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Light On Hoverboard Charger Flashes Red and Green (Back and Forth)

Sometimes the light on a hoverboard charger flashes red then green, and repeats this cycle. When it does this there is a problem that requires repair.


  • The light on the hoverboard charger blinks red then green, and cycles through this repeatedly.
  • It does not matter if the hoverboard is plugged in for the charger to blink red and green.
  • Charger and hoverboard are usually knockoffs, unbeknownst to their owner.

hoverboard charger flashing green and red

What Should It Look Like

A hoverboard charger that is functioning normally will not blink red, nor will it blink green. It will have a solid color green when plugged into the wall, and then will turn solid red when plugged into the hoverboard (unless battery is full, by which it will have a solid green light).

What Causes a Hoverboard Charger to Blink Red then Green?

A hoverboard charger blinks between red and green because it has suffered an internal circuit fault.

How to Fix

Although it is possible for a highly skilled technician to fix, there is no economical way to fix a broken hoverboard charger. It is cheaper to purchase a new one.


The solution to a hoverboard charger that has a red and green flashing light is to simply replace the charger by purchasing a new hoverboard charger.

Further Reading

If the above didn't solve your problem, then you can search other problems in our hoverboard repair knowledge base. If you feel that we missed something and should include it, please contact us.

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