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How Much is a Hoverboard?

How much is a hoverboard?

Hoverboard Prices for Christmas 2020

  • $499 Starting at $229 - DailySaw (6.5")
  • $699 Starting at $299 - AlienSaw (8")
  • $699 Starting at $299 - FutureSaw (6.5")
  • $799 Starting at $299 - StabilitySaw (10")
  • $999 Starting at $499 - RockSaw (Off-Road)

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Hoverboard sale

One of the biggest technological crazes to hit the market in years has been that of hoverboard technology. Hoverboards are a fun way to get around, whether just motoring from here-to-there, or as a means of a faster, more convenient way to maneuver long distances (that would otherwise take longer walking).

So how much is a hoverboard? Well, the answer is "it depends" as there are many different models, and hoverboards aren't just for kids. Both kids and adults alike are finding hoverboards to be one of the coolest inventions of the decade. This reigns true for retailers as well since these incredible devices have been flying off the shelf as fast as they are being stocked.

If you want to buy a hoverboard online and are wondering how much a hoverboard costs, that will depend on the type of hoverboard you want. There are several different brands of hoverboards on the market and each brand offers hoverboards with different features. Keep reading to learn about the different types of hoverboards available and find out what the general asking prices are for each.

Hoverboard Prices

Hoverboard prices vary. The knockoffs generally start around $200 and go up from there, with the average price being approximately $300. On the higher end, you'll find hoverboards selling for anywhere between $350 and $1000, with the price heavily depending on the model and features of course. If you're interested in knowing the most expensive hoverboard for sale is, it is the IO Hawk and currently priced at $1,800.

StreetSaw has competitive pricing, but more importantly, we also make the best hoverboards, backed by hundreds of hours of testing and quality assurance before they leave the factory. Here are a few of our most popular hoverboards, and how much a hoverboard price is determined by its features.

How Much is a Hoverboard by StreetSaw?

You might find yourself asking how much is a hoverboard by StreetSaw. I think you'll be surprised that we are not as expensive as you think, and yet are able to provide customers with incredible value and support. See our many different models below and click their corresponding links to see how much a hoverboard costs.

DailySaw Self Balancing Hoverboard with optional Bluetooth (See Latest Price)


This is our cheap hoverboard, perfect for entry level hoverboarders. It comes with standard self balancing features in many different colors (check out our pink hoverboard for example). The price is cheap for this model, and many of the colors have optional Bluetooth as well.

AlienSaw Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth (See Latest Price)

Lamborghini Hoverboard

Our AlienSaw hoverboard, also known to many kids as the Lamborghini hoverboard, is an upgraded model that comes with standard Bluetooth. There is also a tire size upgrade from 6.5 inches to 8 inches, making riding this hoverboard a much more enjoyable and smoother experience.

FutureSaw Self Balancing Hoverboard with High-Definition Bluetooth (See Latest Price)

FutureSaw Hoverboard

The FutureSaw hoverboard is where you'll stop caring how much a hoverboard costs. Why do I say that? To start, this bad-boy has all of the amazing features as the DailySaw, but in addition to that it sports dual high-definition speakers that pump the volume of your music into the entire room! 

StabilitySaw Self Balancing Hoverboard with optional Bluetooth (See Latest Price)

10 inch hoverboard

The StabilitySaw is a 10 inch hoverboard available in many unique colors, such as carbon fiber, and features a set of the largest tires available on a hoverboard. These tires are inflatable and allow the rider to go through all terrain areas that smaller hoverboards may not be able to venture into. Buy this hoverboard with optional Bluetooth and you'll quickly forget how much this hoverboard cost because you'll be so satisfied.

RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth and optional Mobile App (See Latest Price)

Off-Road Hoverboard

The RockSaw is the ULTIMATE off-road hoverboard, capable of even more all-terrain abuse than the StabilitySaw described above. If you're living in a rural area, the woods, or even the beach, then you need to check the RockSaw out. Don't worry about the price either, its definitely reasonable for an off-road hoverboard with Bluetooth like this one!

Competitor Hoverboard Prices

With that said - Let's take a look at some of our competition - they may have good, cheap hoverboards, but even if they had the best hoverboards, the competition doesn't provide great customer service, repair, and guarantees like we do. Just the fact that we are willing to discuss them proves that we are not scared if customers check them out.

