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Hoverdancing is all the rage nowadays. We've seen videos of people dancing using hoverboards as props. The video we are going to talk about next, takes the art to a whole new level (or rather not). We've seen people indie dancing on hoverboards.

We've even seen people doing aerobics on hoverboards yet we've never seen a hoverboard ballet quite like this one before (video below).

The video begins with a man playing a piano on the left side (he's probably readying an ambiance for the dancer to come in). Soon enough, a girl glides in on a hoverboard and soon after begins a slow ballet like routine (well, it's not exactly ballet per se but looks like something of the sort).

It is a hoverboard ballet or a haunting?

The girl is dressed in a willowy semi transparent gown that flows down to her feet. The first thing she does when she comes in is take a turn on the hoverboard, as if she wants to show us her dexterity and balance on the hoverboard.

Next, she proceeds to remove a piece of cloth attached to her helmet (yes, she's wearing a helmet! Afraid of falling off, are we?). Then she proceeds to perform a series of twists and turns on the hoverboard, even as she continues to wave the cloth in her hands. If you look at the dance critically, you would agree that not only is it far from a ballet, she seems to be trying to mimic a Celtic banshee.

The video end with her returning the same way she came in. All this while, the piano player seated, hardly moving, not even to acknowledge our banshee dancer as she comes in.

The women herself is waif like, thin to the core, perfectly fitting the job description. Still the dance is somewhat hypnotic and you won't be able to peel your eyes off the screen until its over. 

Video likely a hoverboard promotion

The video is most likely a promotion for the hoverboard. We've seen how hoverboards have seen high sales throughout 2015. StreetSaw is also retailing a number of hoverboard models, as well as hoverboard parts, and hoverboard accessories.

While we don't recommend that you try dancing on your hoverboard, you can use it for a number of other activities like going from room to another inside your house, transporting lightweight articles across small distances, and much more.

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