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Hoverboard Battery Ultimate Guide 2020

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How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Hoverboard batteries are very powerful and pack a mean punch in terms of energy, especially for their size. How long a hoverboard battery lasts according to the manufacturer is usually four to six hours

However, the real answer to how long a hoverboard battery lasts is that the battery life depends on quite a number of conditions such as rider’s weight, Bluetooth, terrain, slope, acceleration, speed, and even the weather.

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Riding Conditions

Rider’s Weight

The most influential factor on how long a hoverboard battery lasts is by far the weight of the rider. Younger, lighter riders have a serious advantage when it comes to outlasting a heavier adult rider. The reason for this is simple: the weight of the rider has a direct correlation to the amount of force needed to propel the rider around. The heavier the rider, the more force needed. The more force needed, the more power the battery must exert.


Bluetooth is the next most influential drain on how long a battery lasts. While the manufacturer might say that a hoverboard battery is supposed to last 5-6 hours, Bluetooth played at maximum volume can literally cut that in half. 

On the contrary, if a hoverboard is being used to just play music via Bluetooth it can last for up to 2.5 days. For some reason, our experience has shown us that a combination of riding and playing music destroys hoverboard run-time more than any other factor.


The terrain has a direct impact on how long a battery lasts too. While most riders don’t experience this, the off-road riders will. Riding your hoverboard in irregular or rough terrain causes a hoverboard’s force too constantly adjust. This will, in turn, reduce battery time.


The average slope that a rider rides on affects battery life too. The ideal slope might surprise you, as most tend to think a downhill slope would be the most favorable. In fact, both downhill and uphill slopes take more energy than flat land. Therefore the best slope to make a hoverboard battery last is no slope at all.


Accelerating on a hoverboard to get to it’s fastest speed requires a high amount of energy. The faster you accelerate on a hover board, the more of a power dump is required. Therefore, if you’re stopping and going a lot you can expect your hoverboard to die quicker than those who aren’t.


Speed has less effect on how long a hoverboard battery lasts than acceleration, but it still plays a “roll” (pun intended). The faster you go, the more energy your battery has to output in order to maintain that speed. Therefore, higher speed means less time on your hoverboard. Most hoverboards only reach about 7mph anyways.


The weather plays the least roll on the time it takes for a hoverboard battery to die. Not only that, but most of the advice related to the effect of weather on the time a hoverboard battery lasts is pretty hypothetical. Regardless, the idea follows the logic of the weather having an effect on the riding conditions. 

An example would be that if it’s raining outside, riding your hoverboard on wet surfaces will create more force for the wheels to roll through than if it were dry. Also, since we’re already on the topic, it’s generally a really bad idea to ride a hoverboard in the rain. A wet hoverboard can short out and cause all sorts of other problems. These problems generally affect the circuitry more often than the battery, however.

Hoverboard Battery Life

The average life of a hoverboard battery is about one to two years. Batteries around this age tend to hold a fraction of the capacity they had when new. On rare occasions, a hoverboard battery might fall short of that time. If your battery does die young don’t worry. Replacing a hoverboard battery is one of the easiest hoverboard repairs you can make as there are only a few steps. 

  • Step 1 - Buy a new hoverboard battery.
  • Step 2 - Follow our in-depth hoverboard battery replacement guide below.

What leads to a short hoverboard battery life?

Many people tend to get the battery technology of lithium-ion (Li-ion) confused with nickel-cadmium (NiCad). Unlike NiCad, which has a memory attributed to how long it lasts, li-ion batteries do NOT have any sort of memory.

This lack of memory in li-ion batteries means that you can charge a li-ion battery 10%, 30%, 50% or 100% and it will provide you with the same level of power in the future. If you’re the type of person who treats your hoverboard like most people treat their vehicle’s gas tank (a quarter full) then a li-ion battery will treat you substantially better than a NiCad battery would.


Tips for Extending Hoverboard Battery Life

Extending hoverboard battery life is an easy task once you’re aware of the reasons a hoverboard dies too soon. Follow these tips to get the most out of yours.

Draining a Hoverboard Battery

While topping off and charging a lithium-ion hoverboard battery at random intervals doesn’t have a memory effect, draining one too much could cause early failure. Why is this? A hoverboard battery pack isn’t just made up of lithium-ion batteries connected together in series. Every li-ion hoverboard battery pack has a battery management system (BMS) on it.

The way these packs work is each of the batteries has individual wires connected/welded to them that lead into the BMS. The BMS then has a red (positive) and black (negative) wire that leads into a yellow/orange clip known as XT60 connector plugs. These plugs then connect into the mainboard.

These BMS are programmed with certain safety features. The culprit that will cause problems when you drain too much power from your battery is actually a safety feature. When the battery is at or below a certain voltage, the BMS no longer allows current through its circuits and into the battery. On a 36v lithium-ion battery, that tolerance level is around ~30v.

Overcharging Hoverboard Battery

Every other hoverboard site on Google tells you to avoid overcharging the battery. I am here to tell you that this is utter crap advice. Unless you bought a “fake hoverboard” from eBay, Amazon, Wish, or some other shady classified site, (see section about a safe hoverboard battery) you probably couldn’t overcharge a hoverboard battery overnight if you tried.

We sell all types of hoverboard chargers including cheap and top quality ones. The main difference between them isn’t whether or not they will overcharge and kill your battery (why would anyone ever sell such junk is beyond me). The difference is the quality of the circuitry inside of the charger itself.

What differences are there between hoverboard chargers? Well, you can read my hoverboard charger ultimate guide about this if you’ve got some time set aside. The short answer is basically that a cheap charger tends too last an average of 4-6 months while a quality UL-certified hoverboard charger lasts an average of 2+ years.

Safety Tip: If you lost your hoverboard charger, ensure that the new one you buy is the same voltage. If you try to charge a low-voltage battery with a high-voltage charger, you could run the risk of a hoverboard fire or explosion.

Hoverboard Battery Time

On average, a hoverboard battery lasts three to four hours under normal conditions. This average is based on the feedback I’ve received from customers over the years of being in this business. Some of the riders surveyed were using a Bluetooth hoverboard, while others were not. Most riders were around 100lbs on average.

Hoverboard Battery Issues

Hoverboards, in general, have more issues than we’d like to admit. Over time, these issues have dissipated at the advent of regulations and government scrutiny. Underwriter’s Laboratories stepped in early and developed a set of safety standards to reduce the number of hoverboard battery issues that people were facing.

Regardless, lithium-ion batteries are a buggy technology overall. Due to this, there is an assortment of common hoverboard battery issues that I see almost every day.

If you’re having a power problem with your hoverboard then it’s probably the battery. I suggest scanning down to the section that best describes your problem and reading the advice I’ve given. 

This is tried and true advice that I’ve repeated to thousands of people with these issues. Your hoverboard could be used or new and it doesn’t matter to me. If I’m describing the problem you have then you need to bite the bullet and trust my advice. If you still don’t believe me, then you’re welcome to pay my $40 diagnosis fee where I will call you and repeat the same advice, sigh.

