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Hoverboards may be banned on some city roads but that hasn't stopped people from using hoverboards in their offices.

Many companies allow their employees to use hoverboards inside their office, including the UK's 'The Independent' newspaper as you can see in this video.

If you think about it, hoverboards can actually help people commute quicker in offices, seeing how they can zoom at speeds of over 10 miles per hour (StreetSaw hoverboards can clock up to 11.2 miles per hour).

Increase Employee Motivation

Hoverboards can bring the spark back in your work and increase your productivity because you know you have a hoverboard besides your desk waiting to take you wherever you want to go inside the office.

For example, if you want a Xerox, you can climb on the hoverboard and you'll be there in minutes.

Want a coffee or a glass of water, use the hoverboard again. When you are on your feet for long durations, it has the effect of reducing your energy levels, slowing your work output.

Basically, a hoverboard is an easy way to move around your office, campus or building, allowing you to do your job better.

Great Alternative to Walking

A hoverboard is a hands-free and quicker alternative compared to walking. Whether you are moving from your cubicle to another, some distance away, moving through a warehouse checking the inventory, or restocking shelves in your shop or even helping customers find tools in a home improvement store, your StreetSaw hoverboard will help you move with ease (you can even carry small things in your hand).

Street Saw hoverboards are quite fast (11.2 miles per hour at top speed) and small and light enough to carry under your hand, when you are not using them.

Security offices and event staff can even use them to navigate through crowds, even as they get a boost in height for a farther view. If you are working as emergency staff, a hoverboard can help you reach your destination faster and without any expenditure of energy on your part.

For those running a car rental business or managing valets, hoverboards can help staff reach customers' cars faster.

Hoverboards are not only quicker and faster, they also have an element of fun. Your employees will thank you for it.

Do you want to learn more about this productivity boosting hoverboards? Check out our large range of hoverboards here.

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