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Celebrities Promoting Hoverboards

No one knows for sure why self balancing scooters are called hoverboards. But as we explained in one of our older posts, people don't really care.

They want to call them hoverboards and that's it. What more, thanks to celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx and Wiz Khalifa, they are selling like hot cakes.

It is true that the correct name for hoverboards may be self balancing scooters but we think that its really just semantics. People started noticing these gadgets when rapper Wiz Khalifa was tackled off his hoverboard at the Los Angeles International Airport after he wouldn't get off it. He promptly posted the video of his take down online and it became viral.

Celebrities made hoverboards more famous

It is safe to say that hoverboards started hogging the limelight only after celebrities started using them. Now, they are one of the biggest selling gadgets (by some estimates, more than a million hoverboards have been sold till date). StreetSaw itself has a wide range of hoverboards which we are retailing through our online store.

After Wiz Khalifa was tackled to ground and had handcuffs put on him at LAX International Airport for refusing to get off his hoverboard, many people became curious about them.

At that time, he had tweeted that hoverboards will do for his generation what skateboards did for his father's generation. True to his words, many people have ditched walking in favor of hoverboarding.

Whether it is Justin Bieber or the common man on the street, the hoverboard revolution has infected everyone. Even parents are trying hoverboards.

A number of celebrities have been seen using hoverboards, including Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Caspar Smart, Mike Tyson, Skrillex, Chris Brown, and many more.

Hoverboards are igniting a personal transportation revolution

Jamie Foxx recently strolled into 'The Tonight Show' on a hoverboard, with an American flag in his hand. A song of Justin Bieber's was even choreographed with hoverboards as a prop.

Justin Bieber has also posted videos of himself on a hoverboard, including one on Instagram where he accidentally hits his head on a camera whilst spinning on a hoverboard.

So there's no doubt that hoverboards will become more popular as the days go. They are going to be like the 'iPhone of personal transportation gadgets' in the future.

So don't wait to get yours; climb the hoverboard bandwagon or you risk being left behind.

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