Hoverboard Won’t Retain Charge

For some of you who just purchased a hoverboard, you're probably wondering why your hoverboard battery is not charging. I hear it all of the time actually, "but my hoverboard is new, it keeps dying! I just opened it yesterday!" This even applies when a brand new, fully charged hoverboard won't turn on. 

The problem doesn't lie with you, but with the original seller. Companies sat on thousands of unsold hoverboards while others keep sneaking the cheap ones into the country. This was especially true in 2016 when Amazon and eBay stopped allowing hoverboards to be sold on their marketplaces. Amazon and eBay sellers couldn’t sell in these marketplaces anymore. The seller's inventory sat in their warehouse while the batteries inside went bad from the lack of being charged.

The bad news is that if this story sounds all too familiar and describes you, then you're probably not going to get a response from the company who sold you the hoverboard (and good luck getting a battery replacement from them).

The good news is that you can replace a hoverboard battery with a brand new one from StreetSaw and your hoverboard will work like it was supposed to in the first place. Surf to the section of this guide where we tell you which hoverboard battery to buy if you need help.

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Hoverboard Charger Light Stays Green

When a hoverboard charger light stays green it means one of the following:

The charger is plugged into the wall socket…

  • but not into the hoverboard.
  • and the hoverboard, but the charge is not reaching the battery pack.
  • and the hoverboard and reaching the battery, but the battery pack is full.
  • and the hoverboard and reaching the battery, but the battery management system (BMS) is blocking the electricity from energizing the battery cells.

Case #1 - Charger Not Plugged Into Hoverboard

You should obviously just plug the charger’s cable into the hoverboard.

Case #2 - Charger Plugged In - Charge Not Reaching Battery

You will want to check for any broken wires behind the charger port and for unplugged connectors. Open the hoverboard and check the wires that lead from the charger port to the motherboard/mainboard. Sometimes these come loose or detach. If that is the case, you’ll want to get a new charging port and replace the old one.

If not, move on and check the connection of the white 2-pin connector that should be plugged into the motherboard. Lastly, check the red and black wires that lead to the battery from the motherboard. This will sometimes (rarely) get screwed through or cut from drilling the screws into place when installing the bottom plastic shell.

Safety Note: If the battery cable happens to be drilled through, be EXTREMELY careful. You could discharge the li-ion battery and cause shock or fire if you accidentally bridge the positive side with the negative side. (It’s my opinion that THIS is/was the cause of the renowned hoverboard fires that you may have seen in the news).

Case #3 - Charger Plugged In - Battery Is Actually Full

If the battery is full, it is actually a semi-ideal scenario. It means that something else (usually cheaper) is wrong. To be sure, you will want to test the battery voltage with a multimeter. If the voltage is near (4-6 volts) the indicated voltage on the battery’s sticker, then your battery is probably just fine. If so, keep reading.

A test showing that the battery is good means that there is another problem. In the 99% of the cases, I’ve repaired in my shop, replacing the circuit boards with a new set fixed the battery charging problem. Finding a new set of circuit boards that match your hoverboard can be challenging too. That’s why I’ve also written an ultimate guide to hoverboard circuit boards.

Case #4 - Charger Plugged In - Battery Is Bad

While case #3 might be a cheaper fix, having a bad battery is an easier one. If you tested your battery as part of #3 and the voltage was extremely low, you already know that your battery is bad. If you haven’t, scroll up to #3 and test your battery with a multimeter to verify its condition.

I’ll wait...

Okay, if you’re reading this part then you’re probably at the point where you are wondering if there is a way to fix a bad battery. In short, no there is not. The longer answer is that, in most cases, fixing a bad hoverboard battery is more expensive and time-consuming than it’s worth.

Only a professional should fix a broken hoverboard battery. The problem is, however, that very few professionals exist that can do this. Those that do, charge an arm and a leg for their time. In almost any case, you’re better off buying a new hoverboard battery.

Hoverboard Won’t Turn On

A hoverboard that won’t turn on is one of the toughest cases to diagnose. This is because there could be many different components inside causing the problem. However, a bad battery is responsible for about 80% of cases, while bad circuit boards (usually the motherboard) are responsible for the rest.

Hoverboard Suddenly Stops Working

When a hoverboard suddenly stops working its always an easy diagnosis for me. 98 times out of 100, replacing the battery fixes the problem. If it doesn’t fix the problem, there is usually an ADDITIONAL problem. 98 times out of 100, the additional problem is fixed by replacing the circuit boards inside.

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Hoverboard Green Battery Light

The green battery light on a hoverboard has the purpose of telling you how much power is left in the battery. That amount of power is known as amp-hours or watt-hours, depending on how you prefer to measure it. The total amount of energy used over time is watt-hours, while amp-hours measure the electrical storage capacity of a battery at a constant voltage.

When a hoverboard’s green battery light is solid green, it means that there is between 21% and 100% power remaining in the battery. When the green hoverboard light is blinking/flashing, it means there is between 11% and 20% power remaining in the battery.

Hoverboard Red Battery Light

A red battery light is almost always accompanied by beeping. This means that the hoverboard battery is nearly dead. When a hoverboard is displaying a blinking/flashing red battery light, it means that there is 10% or less power left in the battery. When this occurs, I strongly advise dismounting the hoverboard and carrying it until you’re able to charge it again.

If you’re referring to the OTHER red blinking light keep reading.

Hoverboard Red Flashing Light

At some point during the creation of hoverboards, an engineer decided that it would be a smart idea to quickly diagnose a faulty hoverboard. This same engineer added LED lights and programmed them to blink in certain patterns to signal the faults.

While I could go in-depth about the red blinking light, I’ve already written an in-depth guide about it. You can access my complete guide to red flashing lights on a hoverboard by clicking on over to it. 

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Hoverboard Orange Blinking Light

An orange blinking light on a hoverboard is a fault code for a bad battery. On some models, an orange blinking light might come on when the hoverboard is plugged in to charge. I’ve written an in-depth guide about the orange blinking light on a hoverboard already so go check it out to learn more.

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Hoverboard Battery Not Working

There are many reasons why a hoverboard battery is not working all of a sudden. Having performed hundreds if not thousands of repairs to hoverboards, I have found that the main culprit behind a broken hoverboard battery is related to two things:

  • The use of a cheap Chinese (unbranded) hoverboard battery.
  • The use of a non-UL listed hoverboard charger.

The easiest fix to this is to replace these parts with genuine ones like those in our store.

Hoverboard Battery Replacement

The best hoverboard battery replacement is a Samsung battery or an LG battery. We currently stock these are they are both very high-quality replacement batteries for a hoverboard. These are widely considered to be the safest hoverboard batteries by many.

How to Replace a Hoverboard Battery

If you know how to use a screwdriver then you can replace a hoverboard battery. Contrary to what you may believe, that’s all it really takes. If you’re just here doing your research, check out the videos I’ve made showing you exactly how to do this.

