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Our quest to develop a real hoverboard has certainly taken us places, but who would have ever though of powering a hoverboard with dry ice?

We already have battery powered hoverboards that move on ground. One inventor in Canada has developed a flying personal hoverboard that broke a Guinness World Record by launching its inventory in the air for over 900 feet. 

In another first, a science fiction fan has demonstrated a hoverboard driven solely by dry ice.

The dry ice hoverboard is quite simple actually. Basically, he made a plank with a lip on all sides and placed three blocks of dry ice inside. When the dry ice comes in contact with ground, it begins to transform into gas, creating a cushion between the hoverboard and the ground.

So you are literally floating above the ground when you push off (with the plank), even if it is only for a few millimeters. For those who are wondering what dry ice is, it is solid carbon dioxide. 

How a Dry Ice Hoverboard Works

As the dry ice sublimates (transforms its state), the pressure from the gas reduces the surface tension, enough to allow you to glide on a smooth surface.

In the video below, the budding scientist tests the dry ice hoverboard, which is comprised of only a piece of wood and dry ice, on a wood floor. The problem is, if there are any irregularities on the ground, the dry ice will touch it, slowing the hoverboard down.


While the dry ice hoverboard is not exactly a hoverboard (at least not as we have come to know it), it is actually much close to real science like the hoverboards you see in the movies, because it is literally 'hovering' (thanks to the dry ice).

But unlike contemporary real world hoverboards, or two-wheel self balancing scooters, this dry ice propelled hoverboard does not have any moving parts (unless you consider the wooden plank as a part) and it is not consistent.

You cannot go beyond a few feet on a dry ice hoverboard without falling. Moreover, your trip will end the moment the dry ice becomes completely sublimated.

StreetSaw Hoverboards

If learning how to make a dry ice hoverboard at home is a bit intimidating to you, check out our online hoverboard store.

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