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How to Pair Hoverboard Bluetooth Device (iPhone & Android)


If you've recently purchased a bluetooth hoverboard, you're probably wondering how to pair hoverboard Bluetooth to your device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android cell phone.

Bluetooth hoverboard pairing is quite easy, and this guide will teach you how to connect a phone to hoverboard Bluetooth to play music. Oh, and if you're just searching for the default Bluetooth password, it's usually 0000 or 000000.

How to Pair Hoverboard Bluetooth to iPhone

Here is a video about how to pair your hoverboard's Bluetooth to an iPhone so you can play music. Additionally, below the video are step by step instructions on how to pair the hoverboard to Bluetooth as well.

Step 1

Turn hoverboard on and wait for sound. (if no sound was made, your hoverboard is not Bluetooth capable)

Step 2

After sound has been made, open up Settings in your iPhone.

Step 3

Go to Bluetooth in your settings and wait for list to populate.

Step 4

Once the list of Bluetooth compatible devices has populated, scroll to the bottom and select the open Bluetooth signal to connect to it.

Step 5

You will hear another sound from the hoverboard signifying that the device is now paired.

Step 6

To play music, open up your favorite music app and play a song!

How to Pair Hoverboard Bluetooth to Android

If you're trying to learn how to pair hoverboard Bluetooth to Android to play music, then follow these instructions instead. Again, there is a video below (coming soon!) followed with step by step instructions on how to pair your hoverboard's Bluetooth with an Android phone.

Video Coming Soon!

Step 1

Before you connect the Bluetooth on your Android phone to your hoverboard, go into your settings and enable Bluetooth.

Step 2

Now, go to your hoverboard and turn it on. Doing this will make your hoverboard "discoverable," and allow your Android phone to pick up the Bluetooth signal.

Step 3

From here, go back to your Android phone and look for new discoverable devices. All you have to do is tap on the newly discovered device name (the Bluetooth name can range from BLUETOOTH, HX-BLUETOOTH, WHEEL MUSIC, etc.

Step 4

Once you tap the device's name on your Android phone you will hear a sound from the hoverboard. Your phone should now be paired and you can play music wirelessly to your hoverboard speaker(s)!

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