Which Hoverboard Battery to Buy

The most frequent question I get after diagnosing someone’s hoverboard with a battery problem is which hoverboard battery to buy. When I first started repairing hoverboards there was only one type of battery, the basic 36v lithium-ion 20-cell pack of 18650 batteries.

Now, years later, there are so many different hoverboard batteries even I have a hard time keeping track. It’s as if each model has its very own proprietary hoverboard battery. The range of types, cell size, brands, certifications, voltage, amp/watt-hours, and technology seem endless. This crazy amount of varieties is actually what caused me to write this hoverboard battery ultimate guide. If you’re finding this useful, then you can thank the many brands that continue complicating my job.

Hoverboard Battery Type

As I’ve just alluded to above, there are a large number of hoverboard batteries on the market now. Open an older (2014-2018) hoverboard and you’ll likely see a blue, green, or gray battery in shrink wrap. Open a new hoverboard and you’ll most likely see a UL certified black battery in a hard plastic shell.

Shrinkwrapped Hoverboard Battery

The most common hoverboard battery today is still the shrinkwrapped battery pack. While these might not have the same safety standards as a UL certified hoverboard battery, they are more economical. Additionally, I have not witnessed any problems (like fire/explosion) with these batteries first-hand.

UL2271 Certified Hoverboard Battery What Changed? 

When UL made changes to the standard hoverboard design they introduced a lot of safety updates. The changes made to the hoverboard battery design include:

  • The battery is now enclosed in a fire-resistant plastic mold
  • The BMS has a temperature sensor inside
  • The positive and negative wires have a piece of heat-shrink holding them together. 

My favorite update is definitely #3. The addition of heat-shrink to the wires prevents you, or the manufacturer, from lodging screws into the wires. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered exposed battery power wires, which could cause a very dangerous situation.

Upgraded Your Battery

If you have a basic hoverboard battery that is covered with shrink-wrap (blue, green, gray, etc.) you might want to replace it with a newer battery. However, you’re probably wondering if it will fit. The answer? Yes, it should.

Shrink-wrapped hoverboard batteries are usually 36v and also require a battery bracket/cage to hold them to the frame. This confuses people when replacing an old battery with a battery that doesn't have this bracket. When you're doing the replacement you can also throw away the black battery cage. Newer batteries usually have built-in screw holes, so you no longer need the battery cage. We do recommend that you recycle the old lithium-ion hoverboard battery. If you’d like to do that, just scroll to that section on this page.

Here is a comparison of a shrink-wrapped battery being upgraded to a newer hoverboard battery.


Best Hoverboard Battery

The best hoverboard battery is the black hoverboard battery, preferably with Samsung battery cells inside. While research might tell you to look for a UL2272 hoverboard battery, the writers telling you this may actually be incorrect. UL2272 is a certification that applies to the entire hoverboard, not to the individual battery. If you are looking for this type of certification then you want to look for the correct UL certified battery number, which is UL2271.

A UL2271 certified hoverboard battery is the best hoverboard battery money can buy. UL itself has thoroughly tested these batteries for a wide variety of potential risks. Based on a large series of tests this company created a set of high standards for battery manufacturers to abide by.

Beyond the best hoverboard battery, there are many alternative hoverboard batteries for sale. While it used to be a "one size fits most" type of ordeal, there are many more battery types than there were years ago. Here is the rundown of our opinion on the best hoverboard battery, starting with the best and ending with basic and affordable ones.

#1 - Black Samsung Battery for Hoverboard


This black battery contains lithium-ion cells made by Samsung. This is the best hoverboard battery in production. This battery has the best durability and is the longest lasting. With its ultra-performance design, this battery is a perfect fit for riders who need to depend on their battery for uses such as long-distance trips, grounds security, valet, etc.

A black Samsung battery is what is used in most 2017 hoverboards as well as popular models such as off-road and all-terrain hoverboards.


#2 - Black Hoverboard Battery

The basic black battery uses a battery cell made by a domestic factory in China. It is still rated higher than other battery types but does not have as much durability and use-time as the Samsung cell batteries. A great battery if you don't need to depend on your hoverboard lasting over 6 hours.

Our UL certified hoverboard battery packs are housed in a black casing made of hard plastic.

You might look at your battery and wonder if our black hoverboard battery is compatible with your hoverboard. With the number of different hoverboard batteries today, it’s hard to say. However, there is an easy way to check if the black battery is compatible with your hoverboard. Look at your current battery and compare it to the black hoverboard battery that you’re considering.


#3 - Samsung Battery for Hoverboard

The Samsung hoverboard battery is known to be the safest battery that is wrapped in shrink wrap. A great option if you're looking for a safe hoverboard battery that won’t likely start on fire, but you're on a budget. 

These batteries are manufactured by many companies, who then use Samsung battery cells inside to power the 36v 4.4Ah li-ion battery packs. This hoverboard battery pack is blue and contains genuine Samsung cells. This Samsung battery is shrink-wrapped while the upgraded model is housed in a black hard plastic shell.


#4 - LG Battery for Hoverboard

The LG battery for hoverboard models far and wide is the best balance you can get for money and safety. Made from genuine LG cells, this pack provides reliability and value. This LG battery is blue and wrapped in shrink-wrap.


#5 - Basic Battery for Hoverboard

The most common battery for 2014 to 2019 hoverboards is a basic blue battery. We sell one in blue shrink-wrap, but sometimes the color being replaced is gray or green.

Our basic blue battery is the best value hoverboard battery for sale. This battery uses domestic Chinese 18650 cells inside and is a great option if you need a cheap hoverboard battery replacement. The basic battery is very common, with the black upgraded battery coming in second in popularity.

There are several differences between a regular hoverboard battery and an upgraded hoverboard battery. Mainly, the upgraded battery is surrounded by hard plastic. Other differences include heat-shrink on the positive and negative wires and a temperature sensor on the BMS of the black battery.

Lastly, the blue shrink-wrapped battery was included in most all hoverboard brands and models in 2014-2019. The gray and green batteries were also from the same era but were much less popular. You only found the green and gray battery models in the earlier years.


New Hoverboard Battery for Sale

If you’re looking for a new hoverboard battery for sale then you’re in the right place. I have created a complete category where I keep all the hoverboard models that I have for sale. Go to that page and see if the one you need is available. If it’s not, then definitely contact me and I will see if I can source the battery you want to buy for you.

Where to Buy Hoverboard Battery

In the section just above I told you where to buy a hoverboard battery online. Fortunately, you don’t need to go far to buy one because I sell them right here on my website.

Check out the hoverboard batteries I have for sale and make your purchase easily on my website. Just add the model you want to the website cart, checkout, and I will ship your purchase directly to you.


Hoverboard Battery Capacity

36v Hoverboard Battery

The 36v hoverboard battery is where it all started. Included in even the earliest hoverboards, a 36v lithium-ion battery was known to have enough energy to propel even the heaviest riders, sometimes in lieu of the maximum weight indicated in the owner’s manual.

