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Things You Can Do on a Hoverboard

Most people think hoverboards are a novelty. But what if we told you can work on a hoverboard? Don't believe us? You can see for yourself in this video here.

 In the 1.31 second video, we see a man in work overalls doing a number of tasks on a hoverboard. The man does a full range of outdoor jobs like mowing a lawn, cutting weeds with a cutter, pushing a loaded trolley, painting a wall, moving wood from a lumber yard, pushing shopping carts, cleaning the floor and even sawing wood (which he doesn't quite get). The video has already collected more than 3.9 million views on Facebook.

 The video, called 'Tradies in the Future', is actually a parody of hoverboards, but in a fun way. It was shot by Jackson O'Doherty, an Australian entertainer. It is a direct challenge to those who think hoverboards are little more than glorified skateboards.

2 Reasons Hoverboards Could Be the Future of Work

The video shows that hoverboards are not only fun, you could potentially get some serious work done on them, if you wish. Here are a few reasons why hoverboards could vastly change the way we work.

  1. Hoverboards can decrease the effort you expend on some activities. Street Saw hoverboards in particular are actually capable of achieving speeds of up to 11.2 miles an hour while carrying up to 265 pounds of weight. Imagine what you could get done with these capabilities!
  1. Hoverboards can make life easier by cutting your workload. By working on a hoverboard, you can get more done in less time.

 The video is really giving us a glimpse into how people will get work done in the future.

Hoverboards Can Have Practical Uses

The video “Tradies in the Future” demolishes some assumptions about hoverboards. For example, some people think hoverboards are fragile. But in the video, Mr. O'Doherty is seen mowing a lawn standing on a hoverboard. He is also seen on the road, pushing a loaded trolley in front of him at a good speed.

If you ever thought a hoverboard was only a novelty, this will change your mind. Why not try for yourself and see? We will be happy to hear if you got something done on a hoverboard.

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