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UWheels vs StreetSaw™ Hoverboards: Which is the Best Self Balancing Electric Scooter?

In our UWheels vs StreetSaw hoverboard tests, we uncovered some pretty interesting results.

Although each brand appears to be unique in their own way, the hoverboards each company sells are in fact eerily similar.

Hoverboard Specs

If you are a techie then knowing the UWheels vs StreetSaw hoverboard specs will be the best benchmark for you in considering which hoverboard to buy.

UWheels StreetSaw
Top Speed 9.3mph / 15kph 10.5mph / 17kph
Top Range 12 mi / 19.3km
12.5mi / 20km
Battery Lifespan Unknown 5-6 hours
Total Power 700w 700w
Tire Size 8 Inches 6.5 / 8 / 10 Inches
Voltage Unknown 36v
Charging Time 60 minutes 90 min (larger battery)
Low Battery Warning Unknown Yes
Waterproof Rating Unknown IP54
Weight Limit 265 lbs / 120 kg 265 lbs / 120 kg
Returns 14-Days 14-Days
Warranty 1 Year 90 Days + Extended
Certification CE CE
Place of Origin China China
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Top Speed

Both UWheels and StreetSaw have two separate motors, one for each of your feet. These motors are identical in wattage with each being 350w with a total of 700w of power. 

Top Range

The range of each model is highly dependent on the conditions under which the hoverboard is used such as slope, acceleration, and average speed.

The weight of the person riding the hoverboard will also alter the range of the hoverboard.

StreetSaw hoverboards have an expected range of up to 12.5 miles.

Battery Lifespan

The battery lifespan of both models is directly dependent on the way in which the rider is using it. We do not know what kind of battery lies inside of Uwheels, but we do know that each and every StreetSaw hoverboard contains a state-of-the-art premium Samsung battery. Samsung batteries last longer and have more power than the "common Chinese" batteries most manufacturers use.

To extend the battery lifespan to its fullest, a hoverboard should be ridden on flat surfaces are speeds of less than 5 miles per hours.

The more hills, bumps, and extreme road conditions encountered during a ride, the less the battery lifespan will be.

Total Power

There isn't much difference in the UWheels vs StreetSaw hoverboard total power.

Each half of these self balancing scooters have a 350w motor, and there are two motors per hoverboard.

This generates a total of 700w of power for each hoverboard.

Tire Size

When considering the UWheels vs StreetSaw hoverboard tire sizes, keep in mind that StreetSaw carries multiple product variations, while UWheel currently only has a single design, we carry many. Our AlienSaw™ self balancing electric scooter is comparable to the Uwheels, yet we feel it is better because our boards contain more LED lights and top-of-the-line hardware.

6.5" Tire Size

StreetSaw sells hoverboards with tire sizes ranging from 6.5 inch to 10 inch, while UWheels only carries an 8 inch model. View our 6.5 inch DailySaw hoverboard.

8" Tire Size

The 8" tire size hoverboards are what everybody is craving today. Both UWheels and StreetSaw have these type of hoverboards, ours is codenamed the AlienSaw.

10" Tire Size

These hoverboards are similar in style to the 6.5" tire size hoverboards. Many are sporting custom vinyl wraps on them.

There is no uWheels vs StreetSaw comparison here however, as UWheels does not currently carry the StabilitySaw 10 inch hoverboard.


The voltage of both the UWheels and StreetSaw are 36v.

Charging Time

The Uwheels website boasts a charging time of only 60 minutes until full. However, we don't actually know how realistic that is at this time. It may be due to Uwheels containing a smaller, cheaper battery than StreetSaw's hoverboards.

Think about it.

Does your cell phone even fully charge in a single hour? Probably not.

The StreetSaw will typically fully charge in 60-90 minutes. 60 minutes will almost always charge you to 80%, which is really all you need anyways right?

Batteries are like pouring water into a glass. Its easy to pour the first 80%, but that last 20% you should be careful or you'll overflow.

This is how batteries work. You can even try it with your SmartPhone!

We added a little more of a cushion to our FULL battery charging time estimate because well, we don't want you stuck somewhere with a dead battery!

Low Battery Warning

- (Unsure if UWheels has battery warning)

Every StreetSaw hoverboard has a low battery warning.

The batteries inside of the StreetSaw are made to withstand a normal load under many conditions until the batteries are exhausting.

When the battery of a StreetSaw hoverboard reaches a low-point, the unit will warn its rider.

Upon reaching a dead battery, a StreetSaw hoverboard will come to a stop slowly, and should not abruptly or lock-up like cheap hoverboards do. 

Waterproof Rating

The Uwheels website suggests that their hoverboard is "engineered to withstand rain, wind, and sand."

However, they "DO NOT recommend intentionally getting your Uwheels wet."

The StreetSaw hoverboard was also engineers to withstand rain, wind, and sand.

Of course, we like to go one step further.

The StreetSaw hoverboards were engineered to IP code standards with a rating of IP54.

This means that the StreetSaw hoverboards are dust proof and water resistant to projected by a nozzle against the enclosure.

Weight Limit

Comparing UWheels vs Streetsaw hoverboard weight limit is somewhat subjective.

UWheels recommends that no person over the weight of 265 pounds should ride on their self balancing scooters.

StreetSaw has a similar approach.

Our hoverboards are rated by the manufacturer to withhold up to 300 pounds.

With that said, we strongly recommend using more caution if you are between 265 pounds and 300 pounds.

If you're over 300 pounds, we do not recommend using our hoverboards for safety reasons.


There is no difference in the UWheels vs StreetSaw hoverboard warranty. We both offer an industry-leading 14 day money-back guarantee for products that have not been damaged in any way.


UWheels and StreetSaw both offer industry-leading warranties of 1 year.

However, UWheels does not offer additional warranty protection plans for their hoverboards while StreetSaw does.

You can learn more about StreetSaw's extended warranty protection plans in the FAQs.

CE Certification

UWheels vs StreetSaw Certification

Both models meet the certification standards of the United States of America.

The CE marking displayed on UWheels and each model of the StreetSaw is an indicator by the manufacturer that the hoverboard meets or exceeds the requirements of the applicable EC directives.

Officially, "CE" is an abbreviation of Conformité Européenne, meaning European Conformity.

Place of Origin

In order to bring you the best prices possible, both UWheels and StreetSaw source their products direct from the the best factory in China for hoverboards.

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