The benefit of having 36v of power is that rider weight, slopes, and terrain are less of an issue. Hoverboards using a 36v li-ion battery are capable of producing the most power of any other hoverboard battery. A 36v battery is also a great option for adult hoverboards and heavier riders. I like to suggest this battery voltage when a rider weighs 100 pounds or more.

The downside to having a 36v battery inside your hoverboard is that most of them are heavy. On average, these batteries weigh a blistering 2.2 pounds. On the contrary, the other voltages I’ve come across have lesser average weight.


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25.2v Hoverboard Battery

The 25.2v hoverboard battery was introduced in 2018 in light of the demand for cheaper, lighter hoverboards. I have yet to come across a 25.2v battery that isn’t safe, which is a great safety compliment for the voltage.

There are currently two popular 25.2v hoverboard battery models:

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25.9v Hoverboard Battery

In 2019, I came across a few customers asking for a 25.9v hoverboard battery. Here are the 25.9v lithium-ion batteries that I'm aware of at this time. I will link them to a product when I find them for sale:

  • JT-BC206-01 battery is a 25.9VDC battery made by Jetech. This battery has an amperage of 4Ah. The UL certification number listed on the battery is E483759.

24v Hoverboard Battery

In late 2018, I came across my first lead-acid battery in a hoverboard. I’ve seen a few others since then. While I didn’t take great notes on it at the time, my research indicates that these lead-acid types were actually 24v hoverboard battery models. I’m reserving this spot in my article to elaborate further on it in the future.

How to Test Hoverboard Battery

There are two main ways to test a hoverboard battery: with a multimeter and without one.

How to Test a Hoverboard Battery With a Multimeter

Is your battery not holding a charge or won’t stay on unless it’s plugged into the charger? Is your charger light only showing green and not red when you plug it in to charge? Does your board show an orange/yellow light?

Before you go and buy a new hoverboard battery let’s be sure it’s bad. Testing a hoverboard battery using a multimeter can be both safe and rewarding. A multimeter will provide you with a voltage output that reassures you that the money you are about to spend is done wisely.

Battery voltage readings are going to depend a lot on the voltage of the battery you’re testing. As an example, if you have a 36v lithium-ion battery it should ideally test around 36v. From my experience in testing hoverboard batteries with a multimeter, there is a 6v tolerance in either direction if its good. A new and fully charged 36v hoverboard battery will normally read slightly higher than 36v and will typically land somewhere between 36v and 42v. 

On the other hand, a used hoverboard batter that might be older or not have been in use might read as low as 30v and still be good. However, it is a rare occurrence when a hoverboard battery reads less than 30v and still works. The battery might work temporarily, such as for approximately 20 or 30 minutes, but the charge on a lower reading indicates that there isn’t much power left inside. 

Common problems with a battery below its listed voltage include suddenly stopping while riding, the hoverboard cutting off when on it, and trouble climbing inclines like driveways and hills.

To be thorough, however, here is a video on how to safely test your hoverboard battery using a multimeter. If you watch the full video you’ll also learn how to replace a hoverboard battery too:


How to Test a Hoverboard Battery With a Charger

  • Plug your hoverboard charger into the wall plug. The light on the charger should turn green.
  • Plug the hoverboard charger into the hoverboard itself, making sure to line up the 3-prongs correctly to the divot at the end.
  • If the battery on your hoverboard is working properly, then the light on the charger should turn red. This red light means that your hoverboard battery is charging and that your problem lies elsewhere.
  • If the light on your charger does not turn red but instead the charger light stays green, then your battery is either 100% full, or you have a defective hoverboard battery and it needs to be replaced.
  • To determine if your hoverboard is full or empty, first, unplug the charger from the hoverboard.
  • Once unplugged, turn on the hoverboard on.
  • A) If your hoverboard turns on (after a full charge time) and has a red blinking light in the center, your hoverboard battery is defective and you need to buy a new hoverboard battery. B) If your hoverboard does not turn on at all, then you either need to buy a new hoverboard battery or your motherboard may be bad. C) If your hoverboard turns on and rides for hours, then your hoverboard battery does not need to be replaced.

Hoverboard Battery Technology

It used to be that hoverboards only used lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. In fact, aside from the little circular batteries that are in devices like the remote control to a new car, I had never seen a li-ion battery so large. Interestingly, lead-acid hoverboard battery packs came out AFTER the li-ion ones.

Lithium-Ion Hoverboard Battery (Li-ion)

A li-ion power battery is the best battery for hoverboards in my opinion. They’re compact, charge quickly, and can discharge an immense amount of power in sheer milliseconds. Li-ion batteries can be made in a wide variety of voltages too, ranging from less than 1v to over 100v. 

Current common li-ion battery voltages include 36v, 25.9v, 25.2v, and  24v. This versatile energy source was so perfectly matched for use in a hoverboard, I don’t know why anyone would use any other technology.

Lead-Acid Hoverboard Battery

Years after the introduction of the li-ion power battery pack in hoverboards, someone somewhere decided to roll back the clock. I was at my hoverboard repair shop one day when a customer came in with a hoverboard that had a particularly large bottom shell. The customer told me that he thought his hoverboard battery had gone dead.

When I opened his hoverboard up, a moment went by where I had no idea what I was looking it. The lead-acid battery for hoverboards looks so strange inside of this high-tech device that it just didn’t compute for me. Two small rectangular blocks wired together and then connected to the XT60 connector has a bizarre look to it when a better technology not only exists but is regularly used. 

I couldn’t think of a reason why anyone would add ancient technology to such a new device. Then it occurred to me, lithium-ion batteries had gained a bad reputation for catching fire. Additionally, it was almost impossible to ship a hoverboard via the air. That someone somewhere had swapped out lithium-ion with lead-acid so they could save money on manufacturing and so they could ship the hoverboards via the air. 

According to the battery manufacturer APC summarization of the DOT’s regulations, “sealed lead-acid batteries... are not considered hazardous shipping materials when the terminals are protected from short circuit.” Since hoverboard lead-acid batteries meet this exception, they are not subject to dangerous goods regulations.

Hoverboard Battery Pack

Hoverboards are not like most other digital or electronic devices where you can slip a battery in one-by-one when the cells die. Nope. Instead, manufacturers in large warehouses with fancy equipment combine them into a hoverboard battery pack.

These hoverboard battery packs range in battery technology, the number of cells, and the size of said cells. The most common technology used in these packs is lithium-ion while the most common hoverboard battery pack size is 20-cells. These cells are most typically 18650 size cells and pack 220mAh per cell.

While rare, you might also spot a lead-acid hoverboard battery in the wild too. See the section dedicated to these in this article.

Dual Battery Packs (aka Split Battery Packs)

[Image of Dual Battery Pack]

Rather than shoving 20 cells into a battery, some manufacturers prefer to make smaller hoverboard battery packs. It is common to see two smaller 10-cell battery packs daisy-chained together to make the same power as one bigger pack. The rare lead-acid battery for hoverboards also comes as a dual battery pack.

