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Hoverboard LED Covers to Cover Indicator Light & RGB Lights

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Hoverboard LED light covers are made of hard plastic and protect the hoverboard's LED lights from damage and elements such as rain, sand, dirt, and more.

Indicator Light Covers (in Middle of Board)

The indicator light covers are the ones that go in the middle of the board. Usually one side will show a battery icon, and the other side will show a circle that only lights up when you place your foot on the foot pads.

There are slight differences between the plastic light housing that you must pay attention to. The most important difference is the number of plastic pins underneath the light housing.

6.5 Inch Indicator Light Covers

StreetSaw Pro Tip: Count the Number of Plastic Pins

This is the most important difference between the hoverboard LED light covers. About half of the hoverboards we see have a Type 1 LED light housing, while the other half has Type 2 LED light housing.

There is also an LED light cover specific to the top of the wheels on a hoverboard, which is further down the page.

Type 1 Light Cover

This light housing is where the plastic LED light cover has 3 pins in a triangular pattern away from each other. Two of the pins will appear on the corners at the end of the bend on the inner side of the housing, with another pin being in the middle on the opposite side. These pins are very small and fragile.

Type 2 Light Cover

On the other hand, some plastic LED light housing pieces will have 2 larger pins that stick out on the edge of the far right and the far left of the plastic. We consider this to be a Type 2 housing. 

8 Inch Indicator Light Covers

The light covers for an 8 inch hoverboard are fairly standard and there are two main types that we are aware of at this time.

Type 1 Light Cover

The first type of light cover for 8 inch hoverboard models is one that has 3 small slashes. These are fairly easy to replace and you can actually screw the indicator lights directly into them so they hold strong. They're usually made of hard plastic.

Type 2 Light Cover

The other most popular 8 inch hoverboard LED light cover is smooth and has 3 small plastic pins in it. These light covers are actually quite notorious for falling out of a hoverboard easily, and frequently. We suggest that if you do buy a replacement LED light cover of this type that you use super glue when installing them so they don't fall out again.

Above Wheel LED Light Covers

These light covers are the ones that go on top of the wheels and have really cool RGB lights underneath them. Typically seen on 8 inch hoverboards, they're also produced for 6.5 inch hoverboards as well.

8 Inch LED Light Covers

These light covers are long and about an inch thick. They're bent to match the plastic shell that goes on the outside of a hoverboard and have a clip on each end to help secure them into place.

However, these clips generally don't stay put very well. Its simply a design flaw that we've seen in just about all 8 inch hoverboard light toppers. If you're replacing yours, then we suggest just picking up some super glue and lining the inside of your light cover with it, or the top part of the hoverboard shell where you're about to install the cover.

6.5 Inch LED Light Covers

A shorter, thinner light cover in comparison to the 8 inch light cover above. This is the same cover that goes above the really cool RGB lights, except for the 6.5 inch version. Since the 6.5 inch RGB light hoverboard is rarer, we generally don't stock these. If you need a set then we may be able to special order them, so please contact us if you're looking for a set.

Difference #2 - Plastic Tint

The difference in the hoverboard plastic tint is a lot less important than the number of pins. If you're not specific about your hoverboard then I wouldn't make a big deal out of this at all. The difference in tint simply goes from light to dark.

Warranty & Returns

All of our hoverboards come standard with a manufacturer's warranty against defects - view our product warranty.

We also offer money back no-strings-attached returns on all of our hoverboards - view our return policy to learn more.

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