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StreetSaw Hoverboards can move quickly, are easy to use and are very durable. They are also a joy to ride. Many celebrities are being seen with them as well.

Even people are using hoverboards to move on the street. When you saw them moving, have you ever wondered how they move?

Here are 4 things that you should know about hoverboards before buying:

#1 - Balance

Your hoverboard contains two self balancing gyroscope computer chips that activate when you turn the hoverboard on.

The moment you put one leg on the hoverboard, it senses it and becomes ready for your instructions.

When you put pressure with your legs, it starts moving forward and if you put pressure on your left or right leg, it turns in that direction.

So a hoverboard is essentially controlled by weight and pressure.

#2 - Batteries

You can charge a hoverboard in as little as 3 hours and use it for up to 10-12 miles.

When the battery level falls below 20 percent, the green battery indicator light will begin to flash. When the battery level drops below 10 percent, a red warning light comes on you should plan on dismounting the hoverboard soon.

Now you need to charge it again. Street Saw hoverboards are powered by 20 cells of 2000 mAh each, giving you 44,000 mAh of power (more than 20 average smartphone batteries worth of charge).

So, a StreetSaw hoverboard batteries last at least 10 percent longer than other hoverboard batteries.

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#3 - Durability

Our hoverboards are made from the best quality materials. The tires are very durable and capable of handling bumps and sharp turns with ease.

The tires are made from strong rubber and they are not inflatable, so there is no chance of the tires going flat. The wheels also hold the motor so the tire has to be of a high quality.

All StreetSaw hoverboards are engineered to withstand dust, water splashes, and wind.

#4 - Environmentally Friendly

Our hoverboard is powered by a high quality Samsung/LG battery which leaves no harmful emissions, unlike gas powered automobiles.

The motors are silent and you won't hear any hums or noises from your hoverboard when it is in operation. There are no small parts that a child can remove on our hoverboards.

In essence, StreetSaw hoverboards are made to last. You can be sure your StreetSaw hoverboard will serve you for a long time to come. We are so positive of our quality, we offer a leading hoverboard warranty if something goes wrong with your hoverboard in this time. Get your hoverboards at Street Saw today!

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