If you have a dual-battery pack like this just know that it’s perfectly fine to buy a bigger 20-cell replacement hoverboard battery pack to fix it.

4400mAh Battery Pack (20-cells)

[Image of 4400mAh Battery Pack]

At 220Ah per cell, a pack of 20 cells comes together to make a 4400mAh battery pack. This is the most common size battery pack that I’ve come across while repairing hoverboards. Typically, 20-cell battery packs have the code 10S2P is listed on their sticker.

2200mAh Battery Pack (10-cells)

[Image of 2200mAh Battery Pack]

At 220Ah per cell, a pack of 10 cells comes together to make a 2200mAh battery pack. While this is far less common than a 20-cell pack, these 10-cell battery packs can be daisy-chained together, making a battery that lasts as long as a 20-cell pack. Typically, 10-cell battery packs have the code 10S1P is listed on their sticker.

As 10S1P battery packs contain fewer cells, they can also be purchased for a lower price. The only difference between the 10S2P and 10S1P is the amount of time each pack lasts.

Hoverboard Battery Cell Size

There are two lithium-ion battery cell sizes that I have run into while fixing hoverboards. The most common size is 18650 and the next one is 22650. The difference between the two is the diameter and power stored in each. 18650 will have a 20-pack while a 22650 will be a 14 pack.

There is an easy formulation if you ever want to figure out a hoverboard battery cell’s size. The first set of numbers is the width, while the second set of numbers represents the length. Both are measured in millimeters.


18650 = 18 mm wide x 65 mm long

22650 = 22 mm wide x 65 mm long

Safe Hoverboard Battery

If you’re interested in a safe hoverboard battery then all you have to do is follow a few important guidelines. Remember too, that a safe hoverboard battery is not the same as a cheap hoverboard battery. Cheap means value-engineered, which safe batteries are not.

Companies with the sole purpose of testing for safety exist, and they charge manufacturers additional money to hand over a certificate of compliance. So, without further ado, here is my list of what you can do to ensure you’re buying a safe battery for a hoverboard.

  • Buy a battery that is encased in hard plastic, not a shrink-wrapped one. Avoid cases that are made using metal.
  • Buy the battery from a verified brand that has been in business for at least two years.
  • Avoid eBay like the plague. Old and counterfeit hoverboard batteries are frequently sold there. Sellers lie too.
  • Buy a new battery. Avoid buying a used one at all costs.
  • Don’t forget, you get what you pay for. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Who Makes UL2272?

In 2016, after news broke of hoverboard battery fires, major websites such as Amazon and eBay halted hoverboard sales in their tracks. A company known as UnderWriter's Laboratories (UL), a professional safety standardization and compliance testing company, developed a methodology by which hoverboard battery manufacturers could then abide by.

Almost all of these new batteries are contained within a thick black plastic shell, and contain improved thermal sensing circuit boards inside of them to prevent overheating and fires. These batteries are almost all exclusively black in color.

Fake Hoverboard Battery


Hoverboard Battery Charger

If replacing your hoverboard battery didn’t work for you, then it's possible that you could have a broken hoverboard charger. Follow that link to view our ultimate guide where I show you how to test if your hoverboard charger is bad. (COMING SOON)

Read Hoverboard Charger Guide


How to Charge Hoverboard Battery

Charging a hoverboard battery is relatively easy and straightforward. Just plug one end of the hoverboard charger into a wall socket and the other into the hoverboard. The only trick is that most hoverboard charging ports have a small notch in them. If that describes yours make sure to line this notch up with your hoverboard charger and DO NOT FORCE the connector into the port.

Hoverboard Battery Fire

During the explosion in the popularity of hoverboards around Christmas of 2015, many manufacturers in China were rushing to sell as many hoverboards as they could. Retailers across the world, including in the United States, gobbled them up as cheaply and as quickly as possible.

China soon realized that they could include cheap common Chinese batteries in their hoverboards to save on costs. Unfortunately, these hoverboard batteries had problems, causing many fires to happen due to these batteries. Some companies put old batteries into their battery packs for weight and didn’t even connect them.

The solution to a bad hoverboard battery, such as the Chinese batteries, is to replace it with a branded battery such as Samsung or LG. We also don't mind the Panasonic batteries either. 

Hoverboard Battery Explode

There have been numerous reports of hoverboard batteries exploding around the world. Although the odds of encountering a hoverboard battery explosion are actually quite slim, we still strongly suggest using a Samsung hoverboard battery or an LG hoverboard battery. This is especially true if you're doing a replacement.

Using a branded hoverboard battery gives you that peace of mind that the product is high quality, and high quality is the only thing we will sell to our customers.

Despite many theories, a hoverboard battery explosion is actually caused by cheap batteries with defective cells being used inside of them, coupled with non-UL listed hoverboard chargers this is a recipe for disaster. (Get a UL Listed hoverboard charger here).

Hoverboard Recall - List of Brands

With hoverboards having gained popularity as early as 2015, you can bet that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has published a hoverboard recall list. Avoiding the brands and/or models contained within this list will help to ensure you're buying a safe hoverboard making holidays and occasions run smoothly.

The CSPC has a list of hoverboard recall brands to pay attention to before buying. I suggest checking that link before deciding on a brand.

Hoverboard Battery Brands

4WRD Hoverboard Battery

4WRD is the manufacturer of many different types of hoverboard models, including the High Roller hoverboard. Batteries for this brand will vary based on the model.

4WRD Smart K2 4.5 Inch Hoverboard Battery

4WRD Smart K2 Hoverboard

The 4WRD Smart K2 hoverboard was repackaged and sold under various brands such as the "Surfus HR Junior waterproof hoverboard." This hoverboard was typically found for sale on Amazon. Unfortunately, we do not carry a battery replacement or circuit boards (31279, 1646/K2, 2.16.030) for this model.

Airwalk Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

CoolReall Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

EPIKGO Hoverboard Battery

The most common EPIKGO hoverboard battery that I’ve encountered is the HY-BSE-1002U. These were mass-produced but are rare to come across now. You won’t even find them on Amazon.

Genesis Gemini H1 Hoverboard Battery

The Genesis Gemini H1 was super short-lived hoverboard model. Genesis had it private labeled by a company named Koowheel. Search for "Koowheel K5" and maybe you'll find a replacement battery. If I end up stocking a Genesis Gemini battery, I'll update this section.

GoTrax Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have a photo of a GoTrax battery please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

GoTrax Eco 200 Hoverboard Battery

The GoTrax Eco 200 uses a 25.2v Jetech battery that is UL certified. This battery has a black housing with holes cut into it for better heat dispersion.

Buy GoTrax Eco 200 Battery

GoTrax Hoverfly Eco

No example yet. If you have a photo of a GoTrax Hoverfly Eco battery please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Gyroor Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Gyroor F1 8.5 Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Halo Rover Hoverboard Battery

The most common Halo Rover hoverboard battery that I’ve encountered is the HY-BSE-1002U. These were mass-produced but are rare to come across now. You won’t even find them on Amazon.

