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Hoverboard dance videos and routines have become commonplace. If you go to YouTube, you can see many there. Many dancers, such as Justin Bieber, have even choreographed songs using hoverboards as props as seen in his hit song "What Do You Mean." This just shows how versatile hoverboards truly are.

Justin Bieber Hoverboard What do You Mean

In one of the videos, they were actually doing calisthenics on their hoverboards. In one set, a girl even lifted another above her head even as the former was standing on her hoverboard. The day isn't far, when we see someone like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift use hoverboards in one of their stage shows.

Justin Bieber Hoverboard Video on Instagram

Incidentally, Justin Bieber is a fan of hoverboards and he has taken to them like a fish to water. He even posted a video of himself with one. In the video, Justin Bieber is seen in his trademark long flowing shorts and Nike shoes, spinning on the hoverboard. He even takes his leg off the foot rest a few times.

The video finally ends when he hits the camera and it ends there. The caption on the video confirms it. He says he 'literally hit' his head on the camera (these are his exact words). The Instagram video has already collected a cool 1.1 million likes. The video also has more than 53,954 comments.

Many other celebrities have also been snapped kicking it up with a hoverboard. Some of them have even taken a tumble, like Mike Tyson does in the following video.

Mike Tyson Hoverboard Spinal Fall

In the video, Mike Tyson is seen spinning on a hoverboard which we assume is inside his house. He starts moving towards the camera and then it happens. He fall back first, landing hard on the carpet. Just before the video ends, he is seen rubbing his back even as his family is howling with laughter in the background.

Compilations of people taking a fall from hoverboards have become very popular on the internet. Here is another set of hoverboard videos. Most of them seem to be first timers because they wouldn't have fallen off their hoverboards otherwise. Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to ride a hoverboard. But there is another important lesson here. Hoverboards are not a toy and should be treated carefully and with respect. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself.

It is actually difficult to hurt yourself on a hoverboard. You would have to really mess up to get hurt. If you want to purchase one, check out where to buy a hoverboard on our site. We have the largest range of hoverboards and we are sure you will like some.

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