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When a hoverboard won't recalibrate it's an indication of a deeper problem. Calibration basically is a software reset, and when this won't work, the issue with the hover board is a hardware problem.

Hoverboard Won't Calibrate Fix

To repair a hoverboard with a hardware problem parts must be replaced. 95% of the problems when you can't get a hoverboard to balance through calibration is to remove the circuit boards inside and swap them out with replacement hoverboard circuit boards. Replacing the motors repairs a broken hoverboard the other 5% of the time.

Hoverboard Won't Calibrate

Customer Questions

Q. When I turn them on, the sound stays on and the lights blink. I've tried "recalibrating" it and it didn't work on either one. The 2nd one was an outdoor all-terrain board that was used once before it broke. The idiots I bought it from will not answer my emails! I hope you can help!

A. It sounds to me like you got scammed. The sellers probably knew that the hoverboard wasn't working anymore and that could be why they sold it to you. I'm happy to help the best I can, but this issue is going to need parts to fix.

When a hoverboard won't "recalibrate" as you said, the basic universal fix we've come up with is to replace the circuit boards with one of our new kits. The smaller board might be our universal kit, while the all-terrain one would likely be one of our custom kits.

In order to fix a hoverboard that won't calibrate, you'll need to flip the hoverboards upside down and unscrew the lids. Pull off gently after they are unscrewed, and replace all circuit boards inside with the ones purchased from us. Your kit will either have one circuit board on each side or two circuits (one big and one small) on one side and one small circuit board on the other. That will fix the problem

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