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Hoverboard Orange Flashing Light - Hover Board Won't Charge

An orange flashing light in the middle of a hoverboard that won't work is a common problem that an unfortunate number of people encounter almost right away after opening their new hoverboard. The good news is that there is a fix to the orange light flashing; the bad news is that it requires you to buy a replacement hoverboard battery.


  • Hoverboard has an orange flashing light in the middle.
  • Hoverboard will not charge properly. 

Hoverboard Orange Light Flashing


What It Should Look Like

The flashing orange light should not be blinking at all, and should be a solid green color.


Orange Light Blinking Should be Green


The flashing orange light is caused by a problem in the battery pack. This problem is usually related to a bad circuit board in the battery pack, also known as the battery management system or "BMS" PCB. 

How to Fix Orange Flashing Light on Hoverboard

Unless you are a highly skilled technician with experience in soldering and searching for inconsistencies between electrical points, it is not possible to repair a hoverboard light blinking orange.

Parts Required to Fix Orange Light

In order to get your hoverboard working once again, we recommend replacing the hoverboard battery. There are many variations of batteries on the market, and they keep changing. To find the latest models and purchase a compatible model, go to our hoverboard battery page and select the one that most resembles yours.

How to Install New Battery

Once you've purchased the new hoverboard battery, you'll need to install it. The battery in your hoverboard right now will need to be taken out, and the new one put in its place. This is an easy process and we've made a video about how to replace a hoverboard battery for you.

Further Reading

If you still don't think the above advice suits your problem (or for whatever reason you're doubting our expertise), you may find more advice in our hoverboard repair knowledge base. Additionally, if you'd like us to take care of this on your behalf, you can always hire us for professional hoverboard repair.

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