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Top 6 Hoverboard Riding Tips by StreetSaw™

Hoverboard riding tips are important to learn for those who are new to riding a hoverboard.

When riding a hoverboard is a new thing to you, it means you don't have any experience in riding one. Our top hoverboard riding tips have been designed to curb that learning time that it would normally take you to learn how to ride a hoverboard. 

So without further adieu, we have compiled a guide on how to get started with a hoverboard. If you follow these hoverboard riding tips closely, you will be zooming on your hoverboard in as little as a day.

Hoverboard Riding Tips

Tip #1 - Wear a Helmet & Safety Gear!

Listen, even the founder of StreetSaw had a time where he first stepped onto a hoverboard. He didn't fall, but came very close to it!If its your first time riding a hoverboard, then we strongly suggest wearing a helmet and safety gear, just in case.

Now, we can imagine that most people aren't as enthusiastic about hoverboards, and with that in mind, we strongly suggest that you wear a helmet and safety gear, just in case!


Tip #2 - Put Your Feet as Close to the Wheels as Possible

Unpack your hoverboard, give it a full charge (our hoverboards charge fully in as little as 3 hours). Once your hoverboard is fully charged, unplug it and place it front of you.

Now, put your right leg on the foot rest carefully, but not too carefully. You'll want to put enough pressure on the foot pad or you'll experience a shaking hoverboard. 

Place your foot as close to the wheel as possible. Otherwise, the hoverboard will be very difficult to ride and the foot sensors might now work properly.

Now that you have one foot in place, put your other foot on the foot pad. Do it like you are climbing a staircase - keep your foot flat, and don't overthink it.

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Tip #3 - How to Move Around on a Hoverboard

how to ride a hoverboard

To move the hoverboard, just lean in the direction you want it to go. If you want to go forward, lean forward just a bit and the hoverboard will move forward.

If you want to move backward (we don't recommend it), lean backward and the hoverboard will obey. Do not lean too much of you might fall.


Tip #4 - How to Turn a Hoverboard

how to turn a hoverboard

To turn the hoverboard, twist the feet which is opposite to the direction you want to turn. For example, if you want to turn to the left, twist your right foot just a bit and the hoverboard will turn to the left.

If you want to take a sharp turn to the left, twist the right foot forward and the left foot backward (just a bit). People with some experience are even able to spin in place like this.


Tip #5 - Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you've got the basic movement down, do some laps on the hoverboard. This will make you comfortable with it. Once you have done some laps, where you turned in one direction, repeat it but this time, to practice turning in the other direction.


Tip #6 - How to Get Off of a Hoverboard

To get off the hoverboard, just do the opposite of what you did when you got on. Bring the hoverboard to a stop. Increase the pressure on your dominant foot and remove the other foot from the foot rest.

Do not try to jump off because you may scratch the hoverboard or injure yourself even. Note that getting on and off the hoverboard is the hardest part. Don't worry. Just practice a bit and you will master it.

That's it, the top hoverboard riding tips to get you started off on your hoverboard! Stick to these 5 tips to ride a hoverboard and soon you will be hovering around people in circles!

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