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Hoverboards give people countless hours of joy and can be ridden just about everywhere. They're very popular among kids and you may have seen people dancing standing on them, riding them inside their houses, and even doing aerobics with them.

Many celebrities have been pictured with hoverboards - Wiz Khalifa, Usain Bolt, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Jamie Foxx and more. Even Mike Tyson was seen using a hoverboard. Justin Bieber owns a number of hoverboards and he uses them frequently.

Why are they so popular? The reason is they are a lot of fun. They are easy to use and you can master them under a few hours. Children as young as 13 years of age are using hoverboards (with adult supervision).

Why People Love Hoverboards

You can use your hoverboard to travel around the city, commute to work if your office is nearby and even ride to your college campus. StreetSaw hoverboards can reach speeds of up to 11.2 miles per hour and you can use them for 6 or 7 hours on a single charge. They also charge quickly in under 4 hours.

On a hoverboard, you can travel faster and further than if you are walking. Moreover, a hoverboard is infinitely more convenient than a bicycle.

Your hands remain free and you can even carry a few things. When you reach your destination, just pick the hoverboard up and put it under your hand or put it in a handbag. So if before, you were worried about people stealing your car or bike even if it was locked, now you don't have to.

Another benefit is, you can charge your hoverboard at home, in your dorm or even at work for 2 or three hours and it will be ready to go.

You can glide down your office, zoom on the sidewalk, ride on bumpy roads or take sharp turns and when you want to stop, all you have to do is shift your body.

Buying a Hoverboard from StreetSaw

Using a hoverboard seems like a good way to travel, doesn't it? Your Street Saw hoverboard can become your newest accessory, turning eyes wherever you take it. Mark our words, in the next few months you are going to see these hoverboards in a lot more places.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please feel free to look around in our online hoverboard store. We are happy to say we have many different models.

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