving.

If you’re looking for a real show stopper of a present for a friend, a child, or any other loved one, this is your best chance at leaving a memorable impression.

You may get a range of reactions, ranging from surprise to sheer exuberance, but disappointment won’t be one of them.

Hoverboards have a proven track record of being the choicest gift particularly for children. This is evidenced by the massive influx of sales that we get around christmas time.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Gift Your Child A Red Hoverboard

  1. To Increase Their Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are those which require full body movement. They involve the use of large muscles which are extremely important for regular functions such as walking and sitting in an upright manner. 

How does a hoverboard improve these motor skills?

Well, a large part of that development process for children is about understanding the full capabilities of their bodies. The hoverboard utilizes body movements to influence balance and coordination in order to ride the board without falling to the ground. It happens that balance and coordination are two of the main building blocks of gross motor skills. 

Some of the other elements that the hoverboard can help to refine in children are:

  • Muscular strength and endurance in the core
  • Postural control
  • Body awareness
  • Motor planning and learning

All these in turn help to improve the overall health and development of the child. These gross motor skills are also transferred to areas like sports and other extracurricular activities.

  1. To Improve Their Social Skills

In an increasingly computerized world, children are more likely to stay indoors to watch TV or play video games. They do so at the expense of going outside to interact with others or with their environment.

Staying indoors for long periods of time has been proven to increase aggression and crankiness in children and adults alike.

The hoverboard serves as a great incentive for young ones to get up and get moving. It gets them enthusiastic about being physical which leads to greater blood flow and stimuli to the brain.

Beyond increasing their athletic prowess, they are more likely to be social when they’re outdoors. In addition, social skills improve when children are in positive moods.

  1. To Enhance Their Creativity

It is believed that children are innately creative and do not require much to bring out that resourcefulness.

That is not entirely the case.

While some children are born with a certain creative flare, for the most part, creativity must also be fostered. It is as much of a learned skill as it is an inherent talent.

Performing different tricks on their hoverboards as well as using it for various tasks around the home allows them to develop that core creative skill set which is important for improving intelligence.

Creative thinkers are better problem solvers. In providing that key resource that children can use for imaginative play, you are setting them up to be solution oriented thinkers.

  1. To Encourage Independence

While it is advised to supervise very young children while they’re riding their hoverboards, it is still an activity that pushes them to be independent.

They can be encouraged to visit their friends, walk their pets,  and embark on short errands so they can lose some of their dependence.

It may be a gradual process but your child will get to the point where they’re able to ride solo and do so safely.

  1. For Greater Mental Agility

The hoverboard exercises the mind as much as it does the body. Balancing and controlling the board without stumbling requires extreme concentration. This increased focus leads to improved cognitive function.

Any activity which requires an astute level of thinking will have the effect of sharpening the brain’s sensory processors and cognitive skills. Children need that sort of stimulus on a regular basis to have healthy minds.

  1. To Nurture Responsibility

There’s no better way to teach your children to be responsible than to have them engage in an activity that requires specific action on their part to stay safe.

Apart from learning to take care of their hoverboards, they’ll also pick up on the importance of implementing precautionary measures when faced with hazards.

  1. For Greater Fulfillment In Their Daily Lives

Hoverboards are a simple way for children to be their lively and boisterous selves. It is something that they can do with their friends and other members of the family, all while having an absolute blast.

The benefits that hoverboards have on children range from physical to intellectual which makes it the ideal gift. All that’s left to do is ensure that they know how to ride their hoverboards safely.

A Simple No-Fail Hoverboard Riding Guide

The hoverboard is exceedingly easy to ride for most people.

If you’re a first time rider, you may have a slightly steeper learning curve before you get used to the board. But, your skills can be perfected in no time at all.

For absolute beginners, here are some hoverboard riding tips that will allow for a smooth, painless transition from amateur to pro rider:

  1. Riding Prep

Before getting started on the hoverboard, there are a few things that you should do in preparation.

