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Las Vegas Hoverboard Repair Shop - Fix Your Self Balancing Scooter (702) 763-7426

Is your hoverboard not working? Bring it in to our Las Vegas hoverboard repair shop for a diagnosis today! You can even mail it to us if you're out of state, we do it all!

Call Us Now! - (702) 763-7426 or Toll Free: (888) 468-3711

Table of Contents

  1. Common Hoverboard Repairs
  2. Las Vegas Hoverboard Repair Price
  3. Hoverboard Parts in Stock
  4. Hoverboard Repairman Scams
  5. Where We're Located

Las Vegas Hoverboard Repair

Common Hoverboard Repairs

Do you suffer from any of these common hoverboard problems? We fix them all in our repair shop!

  • Hoverboard broke in half down the middle
  • Hoverboard one side not working
  • Hoverboard won't turn on
  • How to reset hoverboard
  • Hoverboard yellow light flashing or blinking
  • Hoverboard red light problem flashing or blinking
  • Hoverboard won't stop beeping

On average, we fix between 20-30 broken hoverboards in our Las Vegas hoverboard repair shop each week and have professional experience in diagnosing all sorts of broken hoverboards.

Call Us Now! - (702) 763-7246 or Toll Free: (888) 468-3711

Las Vegas Hoverboard Repair Pricing

Wondering how much it will cost to fix your hoverboard? We have an easy pricing sheet that will show you exactly how much it will cost to repair your broken hoverboard. All prices include parts and labor.

Power Problems

  • Hoverboard Charger Port Loose - $39.99
  • Hoverboard Charger Port Broken - $59.99
  • Won't Charge / Dies Quickly - $139.99
  • Won't Shut Off - $159.99
  • Won't Turn On - $184.99

Riding Problems

  • Shakes or Spins in Circles - $129.99
  • New Shell Replacement - $129.99
  • Doesn't Balance - $159.99
  • Won't Sense Feet - $159.99
  • Broken In Half $169.99


  • Upgrade Shell Size or Look - Extra $10 - $50
  • Bluetooth Broken - Extra $50
  • Ship to Customer When Finished - $34.99

Hoverboard Parts in Stock!

To ensure that we can repair your broken hoverboard in our Las Vegas hoverboard repair shop, we carry as many hoverboard parts in as many brands as possible.

Electrical Hoverboard Parts

Body & Frame Hoverboard Parts

Call Us Now! - (702) 763-7426 or Toll Free: (888) 468-3711

Common Hoverboard Repair Shop Scams

Don't be fooled by others that say they repair hoverboards in Las Vegas. They don't have the experience we do, nor do they have all of the necessary hoverboards parts in stock to fix most problems, if any.

There are also "mobile hoverboard repair services" that say they will come to you and do repairs. Be very very cautious of this service, and if they represent themselves as StreetSaw, know it is a scam. We only do repair services inside of our store, and do not offer any sort of mobile hoverboard repair in Las Vegas because it would be impossible to bring all of the correct parts with us.

Hoverboard Theft

We've had customers report that there are some people who will meet customers in public places such as local strip malls, and claim that they will repair hoverboards in Las Vegas.

Some scam artists will even meet customers at their "home," which is actually a house that they are renting and have been reported to offer cheap prices for repairing hoverboards, only to move the next month and steal them after making excuses that "parts are on order."

Don't hand over your hoverboard and fall for this kind of scam!

Fixing Parts that Aren't Broken

Lets face it, hoverboards are so new that nobody really knows how to fix them. The tree is ripe for picking and scam artists know this. They tell customers that there were problems that didn't actually exist, and overcharge them for work they never did.

Starting to sound like a used car repairman?

Smart Phone Repair Shops Fixing Hoverboards

The worst scam right now is the smart phone repair shops that think their little cell phone shop is the same as a hoverboard repair shop in Las Vegas.

Its not.

Most of these small smartphone shops, and even key shops, will wait for customers to come in with a problem before they buy the parts. All hoverboard parts in Las Vegas come from either China or us, which means that you're either going to be waiting 30 days to get your hoverboard back or you're being overcharged.

Fix Your Hoverboard Now! Our Location

Come directly to StreetSaw in Las Vegas and get your hoverboard fixed.

If they don't specialize in fixing broken hoverboards, don't do business with them. 

Guess who they all buy from anyways? Us!


StreetSaw Hoverboards
3867 S Valley View Blvd
Suite #5
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Call Us Now! - (702) 763-7426 or Toll Free: (888) 468-3711

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