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Replacement Hoverboard Front LED Lights (Pair) by StreetSaw™

Replacement Hoverboard Front LED Lights (Pair) by StreetSaw™
Replacement Hoverboard Front LED Lights (Pair) by StreetSaw™ Replacement Hoverboard Front LED Lights (Pair) by StreetSaw™ Replacement Hoverboard Front LED Lights (Pair) by StreetSaw™ Replacement Hoverboard Front LED Lights (Pair) by StreetSaw™

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Do you have a hoverboard LED turn signal light that is not working or broken? Replacement of this part is fairly simple and straightforward.

Installing a replacement front LED light for hoverboard takes less than 30 minutes to repair on average. Depending on the manufacturer of your hoverboard, your hoverboard turn signals may be screwed down with two phillips head screws, or glued down from a hot glue gun.

Replacing hoverboard front lights that are screwed in is much easier than replacing those that are glued down with hot glue.

What You'll Need:

  1. Replacement Front LED Light for Hoverboard
  2. Replacement Front LED Light Plastic Housing (If yours is broken)
  3. Philips Head Screwdriver
  4. Flat Head Screwdriver (Optional: To remove hot glue)
  5. Extra screws or Hot Glue

Repair Instructions

First, you're going to want to open up the hoverboard. If you're not sure how to do this, go to our video on how to open a hoverboard.

Once you've opened up the hoverboard, disconnect the wiring that goes to the PCB boards by pinching the clips that attach to them and pulling them off. These clips are generally the LED lights themselves, and on the side that contains the power, the hoverboard charger port and power button.

Removing the clips should separate the hoverboard body / housing from the rest of the unit and allow you to work on the LED light freely.

Important Note: If you're replacing the LED light because it is "stuck on" then you are making a mistake if you buy a new hoverboard LED light for the front. The light being stuck on is actually an indication that there is a broken PCB balance sensor board, also known as a gyroscope. If this applies to you, you do not need to buy a new LED light, but should instead replace the balance sensor on the side with the stuck light. The LED light will repair itself once you've replaced the balance sensor.

Now that you've removed the housing from the rest of the hoverboard, you will be able to determine if the LED light is screwed in or hot glued on. If it's screwed in, then simply take your philips head screwdriver and remove it, replacing it with the new hoverboard front LED light.

Removing Hot Glue

If the front LED light for the hoverboard is glued on, you have a bit more work to do. Grab your flat head screwdriver and begin prying the hot glue off slowly, section by section. Once you've got the old front LED light off of your hoverboard mold, you'll want to peel all of the old hot glue off of that area.

Replacement Methods

Replace the old LED light with the new LED light by placing it in the hole. Now is the time to determine whether you're going to screw it back on or hot glue it. If you ordered extra screws from us (visit our hoverboard parts page) then this part will be easy for you. If you didn't well, you might want to do that, or go to Amazon or a local craft store and buy a hot glue gun.

Using Hot Glue

If you're still reading then you decided to use hot glue. Fill the glue gun up, heat the glue, and place the front LED light into the hole where it is supposed to be. Now start adding hot glue to all four corners of the LED light, as well as the middle. Keep pressure on it with your fingers until it cools down a bit and stays.

Reconnect Wiring

Now that everything is situated with the front facing LED light for your hoverboard, you can reconnect all of the wiring to where it was before. Once you've done this, press your power button and see if your LED light works. If it doesn't work, then you may have other problems such as a bad gyroscope / balance sensor or even possibly a bad motherboard.

Read our other hoverboard repair guides under their respective hoverboard parts pages to learn how to fix these issues.

Repair Video

Warranty & Returns

All of our hoverboards come standard with a manufacturer's warranty against defects - view our product warranty.

We also offer money back no-strings-attached returns on all of our hoverboards - view our return policy to learn more.

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