High Roller Hoverboard Battery

I’ve seen two different types of High Roller hoverboard batteries. They have both been 36v and the shrinkwrapped type. Usually, the High Roller battery pack is green. The first type I’ve seen is the same as my blue 36v basic hoverboard battery. The second type I’ve seen is similar to that battery but has five or 5 long white wires coming from the battery.

Hover1 Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Hover-1 Freedom Hoverboard Battery

The Hover1 Freedom uses a Jetech brand model #JT-BC206-01 battery. This battery has a voltage of 25.9VDC and 4Ah of battery life. This is a UL certified battery with certificate number E483759.

Hover-1 Titan HY-TTN Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Hover-1 H1-CLIP-DKRD Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Hoverheart Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Hover X Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

iMoto Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Jetson V6 Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Jetson V8 Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Jetson V12 Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Jetson Rogue Hoverboard Battery

Jetson Rogue Hoverboard

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Koowheel Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Koowheel K5 / Genesis Removable Battery

The Koowheel K5 (also sold as Genesis Gemini H1) hoverboard battery is a rare battery that is mounted into the center of the device. This battery is made to be easily removable by hand. Finding a replacement hoverboard battery for this model, however, is rare. I suggest you check eBay to see if any sellers are offering the Koowheel K5 battery.

Leray Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

MegaWheels Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

One Wheel Skateboard Battery (1-Wheel)

I am working on sourcing a reliable battery for one wheel skateboards. It's been quite difficult finding a reasonably priced battery that will work for models like the OneWheel+, OneWheel+ XR, and OneWheel Pint. If you have a OneWheel hoverboard please send me specs, information, and photos of your OneWheel battery I will add that info to this section.

Razor Hoverboard Battery

Razor has many different models of hoverboards. Therefore, I suspect that many Razor hoverboard battery models exist too.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Battery

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 battery is proprietary to Razor and is very difficult to find. It is a small size and is removable. While I do have this in stock from time-to-time, I suggest checking to see if this Amazon product page has it in stock.

Sanyo Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Sharper Image Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Swagtron Hoverboard Battery

Swagtron has produced a large number of hoverboard batteries. The good news is that most of the Swagtron hoverboard battery models are the same. In most cases, our 10S2P 36v hoverboard battery will be a perfect replacement.

Swagtron T3 Battery

Any of our basic blue, LG blue or Samsung blue batteries is a suitable replacement for the Swagtron T3 battery. We do suggest ordering a hoverboard battery cage when replacing a battery that does not have one.

Swagtron T881 Hoverboard Battery

The Swagtron T881 hoverboard came stock with a "lithium-free" setup, meaning that the battery (actually its batteries) is the sealed lead-acid type. Lead-acid is the same technology as found in most motor vehicles. The stock battery is a 24v setup.

Swagway Hoverboard Battery

No example yet. If you have one please send me specs and photos of it and I will add it.

Segway Hoverboard Battery

Contrary to popular belief, Segway never made a hoverboard. Most likely you’re reading this because you tend to call a hoverboard by another name. Usually, that other name is “Segway” or “mini-segway” but could even be “self-balancing scooter.”

StreetSaw RockSaw Hoverboard Battery

The StreetSaw RockSaw hoverboard battery uses the HY-BSE-1002U. These were mass-produced but are rare to come across now. You might not even find them on this StreetSaw website.

Hoverboard Battery Manufacturer

Every hoverboard battery manufacturer that I’m aware of is based out of China. Most manufacturers are located in Shenzhen China. Shenzhen provides a high-tech environment with some of the cheapest costs in the world, which then passes savings on to you.

Jetech Hoverboard Battery

Jetech is a highly popular hoverboard manufacturer. They manufacture a large percentage of the batteries for hoverboards today. All Jetech products that I’ve come across seem to be safe and certified by different agencies. There are several popular Jetech hoverboard battery models including the JT-BC204-04 and JT-BC206-01.

Elitop Hoverboard Battery

Elitop is a battery manufacturer that manufactures all types of batteries, not just ones for hoverboards. You might find them by their company name “Shenzhen Elite Electronic, Co., Ltd.” There are several popular Elitop hoverboard battery models including the HY-SSY-0702U-HCY and HY102SP.

SHOP 25v Batteries

Victpower Hoverboard Battery

Victpower produces many different types of batteries. Finding a Victpower hoverboard battery was a likely occurrence when the industry was booming. These days, it’s more likely to find a Victpower hoverboard battery replacement for sale than to be included in the equipment.

Jingnoo Hoverboard Battery

Jingnoo hoverboard battery brand is one that I’ve come across while doing repairs. I decided to include it in my guide because I remember the name. If I continue hearing it I will elaborate more on the brand here in the future.

Hoverboard Battery Models

JT-BC204-04 (25.2v)

This is the battery replacement you need as a direct replacement for battery model JT-BC204.

Jetech 25.2v hoverboard battery replacement.

Jetech E490509 Hoverboard battery.

Jetech E4828090509 Hover Board battery.



We've had a couple of people order a 25.2v Jetech battery, but have it not fit. The reason it didn't fit is because they don't compare theirs to the one they are buying.

If you are buying a 25.2v Jetech hoverboard battery from us please make sure to check yours against ours before ordering. Additionally, you can always send us pictures or model numbers and we'll let you know. The one on the left is the size we usually have in stock while the one on the right we only sell from time-to-time.

JT-BC206-01 (25.9v)

JT-BC206-01 25.9v Lithium Ion Battery

Made by Jetech, the JT-BC206-01 battery is a 25.9VDC battery with battery life of 4AhThe JT-BC206-01 is UL certified and has been given certificate number E483759 by Underwriter's Laboratories.

HY-BSE-1002U (36v)

The most durable off-road hoverboards use the best hoverboard battery, which is the HY-BSE-1002U battery. This battery is rugged in all senses of the words, and it has been specifically crafted to fit into top hoverboard models such as the RockSaw, Halo Rover, and EPIKGO hoverboards.

If you own an EPIKGO, Halo Rover, or RockSaw hoverboard and need a replacement battery, then the HY-BSE-1002U battery is the one to get.


The HY-SSY-0702U-HCY is a bulky square/rectangular blue battery pack that is 25.2v and has 100.8Wh and 4000mAh of power. This battery is made by Elitop, also known as Shenzhen Elite Electronics Co. Ltd.

HPK-07 (E482809)

Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!

GB/T 18287 2000

Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!

Yanang YY/10S2P/18650/2.2A

Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!

Jiangxi First New Energy Model XCY10S2P (Cells: FST18650BE-2000mAh)

Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!

HY-BSE-1002US (10INCMR 19/66-2)

Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!


Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!

Elitop HY102SP

Not enough info yet. I will update this with specs and photos in the future. Have this? Send me info!

