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Hoverboard Charger Light Stays Green - How to Fix!

Does your hoverboard charger light stay green when you plug it in but doesn't work? This is a common problem and the solution to this is an easy fix.

The LED light on a hoverboard charger has a simple purpose. That purpose is to indicate to you whether or not the charger is feeding electrical current to the hoverboard. There are three colors that these lights can take on which are green, red, and yellow. Additionally, sometimes there is blinking involved, such as with a red flashing charger light. We will focus on the solid green light.

A solid green light on a hoverboard indicates that the charger is not sending electricity to the hoverboard itself. There are several reasons for a hoverboard charger light to stay green:

  1. The battery is 100% fully charged.
  2. The charger is not plugged into the hoverboard charging port.
  3. The charger is plugged into the charging port, but the port is disconnected inside, or a wire is broken on the cable from the charging port to the motherboard.
  4. The charger is plugged into the charging port, but the battery has a defective part.

In most cases, about 98% of them to be exact, you answered #4: the charger is plugged into the port, but the battery has a defective part.

Defective Hoverboard Battery

So which part inside of the hoverboard battery is defective, and can it be repaired?

The short answer to this question is yes, a hoverboard battery can be repaired. However, the long answer is that to repair a bad hoverboard battery is difficult and required an expert battery technician to do so. These type of battery technicians have a 2-year or 4-year degree in electrical engineering. Locating them is tough and paying their hourly wage is almost never worth it, which brings us to the real answer to your question.

How to Fix Green Light

While there isn't anything wrong with a charger that has a green light staying on, there is something wrong with the battery. In this case we highly recommend replacing your battery. The best batteries inside a hoverboard are made using lithium ion technology (similar to that of Tesla vehicles) and we offer replacement hoverboard batteries in our online parts store.

Hoverboard Charger Green Light Stays On

Replacing your hoverboard battery is easy, so there's no need to be concerned about the time it takes to do this. We've recorded a quick video showing exactly how to replace a hoverboard battery. Once you've done this, your charger light should no longer be green when plugged in, but instead will be red.

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