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We have seen many videos of people slipping off hoverboards (Haven't seen any yet? Here's one). But here is one video we didn't quite expect. It involves the heroic efforts of a girl to save her precious hoverboard from taking in water. Here's what happened.

Girl Slips off Hoverboard, Then Jumps into Pool to Save It

In the video, the girl is supposedly testing her new hoverboard, and she chooses to do it by the edge of her pool. She takes one turn successfully. On her way back, she tries to multi-task and take a selfie, too. Unfortunately, she loses her balance and steps off the hoverboard. The hoverboard careens to the left and drifts towards the pool.

The girl sees the hoverboard going towards the pool and tries to save it desperately (and just misses it by inches). When it enters the water, she looks shocked. She looks at the camera for an instant but doesn't waste time. She leaves her cell phone on the deck and quickly slips into the water. A few seconds later, she surfaces with the hoverboard and a defeated expression.

Being Careful Around Hoverboards

The video was uploaded by the girl's brother, who probably retried it from their security camera. The boy has captioned the video “After two hours of my sister using it”. The girl was probably new at it, which is why is she slipped from the hoverboard.

We have seen many such incidents with hoverboards recently. Some celebrities have also been captured on camera goofing up with hoverboards. For example, Mike Tyson takes a fall from his hoverboard and Justin Bieber knocks himself on the head on his after failing to control its spinning.

 Most of these accidents occur not due to the hoverboard, but because of the rider's inexperience with them.

3 Tips for Staying Safe

All you have to do to become comfortable riding a hoverboard is practice for a day or two. But you must take precautions.

  1. Do not ride your hoverboard near water (we hope you've learned from the girl's experience in the video). Luckily, our hoverboards are splash-proof just in case you do have an accident.
  2. Do not charge your hoverboard without supervision.
  3. Practice. Start slowly and build up your speed and balance. In time, you will be as good as other people you see zooming around with ease.

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