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It wasn't a phone

Up until recently, few people had known what today's hoverboard is or looked like. The latest and greatest in the world of tech has pretty much dominated by smartphones for the last ten years.

Every convention, and technology based event has its main focus pointed toward phones. Last year, however, it all changed, especially toward the end of the year, just before Christmas season.

Till then, mini drones, cameras, phones, and tablets were pretty much the front and center of tech toys, but then hoverboards stormed in and pulled the rug out from under them.


They are known by a number of names by makers around the world, but they are officially known as self balancing scooters. 2015 truly was the year of the hoverboard. Everything from the 'Back to the future' expectations, to a car company creating a board that can actually levitate, to the year ending with the introduction of this product, it was hoverboards everywhere.

Most controversial release?

Apart from Apple making a $100 pencil, the hoverboard was amongst the most polarizing in terms of reviews and controversies. Kids and young adults loved it, it was easy to use, fun to ride and was really cool.

On the other hand, cheap, badly made hoverboards regularly caught fire and some of them even exploded, prompting a number of public spaces like malls and even airplanes to ban them.

They are also looked on by skateboard purists as an abomination as it takes real skill to use a skateboard, but it takes a few minutes to ride a hoverboard.

The viral product

There are few products in recent years that have caught the attention of the general public as much as the hoverboard has. In fact, it is a true viral product, the mechanical equivalent of an internet meme.

Industries making them have exploded and been set up overnight off shore. There are versions that go from a few thousand dollars, down to less than $300. All of this has happened within the first season of its launch late last year!

YouTube popularized it even more than was expected and now we have a product that is bound to only get better over the coming year and sales will be stronger.

Getting a hoverboard is easy, but finding the right one can be a task. Quality boards like the ones made by StreetSaw are made with the latest and best technology available right now. There is a range of sizes and power options to choose from.

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