Some of the most popular competing hoverboards available, and their prices, may be seen below.

PowerBoard Classic Self Balancing Hoverboard (See Latest Price)


This classic hoverboard is designed for daily use and is one of the most basic hoverboards for sale on Amazon. If you're into being basic, and don't have a lot of money, you might want to look into buying a hoverboard. It's low price is definitely attractive, but for that kind of money you should buy a hoverboard known for its excellent quality instead, like a StreetSaw.

Swagway Swagtron T1 Self Balancing Hoverboard - (See Latest Price)

Swagtron T1

This self-balancing hoverboard is a 6.5 inch model that is middle-of-the-road as far as quality and prices. You can see how much this hoverboard costs by clicking the links above for the latest price at

Swagway T3 Certified, Self-balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth - (See Latest Price)

Swagtron T3

This is a popular hoverboard because it has all of the same features as the Swagtron T1, but it also gives you the added feature of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth feature includes a speaker underneath the hoverboard, allowing the rider to play music through the hoverboard like a boombox. All of this can be accomplished wirelessly, and because of this, the hoverboard runs a little higher in cost.

Knock Off Self-Balancing Electric Scooter/Hoverboard - 6.5 inches

The knock-off model is a self-balancing hoverboard that comes in multiple colors and gives you all the fun of a hoverboard without the high end cost. These self balancing hoverboards make keeping your balance easier while you maneuver it in any direction, but they come at the cost of risking safety.

We will not provide you a link to a knock-off hoverboard because we cannot vouch for its safety. 

What is the Most Expensive Hoverboard?

When you're talking about getting into the reality of hoverboards that actually fly, you can expect to see hoverboard pricing to be higher than the two wheel self-balancing hoverboards that we discussed above.

So how much is a hoverboard that actually flies? Well, there are a few companies working on flying hoverboards right now, and as you can imagine, their prices and for "early adopters" only.

ArcaBoard - $20,000


Another name in the world of hoverboarding that is getting a lot of attention is ArcaBoard. It boasts to give you the ultimate hoverboard experience when it is finally released to the public, but this one will come with quite a hefty price tag, selling for almost $20,000.

Hendo Hoverboard - $10,000

Hendo Hoverboard

Hendo Board is another hoverboard that pledges to give you a real hoverboard experience just like we all saw in Back to the Future. It is still in the process of being funded for production but it has already given a listing price of nearly $10,000 when it hits the market.

No matter what it is you are looking for in the world of hoverboards, you can find one that fits your needs, desires and your budget. If you're like most of the people reading this article, you're probably in the market for one of our best hoverboards at a price much lower than a flying hoverboard.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Hoverboard?

Something that you may want to consider, aside from wondering how much a hoverboard costs, is how much does it cost to repair a hoverboard when it breaks? The answer to this will actually surprise you, and I'll get to that soon.

If you're reading this and wondering how much it costs to fix a hoverboard, then you're in good hands. As the head repair technician of hoverboards at StreetSaw, I have seen quite a few different broken hoverboards (and have successfully fixed them). I'll start with a breakdown of the most common repairs and their prices.

How Much it Costs to Fix a Hoverboard at a Dealer (Inc. Parts)

  • $160 - Motherboard Replacement
  • $130 - Gyroscope Replacement
  • $170 - Motor Replacement
  • $40 - Charger Port or Power Button Replacement
  • $185 - Fix Broken Hoverboard Frame
  • $150 - Replace Hoverboard Shell

How Much it Costs for Hoverboard Parts to DIY Repair

*See current pricing of our hoverboard parts

  • $89.99 - Motherboard 
  • $49.99 - Gyroscope
  • $99.99 - Motor
  • $19.99 - Charger Port or Power Button
  • $99.99 - Hoverboard Frame
  • $69.99 - Hoverboard Shell

If you're thinking about fixing your broken hoverboard by yourself, it is also a good idea to reference our YouTube channel where we have hoverboard repair videos, such as how to calibrate hoverboard balance. We have videos to fix just about all common hoverboard problems.

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