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You have heard about hoverboards that glide on the ground (we sell some of the best hoverboards) but flying hovercrafts are still stuff of legend.

You may have seen some in movies like Back to the Future 2, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Masters of the Universe and others but they were all special effects.

Now one Canadian man has come a step closer to the impossible by inventing an actual flying personal hoverboard that propels human beings high into the sky.

The inventor's name is Alexandru Duru and he is a Romanian settled in Canada. He even earned a Guinness World Record for farthest distance traveled with an airborne hoverboard. The record was achieved at Quebec's Lake Ouareau.

To qualify for the record, he had to travel more than 50 meters, which was the previous record but he actually managed to travel a distance of 275.9 meters, the length of two football fields, giving wings to hoverboard enthusiasts everywhere.

Duru's Flying Personal Hoverboard

The video is certain to bring a smile to your face, especially the moment when he lifts off with the hovercraft. Duru's hoverboard works on batteries and propellers so it is not unlike a drone.

Duru tested the hoverboard on water because his hoverboard achieves scary heights (the hoverboard climbed over 16 feet in the air in the video, before it splashes down in the water more than 250 meters away).

Speaking about his achievement, Duru said, “I wanted to show that it is possible to achieve stable flight with a hoverboard with a standing human and control the hoverboard with one's feet.” Guinness World Records also lauded the Canadian's feat, calling it a remarkable achievement and an incredible engineering feat.

The issue with Duru's hoverboard is, you cannot use the hoverboard except on water (because it tends to climb) and there is also the danger from the propellers. So until Duru or someone else manages to create a safer version of the hoverboard, it is best to stick to our hoverboard. It is not only safe, it is also designed for comfort.

Duru's Flying Personal Hoverboard vs StreetSaw Hoverboards

On the other hand, hoverboards that roll on the ground are both popular and readily available, with millions of them already having been sold around the world.

StreetSaw currently retails six models of world class hoverboards designed to give you and your friends countless hours of joy and excitement.

Additionally, StreetSaw hoverboards are extremely safe because we use top class Samsung batteries, unlike the cheap batteries you will find in other brands.

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