Swagtron SentryShield for T3 (GP-S91-466590-010L)

Capacity 32.85VDC, 2890mAh, 94.93Wh, contains UL 1642 certified cells.

The Swagtron SentryShield hoverboard battery was included in Swagtron’s offerings between 2017 and 2018. The Swagtron SentryShield battery is characterized by its unique aluminum casing. The developers of the battery pack touted it for having a stronger casing, making it safer.

While I don't sell this particular model (since Swagtron makes the SentryShield smart lithium-ion battery pack), I have had a lot of luck replacing this battery with a blue hoverboard battery.

Buy Cheap Hoverboard Battery

Cheap Hoverboard Battery

Looking for a cheap hoverboard battery? You might want to focus on getting a better value than buying the cheapest hoverboard battery online. Here’s why.


With hoverboards having hit the market in 2014 and swift regulations following shortly thereafter, a lot of batteries were taken off the shelf. These batteries didn’t go into the trash, however. Most likely, they sat in storage for years until being discovered again by a store manager. 

Rather than losing the investment on these batteries, they get listed on low-end marketplaces like eBay and Wish. Ask the seller what the manufacturing date of the battery before you buy. Try to buy a battery than has been manufactured within the past 6-12 months.


Just as in any other industry, there are brands you can trust and brands you’ve never heard of. When it comes to the rider’s safety, buying a cheap hoverboard battery might not be a great idea. I don’t think I need to say much more.

Real vs. Fake

Cheap hoverboard batteries are usually cheap for a reason. They could be old, they could be from a bad brand, and they could also be fake! What do I mean by fake? 

One instance that I’ve seen is a repacked battery. It was supposed to contain 20 battery cells inside. The battery felt normal and weighed the same as others, but it would only work for half of the time it was supposed to. Upon opening the battery it was discovered that half of the cells were rusty and not even connected to the battery management system (BMS).


Saving money on a hoverboard battery might mean that it doesn’t even fit your application. Make sure the battery you buy is the right fitment for yours or you’ll wind up spending more money and time with returns and headaches than you bargained for.

Best Cheap Hoverboard Battery

There is one option I’ve seen where you can save money on a hoverboard battery. This instance is when you have a 36v 10S2P 4400mAh battery. This battery is interchangeable with a 36v 10S1P 2200mAh battery.

The only difference between the two is the size and time the battery lasts. The 10S2P will last 4-6 hours while the 10S1P will last half of that time (since it has half of the battery cells).

Buy Cheap Hoverboard Battery

Bluetooth Hoverboard Battery

Whether a hoverboard has Bluetooth or not doesn’t matter much in the way of the battery. The only effect that Bluetooth has on a hoverboard battery is that playing music through a hoverboard will drain the battery faster than if no music were being played. Expect to burn through an additional 25% - 40% battery in the same amount of time if you are playing music while riding.

Hoverboard Battery Price

Hoverboard prices may vary widely but one thing is for certain: you get what you pay for. While you might find a good eBay hoverboard battery deal you have got to be careful. eBay is where sellers like to offload their junk and hoverboard batteries are no exception.

If you’ve found a hoverboard battery price that sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Ensure that the battery’s manufacturing date is recent, be careful of sellers putting fake Samsung stickers on their batteries, and be prepared for all other sorts of debauchery.

Shop Hoverboard Batteries

Hoverboard Battery Cover

Some hoverboard models come with a removable hoverboard battery. These hoverboard models are uniquely designed with a hoverboard battery cover that is placed in the center of the bottom panel of the shell. Finding a hoverboard with a removable battery is difficult enough as it is, so if you’re looking for a hoverboard battery cover part good luck. I have not seen this part for sale in the market in a very long time.

Hoverboard Battery Cage

The purpose of a hoverboard battery cage is to keep the battery in place while riding. While it is not necessarily vital to have this part installed from a safety point of view, having a battery cage installed can certainly help prevent noise from a loose rattling battery.

Hoverboard Battery Recycling

If you recently replaced your hoverboard battery then you’ll have to do something with your old one. Why not recycle it? We have a hoverboard battery recycling program.

To recycle your battery all you have to do is send your old battery to us at the address we have listed on our contact page.

Hoverboard Battery Misspellings

  • Hooverboard Battery
  • Hover board Battery
  • Overboard Battery
  • Hoverbard Battery
  • Hoveboard Battery

Hoverboard Battery Questions

Here are some of the most common questions I get asked. I've tried to put them in the order by most to least asked.

What is the best battery for a hoverboard?

It used to be that the best battery for a hoverboard was undoubtedly a UL certified Samsung battery. While that may still be the case in many instances, my opinion is that the best battery for your hoverboard might just be one that it came with.

The reason this may be true is that over the years hoverboard technology has improved. In the early days, there was a rush to build and sell as many hoverboards as possible. This caused a large number of faulty hoverboard batteries to reach the market, resulting in fire and explosions.

These hoverboard battery problems are now fairly far behind us now that everyone knows what a hoverboard is. Standards and requirements have been put into place by the government and safety watchdogs. Companies such as Underwriter’s Laboratories and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) closely monitor the market for dangerous hoverboard batteries. Additionally, the United States customs inspectors are constantly on the lookout for imports that may be dangerous. 

How do I reset a hoverboard battery?

There is no way to reset a hoverboard battery. Once a hoverboard battery is no longer charging it is very difficult to bring back to life. This is usually due to the safety features built into the on-board battery management system (BMS). The BMS prevents current from reaching the cells once they fall below a predetermined voltage. On a 36v lithium-ion hoverboard battery, this voltage is typically 30v.

How do I access a battery in a hoverboard?

To access a battery in a hoverboard you need to first flip it upside down. Then, locate the holes on the outer edges of the plastic shell. Inside these holes are Philips head screws. The hoverboard battery is typically located on the side OPPOSITE of the charger port.

Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the screws from this side of the plastic shell. Screws might be hidden under warranty stickers. If you’re unable to remove the plastic outer shell then double-check for these hidden screws. 

How do I remove a hoverboard battery?

Once you’ve removed the plastic shell you will uncover the hoverboard battery. The battery will either be screwed in on its sides or held down to the frame using a battery cage. Remove the four screws that hold the battery to the frame, unplug the battery’s yellow/orange clip and pull the battery out.

How to disconnect a hoverboard battery?

To disconnect a hoverboard battery read the two questions just above this one.

How do I fix a hoverboard battery?

Once a hoverboard battery is no longer retaining a charge it is not fixable by methods safe to non-professionals. Very few professionals exist that are willing to work on a lithium-ion hoverboard battery for a price less than just buying a new one. A professional must dismantle the entire battery to properly access and bypass the BMS to fix a hoverboard battery.

Rather than attempting to fix a hoverboard battery, we recommend replacing it with a new one. 

What kind of battery does a hoverboard have?

Most commonly a hoverboard using a lithium-ion battery. I’ve encountered a lead-acid battery in about 1% or less of the hoverboards I’ve repaired.

What is the battery called for a hoverboard?

