There are so many brands of hoverboards out there it can be difficult to choose the right one. As much as we say that we're the best in the business, we'd rather let our customers do the talking for us than to toot our own horns.

StreetSaw Hoverboard Reviews

You can already see what our customers have to say about us on our website, and even further by reading the StreetSaw Hoverboards review our customers have left us. However, have you seen what people have to say about the "other guys" who have hoverboards for sale?

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Competitor Brand Reviews

We won't say much about the other hoverboard sellers out there. What we'll do instead is show you the reviews of other hoverboard brands that people have either left on the internet, or sent us personally.

Hoverboard Companies with Recalls

There have been many recalls related to hoverboards; this is a brief list of them. You may also be interested in reading our more comprehensive United States hoverboard recall list.

  • Hover-Way by Digital Gardens LLC
  • Powerboard by Hoverboard LLC
  • Hype Roam by Hype Wireless
  • iMoto by Keenford Ltd
  • AirWalk by PTX Performance Products USA
  • Hovertrax by Razor USA LLC
  • Swagway X1 by Swagway LLC
  • Wheeli, 2Wheelz, Back to the Future, Mobile Tech, Hover Shark, NWS, X Glider, and X Rider by Yuka Clothing
  • Orbit by Boscov's
  • All hoverboards sold by Review


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