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Can you Exercise with a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards have been used as props for a number of things. One Australian created a video of himself doing a number of outdoor tasks on a hoverboard (like moving a wheelbarrow, wiping the floor, cutting wood and more).

In another video, we saw a group of boys hoverdancing to a new Justin Bieber song. One more shows a priest conducting a Christmas Eve mass, moving around his congregation on a hoverboard. 

If you can do these things on a hoverboard, maybe you can do more. How about exercising?

Can you use a hoverboard to exercise?

Apparently yes, as these girls show below. The artists in the video call it an 'acrobatic hoverboard dance'. The video has already collected a cool 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Hoverboard acrobatics anyone?

In the video, we see five girls performing a number of acrobatic routines, using a hoverboard as a prop with epic stunts like hand stands and lifts. Some of these stunts are very difficult to do even without a hoverboard so it is really a marvel that these girls are doing it on a hoverboard. The video is nicely choreographed and there is not a moment that is boring, unlike some other hoverboard dances we've seen online.

People have written comments like 'it's good to see people are combining old fashioned skills and capability with new technology,' (he wanted to see similar stuff on a larger scale). Another man said, 'this looks too good to be true' (that people are not getting hurt on these things). One girl says, 'I wonders why this video doesn't have 5 million views yet.' One girl actually says, 'these are not hoverboards..... they are called self balancing scooters.' (as if people want to know that).

Meghan McCarthy's Funny Hoverboard Gym Workout Video

Comedian Meghan McCarthy (aka Cindy Cyborg in the video) really shows us how fun a hoverboard workout can be!

Hoverboard exercises are not recommended

The funny hoverboard gym workout videos are full of superb acrobatic maneuvers. There is no doubt that the videos are the result of many cuts and patches, but the important thing is, the girls in the above videos show us that you can exercise on a hoverboard if you want.

However, it is not recommended because the video was a promotion and no body is going to exercise on a hoverboard in reality.

Still, the fact that it is possible makes us think what else could you do on a hoverboard? If you want to find out, you purchase a hoverboard and see for yourself.

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