The battery for a hoverboard is called a lithium-ion battery pack. It is sometimes also referred to as a li-io battery pack. If you are searching for a typical phrase to use when communicating what to call a hoverboard battery to someone, just call it a hoverboard battery. There are many different models and voltages so the next step would be to take note of those such as “I have a 36v lithium-ion battery for a hoverboard model HY-BSE-1002U.”

What type of battery is inside of a hoverboard?

The type of battery inside of a hoverboard is typically a lithium-ion (li-ion) battery. However, I have also seen lead-acid batteries inside of my customer’s hoverboard. 

What certification is needed for a safe hoverboard battery?

Certification and safety are really dependent on the comfort level of you and the government that tells you what is safe. If you’re in the USA then the safest certification is that of UnderWriter’s Laboratories (UL). UL has an insatiably long history of rigorously testing products and creating new safety provisions for them. UL’s certification is trusted by millions of people every single day.

How to tell if you need a new battery for your hoverboard?

The easiest way to tell if you need a new battery for your hoverboard is to try to turn it on without being plugged into the wall. If the hoverboard does not turn on then you may need a new battery. If the hoverboard works when plugged into the wall but does not work when unplugged, then you need a new battery for your hoverboard.

Additionally, if you turn on the hoverboard and the light in the center only flickers then fades out, you need a new battery for your hoverboard. 

How to buy a new battery for your hoverboard?

To buy a new battery for your hoverboard you’ll first want to read this guide to ensure that you’re purchasing the correct replacement. While most battery models can be replaced with one of our basic batteries some brands have manufactured proprietary hoverboard batteries that require some searching.

Shop our selection of batteries in our store here:

How many batteries does a hoverboard have?

Hoverboards either have one or two packs of batteries in them. Each battery pack contains an equal number of batteries inside of it. The most common battery configuration is a 36v 4400mah 20-cell 18650 10s2p lithium-ion hoverboard battery.

Other, lesser common, configurations of hoverboard batteries have 10 battery cells inside of them. These are normally a 36v 2200mah 10-cell 18650 10s1p lithium-ion hoverboard battery. The main difference between the 10s2p and 10s1p is the number of cells in each. The fewer cells in a battery pack, the shorter time it can operate.

How to know what percent your battery is at your hoverboard?

Unfortunately, very few (if any) companies have solved the problem of knowing what percentage a hoverboard battery is at. However, just about all hoverboard companies have programmed their hoverboard batteries to begin blinking green when 20% battery remains. Once the hoverboard battery reaches 10% the device will begin beeping loudly as a warning that the battery could die soon. 

What does green flashing battery mean on a hoverboard?

A green flashing light in the center of your hoverboard means your battery has 20% remaining until its dead. Once your battery level reaches 10% this light will turn from green to red and your hoverboard will begin beeping. A beeping hoverboard is just a way to warn you to get off of the hoverboard. 

Why is my hoverboard battery blinking red?

A hoverboard battery that blinks red is an indicator that your hoverboard battery has less than 10% battery life left. If you’re turning your hoverboard on after charging and it’s still blinking red and beeping, then its time to replace the battery.

How to know what percent your battery is at of your hoverboard?

A solid green battery light means that your battery power is between 21% and 100%. A flashing green battery light indicates that you have between 11% and 20% power left. A red blinking battery light indicates that it’s time to get off the hoverboard, as it only has 10% or less battery remaining.

When do I replace the battery in a hoverboard?

The average battery life is between one and two years. However, the best way to know when to replace the battery in a hoverboard is when you start noticing it. For instance, if you charged your hoverboard overnight, but it’s only lasting 20 minutes of ride-time, then its time to replace the battery inside. 

How do I know if my hoverboard has a good battery?

The best way to know if your hoverboard has a good battery is to test it with a multimeter. You will want to test the voltage and make sure it’s near the indicated voltage on the battery pack. If it’s more than 18% below the voltage that it’s supposed to be, then your battery is probably bad. 

Do I need to charge my hoverboard battery before using it?

Yes, you should fully charge your new LG / Samsung hoverboard battery before using it. Shipping companies only allow the hoverboard battery to be charged no higher than 30% for safe transportation.

Do I need to "break-in" my hoverboard battery?

Yes, all hoverboard batteries require a "break-in" period to reach optimal performance. We recommend following these steps as a best practice:

  • Fully charge the hoverboard battery upon receiving it.
  • Completely discharge the hoverboard battery the 1st time you use it.
  • Fully charge the hoverboard battery again.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 3 for two more cycles.

Following this process will ensure that your hoverboard battery is returning maximum ride time. You don't want to partially charge or discharge the batteries during this crucial break-in period. Doing this will result in fewer line voltage fluctuations under load.

How long will my hoverboard battery hold its charge

All hoverboard batteries discharge themselves over time, whether they are in use or not. The rate in which a hoverboard battery self-discharges itself depends on the temperature in which it is stored. Extreme temperatures will have a greater effect on the battery life, and will, therefore, drain it at a much faster pace than under ideal storage conditions. For optimum storage life, we recommend storing your new hoverboard battery at temperatures ranging between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

How often do I need to charge my batteries if I'm not using my hoverboard?

As mentioned in the last question, hoverboard batteries self-drain themselves whether they are in use or not. For optimum battery life, we recommend topping off your new hoverboard batteries and using your hoverboard at least once every 90 days. If you're going to store your hoverboard for long periods of time, store the batteries with only 20%-30% in them.

Is it normal for the batteries to get warm when recharging them?

Yes, hoverboard batteries become warm when they are being recharged. This is due to the fact that there is an increase in the internal resistance of the battery and less energy efficiency from electric energy to chemical energy.

How long will my hoverboard battery last until I need to replace it?

The lifespan of your new hoverboard battery will depend on how you use it and over what course of time. In general, you should be able to get years of life from your new hoverboard battery. However, all batteries have a lifespan. We expect the LG / Samsung battery to last approximately 600 cycles until they should be replaced.

Hoverboard Battery Comments

  • My sons hover board isn’t even a month old (we got it at Target, but annoyingly I didn’t get any sort of warranty, my bad) but it just stopped working and when you plug it in the charger stays green but hover board won’t turn on at all. I’m thinking it needs a new battery? It has the 36v 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and I was just trying to figure out which battery I should get off your site as it doesn’t seem you have that exact one? He has the Jetson Rouge hover board. Thanks so much! 
  • Yes, it sounds like you have done your homework! A hoverboard battery that won't retain a charge is the most common symptom of needing a new battery. It is likely that it sat around in a warehouse for a while before it got to Target, or that the battery was just one of the unlucky bad ones. Feel free to order a replacement hoverboard battery from us; our 36v 2.5Ah should work, or we have a 36v 4.4Ah as well (bigger, lasts longer). Please check the size and shape of our batteries against the one you already have to ensure that it will fit. You're also welcome to send us a picture of the battery via email or in our live chat and we'll tell you which one will work to replace the battery that's not keeping its charge.

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