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Hoverboard Motor Wiring Combination Diagram (Fix Hoverboard Shaking)

A common problem with hoverboards is that sometimes they will spin out of control or go crazy in circles. This problem is typically found when new parts are installed, a hoverboard got wet, or you've owned your hoverboard for a while now and it has been heavily used.

To fix the problem with a hoverboard that goes in crazy circles or spins out of control, you'll want to first try and change the wiring of the motors. Using a different combination of the wiring than the typical "color to color" is most effective in repairing a spinning hoverboard when new parts have been installed.

This repair typically takes about 15-30 minutes depending on when you hit the proper motor wiring combination. Once you find the correct wiring combination, the violent shaking of the hoverboard should stop. If it does not, then you will want to buy a new hoverboard motor.

There are 3 wires that connect a hoverboard motor to the motherboard. This results in there being 6 motor wiring combinations in total.

Unless you've only replaced a single wheel, you MUST use the color combination suggestions below on BOTH sides in order for it to work.


Combination #1 - Primary Combination (Default)

The default combination for most hoverboards is the first combination you will want to try. If your current color combination is already set to default, move on to hoverboard motor wiring combination #2.

  1. Motherboard YELLOW to YELLOW motor wire. 
  2. Motherboard BLUE to BLUE motor wire. 
  3. Motherboard GREEN to GREEN motor wire.

If that color combination did not work to fix your hoverboard, move down the list of color combinations until you find one that works. If none of them work, replacing the circuit boards with a new set will fix the problem a majority of the time.

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Combination #2 

  • Motherboard GREEN to BLUE motor wire.
  • Motherboard BLUE to YELLOW motor wire.
  • Motherboard YELLOW to GREEN motor wire.

Combination #3

  • Motherboard GREEN to BLUE motor wire.
  • Motherboard BLUE to GREEN motor wire.
  • Motherboard YELLOW to YELLOW motor wire.

Combination #4

  • Motherboard GREEN to GREEN motor wire.
  • Motherboard BLUE to YELLOW motor wire.
  • Motherboard YELLOW to BLUE motor wire.

Combination #5

  • Motherboard BLUE to BLUE motor wire.
  • Motherboard YELLOW to GREEN motor wire.
  • Motherboard GREEN to YELLOW motor wire.

Combination #6

  • Motherboard YELLOW to BLUE motor wire.
  • Motherboard BLUE to GREEN motor wire.
  • Motherboard GREEN to YELLOW motor wire.

If none of the color combinations work, check your wheels to make sure they are the same. If your wheels are different from each other then this repair gets more tricky. You will have to use a different color combination for each wheel separately until you get them both to work. This could take a long time as there will now be 6 possible combinations per wheel.

Additionally, the best course of action is to go with the best quality circuit board parts. With the best quality parts, issues like these do not happen very often at all. We highly recommend the TaoTao model circuit boards as replacements.


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