Here are the pre-riding steps:

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly. It may have specific instructions for your particular hoverboard model.
  • Ensure that your hoverboard is fully charged. If the board loses all its charge while you’re on it, you’d be putting yourself at unnecessary risk.
  • Decide where you’ll be riding. This should preferably be a smooth surface with no hindrances in sight.
  • Some hoverboards have a “learner/beginner” mode. Put yours on if you have that function. It may restrict your speed to help you gain better control of the board in the beginning and can always be switched off when it’s no longer useful.
  • Get all your safety gears like your helmet, kneepads, and elbow guards prepped and ready to use.
  • Wear the type of shoes and clothing that will allow for maximum movement. You don’t want any friction from what you have on to impede the process.
  • Calibrate your hoverboard. This is done by lifting the wheels up and pressing your hands on the foot pad. If the wheel spins steadily without shaking, the board is calibrated and ready to use.
  1. Getting Started

Your first encounter with the hoverboard will be the most important. It will include how you get onto the board as well as how you use your body to start on a solid footing.

Tips for getting started:

  • Get the support of something sturdy while getting onto the board. A pillar or a wall will do just fine.
  • Conduct a simple test to determine your dominant foot. Try standing on one leg when you’re on ground to see which foot has the most strength and will give you the best stability when riding. Once you’ve determined which foot that is, use it to mount the board.
  • Step onto the board with as wide a stance as possible. This will give you a more centred position and greater balance.
  • Make sure that when you first get started, you do not add any additional weights to your body. Keep your hands free so they can be extended to aid with balance.
  • Position your hoverboard parallel to the ground. Ensure that it is not tilted when getting on.
  1. Simple Movements On The Board

After you’ve laid the groundwork and gotten onto your board, you can now think about going in different directions and start having some fun with your movements.

Tips for perfecting basic movements on your hoverboard:

  • Leave your board in a horizontal position and sway from side to side. Practice this for a while until you master maintaining your balance with this simple movement.
  • Learn to move forward and backwards by leaning in the direction that you’d like to go. Lean your weight towards the front to go forward and vice versa. Do not lean too drastically in one direction because the speed of the board will increase beyond your control.
  1. Twists and Turns

While twists, turns, and spins are a bit more complicated than linear movements, they  are still relatively easy to achieve.

Tips for turning on your red hoverboard:

  • You can turn by pushing on the foot which is opposite to the direction that you’d like to go. To turn left, push down on the right foot. The opposite applies for turning right.
  • Leaning your weight in the direction that you’d like to go is also an easy way of turning. Concentrate your weight to the left to move left. Lean right to move to the right.
  1. Maneuvering Inclines

If you’re a particularly dexterous rider, you can climb curbs and inclines between 1-3 inches tall with your hoverboard.

Tips for climbing elevated surfaces: 

  • Roll your board one foot at a time over the incline. Use your dominant foot for the first step over the top. Once you’ve gotten one foot up, realign the hoverboard to a 180 degree angle and proceed to move the next foot.
  • You can also climb an incline by approaching it with speed and pushing your chest forward. The speed is necessary for building momentum and the chest thrust will give you the force to get over the incline.
  1. Advanced Tricks

After you’ve gotten comfortable with doing simple movements and tricks, you can graduate to the slightly more complex and infinitely more fun moves.

Tips for advanced movements on the hoverboard:

  • Try doing the 180 maneuver. To achieve this, you need to first be moving. While in motion, push your feet opposite each other.
  • Try a 360 spin by basically doing two 180 degrees in succession of each other. As soon as you complete the first 180, lean back to gather momentum for the second.
  1. Getting Off Your Hoverboard

You may think that getting off your hoverboard would be the least of your worries.

But in fact, if you get off the wrong way, you can seriously injure yourself.

Tips for dismounting your hoverboard safely:

  • Don’t panic if you’re not moving as smoothly as you’d like. Any fright or hysteria will cause you to jump forward rather than getting off the safe way. The result would be more catastrophic than pleasant.
  • To get off your hoverboard, come to a gradual stop and use your dominant foot to step backward. When you step back to disembark, you’re saving yourself the risk of losing balance and crashing to the ground.

Wrapping It Up

Ever feel like the things that you really want always seem to be out of your reach?

That no matter how quickly you try to get your foot into the door of something great, you’re just not quick enough?

Well, that feeling ends now.

The hoverboard is one the few inventions that is waiting and beckoning for you to experience all that it has to offer. With evidence that the technology is only getting better, right now is the ideal moment to tap into the sheer genius of this self balancing board.

It is one of the most useful gadgets to be ushered into the twenty first century and it is within your reach.

When you’re ready to be floored, our red hoverboard is a great place to start. It makes for an excellent holiday gift for children, adults, and anyone who’s in the business of merrymaking.

Now, go back to the top of the page and choose yours!

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