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Hoverboard Charger Has No Light When Plugged In

When a hoverboard charger changes from a green light to no light when plugged in, there is a problem that must be repaired. While this is a fairly common problem, the fix isn't what you would think.


  • Hoverboard won't turn on or wouldn't turn off and has died completely.
  • Plugging charger into hoverboard causes light to disappear completely.
  • Plugging charger into hoverboard makes a "pop" sound.

hoverboard charger light goes out when plugged in


What Should It Look Like

When first plugged into the wall (and not into the hoverboard), the hoverboard charger's light should be green. Then, when it is plugged into the hoverboard, it should turn red (if the battery needs charge) or remain green (if the battery is fully charged).

Even if the hoverboard battery is fully charged, you should almost always see at least a flicker of a red light when you connect the charger into the hoverboard charger port. If your hoverboard charger light flashes red and green back and forth, you have a different problem.

What Causes Hoverboard Charger Light To Go Out

A hoverboard charger's light goes out because of an internal problem that is inside of the hoverboard. This problem is related directly to having a bad motherboard, also known as a logic board, and is only found in hoverboards with 3-pc circuit board kits that have one motherboard and two gyroscopes. 

How to Fix a Blank Hoverboard Charger Light

Contrary to popular believe, buying a new charger is not going to fix this problem. The problem is deeper, and involves replacing parts, and about 30-45 minutes of labor for a novice. 

To fix a broken hoverboard that is giving the symptom of a light that goes out on it's charger, you must replace the motherboard.


Replacing the motherboard will fix the problem, and the light on the charger will work as normal once this is replaced. However, motherboards are married to their other circuit boards (the gyroscopes) and we highly recommend purchasing a married circuit board replacement kit to repair this problem.

If you decide to only replace the motherboard, you may encounter other problems, including capacitors popping and smoking. This is why we highly advise buying a full hoverboard circuit replacement kit.

Further Reading

If you think something else is wrong with your hoverboard than what we've described above, feel free to go back to our section about hoverboard repair. If you think we missed something in our article, please contact us and make a suggestion.

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