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Las Vegas Hoverboard Law - Are Hoverboards Legal In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Hoverboard Law

Worried you’re going to get arrested for some obscure Las Vegas hoverboard law that you’re unaware of? You may have less to worry about that you think.

Riding a hoverboard in Las Vegas is currently (as of February 16th, 2015) legal, except for 1 technicality: on the Las Vegas Strip.

Hoverboard Law Technicality

Long ago, when Segways first debuted, many Segway tour companies began popping up in major cities across the nation. Naturally, Las Vegas was one of them.

Unfortunately, Segways were quite dangerous in the hands of beginners, and beginners were aplenty! Inexperienced Segway riders were bumping into people, taking up a large amount of sidewalk space, and sometimes letting their Segway get away from them.

So what does that have to do with current Las Vegas hoverboard law?

The answer is simple.

The law in Las Vegas defines Segways as “electric personal assistive mobility devices,” and because of this encompasses much more than just Segways. Technically, this law created an umbrella which bans Segways, minisegways, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, smart balance wheels, electric skateboards, electric bicycles, and much more.


The good news about the Las Vegas hoverboard law however (and this is not legal advice) is that we have yet to hear any stories of somebody being arrested for riding a hoverboard on the Las Vegas Strip.

So, with all of that being said, is it legal to ride a hoverboard in Las Vegas?

Technically, it is not. Realistically, nobody is being arrested for it and the law doesn’t seem to currently be enforced. That doesn’t mean that the attitude toward them won’t change however.

Las Vegas Casinos Will Kick You Out

Oh yeah, and I should remind you that casinos have the full authority to kick you off of their premises, and they will do it every time too.

I’ve personally ridden my hoverboard through places like the Venetian Casino, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the LINQ, and various other places such as malls. Each and every private building has asked me to step off of my hoverboard or to leave.

If you think its legal to ride a hoverboard on the Las Vegas Strip, just beware of what we mentioned above. If security or a police officer asks you to get off of your hoverboard, we urge you to be respectful and listen.

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